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August 2, 2015                                               For Immediate Release





Saturday, August 8 (7:00 p.m.) Ernie D’s Auction Topless Night, $2,500 to win Late Models (Double Points), Late Model Sportsman Topless $1,000 to win, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Classic Car Series + Kids Candy Night


Wednesday, August 12 (7:00 p.m.) Test & Tune, Any cars from any track 7 – 9 p.m., General Admission Free 


Saturday, August 15 (7:00 p.m.) Back To School Small Fry Night, 2nd Annual K-Lynn Management 20-Lap Pure Stock (Double Points), Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Hobby Stocks + 4 Cylinder Championship Race



Weaver and Zentmyer Also Post Thirds, Proctor Increases To Seven, Strickler and Stahl Split Sidewinder Features 



HAGERSTOWN, MD – Andy Anderson was sluggish until about halfway through his heat and then came on like gangbusters to finish second but come feature time, there was nothing sluggish about him and the MBH Late Model. 

Anderson, of Martinsburg, WV, started third and overpowered outside pole setter Trever Feathers to be leading by the fourth lap. With the green flag showing for all 25 laps, Anderson was in a race of his own and finished 6.176 seconds ahead of Feathers.

“It helps getting out there in that clean air and starting position means it all,” Anderson said. “Nathan was giving me signals down there and I kind of let up. I think it was the 26 blowing water back and I was trying to bide my time. I didn’t want to push it unless I had too. These cars have been good right out of the box. We got off a little bit when we won those couple races and we tried to pretty much run it the same way. Things have changed so we had to go back to the book and get a little better.”

Kyle Lear and Feathers occupied the front row with Feathers rolling around the top as Anderson powered past Lear into second on the opening lap and continued on past Feathers to lead the fourth. 

In no time Anderson had checked out and was more than five seconds ahead by the halfway point while Feathers had Kenny Pettyjohn trailing him and Marvin Winters was being challenged by Keith Jackson. Feathers felt the heat but held to his position until the end while Jackson finally wrestled fourth from Winters on the 18th lap.  

Anderson was going through some rear traffic but had increased his lead to more than six seconds when arriving at the finish line. Feathers, Pettyjohn, Jackson and Winters were next.

With a two car invert for the Late Model Sportsman, Scott Palmer led on the start with pressure from pole setter Rodney Walls. Previous weeks winner Justin Weaver was coming from seventh and took second on the tenth lap. Palmer held the lead until the 16th lap and dropped to third when Weaver and Walls advanced following a 15th lap restart. Weaver held steadfast through a lap 17 restart with Walls trailing by two seconds at the finish. Palmer held to third over Bobby Beard and Cody Kershner. 

 “I was trying to be slow and steady and conserve the tires and really have a good piece for the end and it worked out,” Weaver said.” This thing is like a dream to drive. It was really good on the bottom but it would go anywhere on the race track. It was awesome all around.”

With a three car invert, Jamie Zentmyer pulled to the Pure Stock lead from the outside pole over Mike Walls while previous winner Chris Ebersole was coming from seventh. Ebersole took second on the seventh lap as a lap nine caution reset the field. Ebersole had the lead when an eleventh lap caution again closed the field while yet another on the 13th lap gave Zentmyer a final shot at the lead, which he did off the final turn to beat Ebersole by one length for his third triumph of the season. 

Jamie Mills took the Hobby Stock lead from Tom Caravello on the fifth lap while previous weeks winner Gary Proctor was called for jumping from his seventh spot. He advanced from the rear to second by the seventh lap and battled side by side with Mills. He led on the 11th and then heading to the checkered side by side to pull a half car length ahead for his seventh win of the season..   

Mark Strickler and Jason Stahl split the features for the Sidewinder Sprints making their first ever appearance at the Dirt Capitol. Strickler started from the pole and completely dominated the feature as Brandon Yarlett finished more than five seconds behind. In the second feature, Stahl started from the outside pole and led while Yarlett trailed by two seconds at the finish.

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Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Models, 25 Laps: 1.Andy Anderson, 2.Trever Feathers, 3.Kenny Pettyjohn, 4.Keith Jackson (Sharrett Collision Center Hard Charger), 5.Marvin Winters, 6.Brian Tavenner, 7.Tyler Hershey, 8.Kyle Lear, 9.Roy Deese Jr., 10.Brad Omps, 11.Steve Axtell Jr., 12.Jerry Bard, 13.Russell Erwin, 14.Gary Stuhler, 15.Tyler Horst, 16.Wayne Johnson, 17.Barry Miller


Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps: 1.Justin Weaver, 2.Rodney Walls, 3.Scott Palmer, 4.Bobby Beard, 5.Cody Kershner, 6.Travis Stickley, 7.Eric Irvin, 8.Wayne Dillman, 9.Mike Walls, 10.Jeff King (Remsburg Paving Hard Charger), 11.Larry Neiderer, 12.Keith Walls, 13.Paul Cursey, 14.Craig Smith, 15.Brayden Anderson, 16.Elwood Sord, 17.John Rowland, 18.Bailey Johnson, 19.Eddie Cornett, 20.Dave Dunkle, 21.Ryan Walls, 22.Austin Berry 


K-Lynn Management Pure Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Jamie Zentmyer, 2.Chris Ebersole, 3.Mike Corbin (A Bargain Towing Hard Charger), 4.Craig Parrill, 5..Darrin Younker, 6.Wayne Hawbaker, 7.Michelle Walls, 8.Kevin Koontz, 9.Frank Dibella, 10.Nick Dibella, 11.Josh Wilkins, 12.Dickie Tharp, 13.Brandon Churchey, 14.Jeremy Mills, 15.Michael Walls, 16.Keith Koontz


Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Gary Proctor, 2.Jamie Mills, 3.Kenny Thomas, 4..Marshall McMullen, 5.Jeff Dillon, 6.Dwayne Snyder, 7.William Crook, 8.Tom Caravello, 9.Michael Hyatt, 10.Jason Sarver, 11.Ralph Hansberger, 12.Mark Vegh


Sidewinder Sprints (Feature #1) 10 Laps: 1.Mark Strickler, 2.Brandon Yarlett, 3.Rohan Beasley, 4.Jason Stahl, 5.Mike Zielonis, 6.Joe Hood

Sidewinder (Feature #2) 10 Laps: 1.Jason Stahl, 2.Brandon Yarlett, 3.Mark Strickler, 4.Rohan Beasley, 4.Mike Zielonis, DNS – Joe Hood 



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