Drivers Set Fast Times at Sundance Vacations Speedway - Ken Harper Notches First Career Enduro Win and Joe Jentile Continues to Dominate Series

Date: 4/19/2009 7:39:35 PM

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April 25- Opening Day weekend, featuring Sport Modifieds, Street Stocks, 4 Cyl. FWDs and INEX Legends

April 26- Opening Day weekend, featuring Modifieds, Late Models, Factory Stocks and ATQMRA Midgets

Drivers Set Fast Times at Sundance Vacations Speedway
Ken Harper Notches First Career Enduro Win and Joe Jentile Continues to Dominate Series
St. Johns, Pa- Pole Day weekend concluded at Sundance Vacations Speedway and Kevin Orlando (Sport Mods), Steve Shultz (Street Stock), Jon Smith (4 Cyl. FWD) and Scott Hubler set fast time on Saturday. Kyle Ebersole (Modifieds), Mike Sweeney (Late Model), Tim Behmer (ATQMRA) and Bob Wink (Factory Stock) set the pace Sunday afternoon by running the fastest lap with their time trialing efforts. A 125-lap Mountain Madness Enduro Series race was held following qualifying on Saturday and Ken Harper notched the victory. Sunday’s events were capped off with a 6/8-cylinder enduro and Joe Jentile visited victory lane for the second time this season and Jeff Gregor notched his third straight Trophy Truck win.
An impressive number of cars took time over the course of the weekend, which will guarantee the drivers a spot in the feature events for Opening weekend. Each driver that attempted to take time will receive 25 championship points and the pole winners will each receive 50 points.
Although the fast timers won the Sundance Vacations/D&B Towing pole awards, they will pull a pill in front of the grandstands on opening day. The pills will be numbered on through eight and the number pulled will determine the invert for the starting grid in the divisional main events.
Along with Pole Day qualifying Saturday was a 125-lap double points four-cylinder ABC Car Crushing Mountain Madness Enduro Series event.
Curtis McCormick started on the pole position and was quickly overtaken by Art Kulik for the race lead. Bill Price, Jr. grabbed the top spot on lap two and began to drive away from the rest of the field.
With ten laps complete, Price remained in front of Ken Harper, Kulik, Pete Verwys and Jim White. However, little did he know that he would have to deal with a hard charging John Saccomandi.
Saccomandi started the race in the 21st position and quickly worked into the top ten. He caught and passed Price for the lead on lap 44 and appeared to be on the way to his first career victory.
With 100 laps complete Saccomandi had most of the field lapped and attempted to put a lap on Price. Price wouldn’t have that and gave the leader a shot, which spun him from contention and also caught up Verwys, which ended his day.
Saccomandi was able to get his car refired and attempted to catch the leaders. In the meantime, Harper inherited the race lead.
As the laps wound down Saccomandi reeled in Price and Harper, but he ran out of time.
Harper took the victory, which was his first victory in the series. Price crossed the strip in second, followed by Saccomandi, Mark Foreman and White.
Bob Wink led the 6/8-cylinder automobiles to the drop of the green flap in Sunday’s 125-lap Mountain Madness enduro. Rich Paciotti jumped into the second spot before a lap was completed and Joe Jentile snagged third.
It took ten laps to do so, but Jentile worked his way around Wink and into the race lead.
Jentile continued to pace the field and Wink rode right behind in second. Jeff Walls worked his way into third by lap 65, with Dominic Ranieri and TJ Kapish in tow.
Despite being spun out midway through the event, Jentile cruised to the win over Wink, Walls, Ranieri and Ed Brown, Jr. It was the second win in two starts by Jentile and the second straight runner up finish for Wink.
Kevin Nowak and Jeff Gregor ran away from the pack in the 25-lap Trophy Truck enduro. The duo swapped the lead on three occasions before Nowak experienced mechanical woes, which sidelined him.
Gregor pulled the hat trick, as he ran away with his third straight win in the division over Greg Harris, Bryan Kelly, Frank Katona and Nowak.
Sundance Vacations Speedway is just minutes from Hazleton, Pa and located between Routes 93 and 309. Grandstand admission for all regular events is just $10 for ages 11 and older. Children 10 years of age and younger are admitted for free. For more information including the entire season schedule, please visit

ABC Car Crushing Mountain Madness Enduro Series weekend results:
4 Cyl. (125-laps) 1. Ken Harper 2. Billy Price Jr 3. John Saccomandi 4. Mark Foreman 5. James White 6. Bill Rice 7. Ed Brown Jr 8. Tony Rispin 9. Lou Honeywell 10. CJ Medeiros 11. Robert Fink 12. Justin Dunn 13. Bob Kulik 14. Mike Ventura 15. Brandon Brown 16. Charles Barbeisch Jr 17. Larry Spencer III 18. Peter Verwys 19. Denise Siegel 20. Edward Michael 21. Matthew Smith 22. Curtis McCormick 23. Drew Atchison 24. Art Kulik 25. Rich Grobaske 26. Dave Bartuski Jr


Mountain Madness Enduro Series 6/8 Cyl. (125-laps) 1. Joe Jentile 2. Bob Wink 3. Jeff Walls 4. Dominic Ranieri 5. Ed Brown Jr 6. Phil Lamonaco 7. Shawn Gallucci 8. Aaron Miller 9. Joe Helberg 10. James Presley 11. Bob Haeger 12. Richard Paciotti 13. Jason Martin 14. Angelo Spezialetti 15. Tom Szoke 16. TJ Kapish 17. Mike Parisi 18. Casper Simon 19. Robin Schewire 20. Gregory Harris 21. Mark Frankenfield 22. Nate Correll 23. Bryan Kelly 24. Keith Frankenfield DNS: Kevin Nowak

Mountain Madness Enduro Series Trophy Trucks (25-laps) 1. Jeff Gregor 2. Greg Harris 3. Bryan Kelly 4. Frank Katona 5. Kevin Nowak


Pole qualifying weekend results


Sport Modifieds
1 Kevin Orlando 14.450
2 Ricky Ross Jr 14.456
3 Mike Skarbowski 14.457
4 Earl Paules 14.480
5 Zane Zeiner 14.581
6 Rick Zacharias 14.790
7 Joe Dirt 14.832
8 Jason Hearne 14.848
9 Pat Verwys 15.141
10 Paul Frantz 15.151
11 Matt Clemens 15.163
12 Harry Scheafer 15.219
13 Frank Reakes 15.276
14 Beryle Herman 15.702

Street Stocks
1 Steve Shultz 15.769
2 Brad Barbush 15.838
3 Chip Wanamaker 15.883
4 Rich Dimarco 15.888
5 Joe Barbush 15.965
6 John Stonier 16.103
7 Robert Fink 16.198
8 Mike Schadder 16.202
9 Harry Sager 16.339
10 Brian Sones 16.419
11 CJ Lehmann 17.007
12 Jeff McGrath 17.642
13 Allen Gruber 17.719
14 Steve Hoffman 29.879
15 Dan Cascioli

4 Cyl. FWD
1 John Smith 17.139
2 Nikki Wachs 17.630
3 Ken Kleppinger 17.646
4 Eric Banashefski 17.780
5 Brian Kunkel 17.788
6 Christopher Toole 18.244
7 Frank Katona 19.335
8 Joe Katona 19.651
9 Curtis McCormick 19.703
10 Robert Fink
11 Peter Maier

INEX Legends
1 Scott Hubler 16.397
2 Zane Zeiner 16.426
3 Raven Schrantz 16.629
4 Casey Robicheau 16.654
5 Greg Rittenhouse 16.707
6 Derek Hopkinson


1 Kyle Ebersole 13.718
2 Rusty Smith 13.838
3 Daren Scherer 13.881
4 Brian Defebo 13.939
5 Andy Walko 13.951
6 Larry Fisher 13.975
7 Lewis Hallock 14.043
8 Bobby Jones 14.074
9 Todd Baer 14.218
10 Barry Callavini 14.277
11 Nick Pecko 14.282
12 Harry Buchman 14.411
13 Geary Rinehimer Sr 14.439
14 David Schneider 14.561
15 Jerry Woody 15.126
16 Earl Paules

Late Models
1 Mike Sweeney 15.043
2 Mike Coll 15.067
3 Travis Fisher 15.113
4 Austin Kochenash 15.148
5 Joseph Burns 15.151
6 Ed Bauer 15.33
7 William Schneider 15.47
8 Justin Onderko 15.502
9 Jennifer Kutz 15.819

Factory Stocks
1 Bob Wink 17.072
2 Mike Moyer Jr 17.232
3 Paul Morgan Jr 17.354
4 Jason Gould 17.398
5 Kevin Makarewicz 17.693
6 Marissa Makarewicz 17.917
7 Keith Emmons 17.944
8 Kendal Faulk

ATQMRA Midgets
1 Tim Behmer 13.28
2 Zack Martini 13.321
3 Mike Tidaback 13.352
4 Chris DeRitis 13.52
5 Matt Roselli 13.839
6 Matt Janisch 14.898


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