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September 6, 2015                                         For Immediate Release





Saturday. September 12 (7:00 p.m.) Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Mid Atlantic Modifieds


Friday, September 18, (7:00 p.m.) 9th Annual Small Car Nationals King of the Capitol, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Four Cylinders, Rookie Cars  Qualifying, Entry Fee Required


Saturday, September 19 (7:00 p.m.) Small Car Nationals, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Four Cylinders Rookie Car Features + Demo Derby



Paul Cursey takes third Late Model Sportsman, Jamie Zentmyer, his fifth Pure Stock, Gary Proctor his 11th Hobby Stock, Glenn Pobletts Posts Penn Mar Vintage Second Consecutive

Anderson/Winters are co-Late Model Champions, Palmer Title in Late Model Sportsman, Ebersole in Pure Stocks and Proctor in Hobby Stocks.


HAGERSTOWN, MD – Turned loose with a new MBH racer at mid-season and winning the Appalachian Speedweek finale that night, Andy Anderson has been nothing but fast since. Saturday, for the fourth time, he turned in another dominating performance to pick up $4,000 by having a 6.634 second lead over Keith Jackson at the checkered on Kids Autograph Night. 

Anderson also went into the night trailing Marvin Winters by only six points in the title chase with double points received. Winters finished fourth with both drivers receiving 530 points and named Co-Track Champions for 2015.

“The first half of the season, we struggled a lot,” Anderson, of Martinsburg,WV said. ”After switching to the MBH chassis, it allowed me to make a lot of progress and ultimately be in victory lane more and be the late model co-champ with Marvin Winters.” 

Lined up from time trials and heat finished, Jackson and Anderson occupied the front row with Anderson taking command with Gary Stuhler and Winters behind Jackson.

Anderson was to the rear of the field by the 12th lap while Jackson took over the next circuit. Anderson battled back and retook the lead on the 19th.

Once in charge, Anderson was totally in charge the second 20 laps as he continued to stretch the distance back to Jackson with each lap until reaching the checkered. Kyle Hardy finished thir4d with Winters and Stuhler completing the top five.

With Baltimore’s Paul Cursey and previous weeks winner Kyle Lee on the front row for the Late Model Sportsman feature, Cursey led off with third starting Justin Weaver quickly grabbing the runner up spot ahead of Lee.

Cursey waded into the rear traffic on the 14th lap with the others following and he continued to lead while Kurt Zimmerman and Keith Walls took over third and fourth on the 23rd lap with Lee relegated to fifth at the finish.  

“We’ve missed the set up through the middle of the season,” Cursey said. “Finally we rebounded tonight and what a great way to finish off the points with a win and also, this gives us momentum going into the National races.”

Scott Palmer, who went into the night with the largest lead in any division, 40 points, was declared the Late Model Champion for his first ever time at the track.

For the second consecutive week, the previous weeks winner Jamie Zentmyer from Waynesboro started sixth while Kevin Koontz and Mike Corbin began on the Pure Stock front row.

Corbin bolted out front over Koontz while Zentmyer was third by the second lap and second by the fourth. Points leader Chris Ebersole came from tenth and was into third by the tenth lap.

Meanwhile, Zentmyer was using his time to battle side by side for several laps with Corbin before securing the lead on the 11th. He went on to claim the win by 1.660 seconds over Corbin, Ebersole, Keith Koontz and Kevin Koontz.

”That was great to race side by side for several laps with Mike (Corbin),” Zentmyer said. “I hoped the fans enjoyed the entertainment we brought to the track.”

Ebersole earned his first ever Pure Stock championship by 15 points over Zentmyer.

With defending Hobby Stock race winner Gary Proctor and Jamie Mills on the front row, Proctor, from Big Pool, Md. pulled to the front and never looked back. Mills chased him to the end to finish 1.092 second behind the 11 time winner. Tom Caravello, Marshall McMullen and Jeff Dillon were next. 

“I can’t thank my crew enough for all their dedication and getting us to the Hobby Stock Championship,” Proctor said.

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Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Models, 40 Laps: 1.Andy Anderson, 2.Keith Jackson, 3.Kyle Hardy, 4.Marvin Winters, 5.Gary Stuhler, 6.Roy Deese Jr. 7.Barry Miller, 8.Brad Omps, 9.Chad Myers, 10.C.S. Fitzgerald, 11.Glenn Elliott, 12.Shaun Jones, 13.Wayne Johnson, 14.D.J. Myers, 15.Jamie Lathroum, 16.Matt Cosner, 17.Kirk Baker, 18.Steve Axtell Jr., 19.D. J. Troutman, DNS-Trever Feathers.


Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman, 25 Laps: 1.Paul Cursey, 2.Justin Weaver, 3.Kurt Zimmerman, 4.Keith Walls, 5.Kyle Lee, 6.Scott Palmer, 7.Bobby Beard, 8.Wayne Dillman, 9.Kyle Lear, 10.Eddie Cornett, 11.Ray Ciccarelli, 12.Joe Westerman Jr., 13.Elwood Sord, 14.Jim Dawson, 15.Rodney Walls, 16.Mike Walls, 17.Steve Lowery, 18.Craig Smith, 19.Jake Jones, 20.Brayden Anderson, DNS -John Rowland


K-Lynn Management Pure Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Jamie Zentmyer, 2.Mike Corbin, 3.Chris Ebersole, 4.Keith Koontz, 5.Kevin Koontz, 6.Brandon Churchey, 7.Craig Parrill, 8.Sean Dawson, 9.Chuck Bowie, 10.Rick Stouffer, 11.Wayne Hawbaker, 12.Nick Dibella, 13.Walter Lemmon, 14.Frank Dibella, 15.Dickie Tharp, 16.Jeremy Mills, DNS -Brian Miller


Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Gary Proctor, 2.Jamie Mills, 3.Tom Caravello, 4.Marshall McMullen, 5.Jeff Dillon, 6.Kenny Thomas, 7.Dwayne Snyder, 8.Jason Sarver, 9.Ralph Hansberger, 10.Rodney Minor, 11.William Crook


Penn Mar Vintage Race Cars, 15 Laps: 1.Glenn Pobletts, 2.Scott Rickrode, 3.Rick Pastor, 4.Brian Gagliardo, 5.Gene Rightstone 6.Randy Minich, 7.Mark Rickrode Jr., 8.Paul Bacchus Jr., 9.Gary Becker


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