Jentile, Gregor and Ryan Continue Mountain Madness Enduro Series Success

Date: 5/17/2009 10:10:14 PM

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Jentile, Gregor and Ryan Continue Mountain Madness Enduro Series Success


St. Johns, PA (May 17, 2009)- Several enduro drivers in the tri-state area took the opportunity to compete in round #3 of the Mountain Madness Enduro Series Sunday at Sundance Vacation Speedway. Sam Ryan of White Haven, PA took the convincing victory in the four-cylinder enduro. Long Islandís Jeff Gregor scored his fourth straight Trophy Truck win and Jentile also scored his fourth straight victory in the 6/8-cylinder division.


Mike Ventura led the four-cylinder field to the green flag in the 100-lap event. Ventura stayed atop the field for only one lap before John Saccomandi took command.


Sam Ryan started tenth and worked his way into the second spot by lap fifteen. Ventura slipped to third, followed by Mark Foreman and Brandon Brown.


The red flag was thrown on lap 35 when Eric Santee and Justin Dunn collected in turn four. Santeeís car flipped on to its roof and partially laid across the top of Dunnís ride. Luckily, Santee was not injured and the rookie was forced to retire for the day. Dunn was able to continue.


Ryan set a commanding pace through out  the event and went on to take his second enduro victory of the season over Saccomandi. Round #2 winner Ken Harper, settled for a third place effort, followed by Foreman and Ventura.


Looking for his fourth-straight win in the series, Joe Jentile of Bedminster, PA paced the field for the 100-lap 6/8-cylinder main event. With a couple of laps completed, Ed Brown, Jr. moved into second, followed by Aaron Miller, Robin Schewire and Dominic Ranieri.


With the exception of first place, drivers battled for position thorough out the rest of the field and at times nearly every driver had his or her shot at a top ten run.


Ranieri began to reel in Jentile past the mid race mark, but was sidelined with car problems on lap 65. The change of events gave the second spot to Richard Petey, who started last in the event.


Jentile crossed the stripe first over Petey, Bob Wink, Brown and Tom Szoke. However, several drivers were disqualified in post race tech inspection, which gave the second spot to Wink.


Since winning his first career race to close out last season, Jeff Gregor has been dominant in Trophy Truck action. Gregor started third in the 25-lap event and took the race lead from Kevin Nowak with seven laps remaining to notch is fourth-straight win. Nowak settled for second and Greg Harris, Bryan Kelly and Frank Katona completed the top five. 


The next Mountain Madness Enduro Series event at Sundance Vacations Speedway will be held rain or shine on Sunday, June 28.


ABC Car Crushing Mountain Madness Enduro Series
6.8 Cyl. (100-laps)
Pos No. Name
1 41 Joe Jentile
2 417 Bob Wink
3 30 Ed Brown Jr
4 50 Tom Szoke
5 29R Richard Paciotti
6 13X Bill Schwenck
7 44 Mike Parisi
8 302 Joe Helberg
9 10 Keith Frankenfield
10 74 James Presley
11 23G Shawn Gallucci
12 65 Gregory Harris
13 88 Jason Martin
14 1 Jimmy White Jr
15 98 Dominic Ranieri
16 11 Bryan Kelly
17 99 Robin Schewire
18 26 John Bittoni
19 78X Frank Petroski
DQ 43 Richard Petey
DQ 53 Kevin Nowak
DQ 78 Aaron Miller
DQ 14 Phil Lamonaco
DQ 34 Angelo Spezialetti

4 Cyl. (100-laps)
Pos No. Name
1 7 Sam Ryan
2 6 John Saccomandi
3 308 Ken Harper
4 116 Mark Foreman
5 27V Mike Ventura
6 F19 Bill Rice
7 34 Tony Rispin
8 99 Robin Schewire
9 30 Ed Brown Jr
10 91 CJ Medeiros
11 29X Jim White
12 808 Chris Jury
13 31 Dave Bartuski Jr
14 C31 Curtis McCormick
15 71 Edward Michael
16 24 Larry Spencer Jr
17 51 Larry Spencer III
18 69 Justin Dunn
19 48 Billy Price Jr
20 3 Brian Hawkins Sr
21 9 Brandon Brown
22 3JR Brian Hawkins Jr
23 2 Tony Arcaro
24 27C Charles Barbeisch Jr
25 70D Denise Siegel
26 13 Robert Fink
27 81E Eric Santee

Trophy Trucks (25-laps)
Pos No. Name
1 43 Jeff Gregor
2 53 Kevin Nowak
3 65 Greg Harris
4 11 Bryan Kelly
5 27 Frank Katona


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