Kyle Ebersole First Sundance Modified Repeat Winner

Date: 6/7/2009 10:37:24 AM


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Kyle Ebersole First Sundance Modified Repeat Winner


St. Johns, PA- Along with the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club, plenty of past Evergreen racers and champions came out to Sundance Vacations Speedway Saturday night to support the 2nd annual Evergreen Raceway Reunion. Fans flocked to the speedway to witness Kyle Ebersole overtake Andy Walko with a handful of laps remaining to score his second Modified win of the year. Jerry Hildebrand, a former Evergreen winner, drove his Late Model to victory lane for the second time this season and Mike Moyer, Jr. notched his third Factory Stock win of the year. Robin Johnston drove off to victory in the TQ Midget main event.


Harry Buchman led a full field of Modifieds to the drop of the green flag. He bolted into the race lead with Andy Walko in tow. Nick Pecko ran third, followed by Lew Hallock and Todd Baer.


The first of several yellow flags waved when Eric Kocher made slight contact with Allan Creveling in turn two. Buchman spun his tires on the restart and Walko capitalized from it and took the race lead.


Baer slipped by Buchman and moved into second and Kyle Ebersole raced into third.


Several drivers were involved in a lap nine tangle in turn three, including Paul Frantz, Hallock and Mike Speeney. To avoid the incident, Rusty Smith shot through the infield.


Not happy with running in third on the restart, Ebersole slipped by Baer and set his sights on the leader.


Several quick caution flags were thrown for multiple incidents, which caused officials to shorten the originally scheduled 40-lap event to 30-laps.


Walko held off Ebersole throughout the restarts, yet Ebersole found his way around the leader with eight laps remaining. He went on to take the win, which is his second of the season and third of his career.


“It’s great to be out here for the third time and be in victory lane for the second time already”, said the Hummelstown, PA native. “My dad put a great setup under this car and it works really well here, I owe this to him”, he said.


Walko finished as the runner-up, followed by Bobby Jones. Smith and Baer completed the top five.


Harry Buchman, Kyle Ebersole and Bobby Jones were heat race winners and Wayne Szerencsits picked up the consi victory.


Will Schneider brought the Late Model field to the drop of the green in the 30-lap feature but the yellow waved before a lap was complete when Jennifer Kutz spun in turns one and two.


Paul Monkoski grabbed the race lead on the restart and Jerry Hildebrand moved into second. Larry Fisher ran third with Joe Hoffman close behind in fourth.


Schneider got out of shape in turn two on the second lap and collected Hoffman, Zane Zeiner, Rob Koller and Phil DeFranco. Several drivers hit the pits for service and rejoined the field.


Green flag racing resumed and Hildebrand overtook Monkoski for the race lead. Tony Volpe moved into the second spot with Mike Sweeney and Travis Fisher in tow.


Zeiner began to make his charge back towards the front and he overtook Sweeney for third on lap 13. Five laps later he got by Volpe for second.


Hildebrand, of Wapwallopen, PA, stayed up front and went on to take his second victory of the season over Zeiner, Sweeney, Larry Fisher and Dave Macomber.


Joe Hoffman and Justin Onderko were heat race victors.


A handful of Factory Stock drivers took to the speedway to do battle for 20-laps. Kendal Faulk led the field to the drop of the green flag and was quickly overtaken by Mike Moyer, Jr. when he went three-wide.


Wayne Lowe drove into the second position shortly afterward, but was forced to restart from the tail end of the field after he spun in turn two after making contact with Jay Gould.


As Moyer began to check out from the pack, Jeff Ziembicki and Gould raced for the runner-up spot like it was the last lap.


Moyer cruised to the win, which is his third in his fourth start this season over Ziembicki, Gould, Lowe and Faulk.


After starting from the pole position, Paul Lotier, Jr. led the first two laps of the 25-lap TQ Midget main event before Robin Johnston overtook him.


With ten laps complete, Johnston continued to lead over Lotier, followed by Matt Roselli, Zach Martini and Frank Fischer.


The red flag waved when Chris Deritis got out of shape and slammed the turn two fence. The car gently rolled on its side and luckily Deritis was not injured.


Green flag racing resumed and Johnston checked out from the drivers battling in his mirror. He went on to take the victory, which is his first this season, over Fischer, Matt Janisch, Lotier and Martini.


Robin Johnston and Lou Cicconi were heat race winners.


Sundance Vacations Speedway is just minutes from Hazleton, Pa, located on St. John’s Road, between Routes 93 and 309. Grandstand admission for all regular events is just $10 for ages 11 and older. Children 10 years of age and younger are admitted for free. For further information, please visit the track site at


Modifieds (30-laps) 1. KYLE EBERSOLE 2. Andy Walko 3. Bobby Jones 4. Rusty Smith 5. Todd Baer 6. Nick Pecko 7. Harry Buchman 8. Pete Brittain 9. Allan Creveling 10. Wayne Szerencsits 11. Lewis Hallock 12. Barry Callavini 13. Eric Kocher 14. Mike Speeney 15. Chris Ammon 16. Paul Frantz 17.Billy Weichert 18. Scott Adams 19. Geary Rinehimer  DNS: Wayne Kocher DNQ: David Schneider, Frank Reakes, Jim Bojohnny


Late Models (30-laps) 1. JERRY HILDEBRAND 2. Zane Zeiner 3. Mike Sweeney 4. Larry Fisher 5. Dave Macomber 6. Tony Volpe 7. Joe Hoffman 8. Mitch Hawk 9. William Schneider 10. Kyle Harvell 11. Jennifer Kutz 12. Rob Koller 13. Justin Onderko 14. Paul Monkoski 15. Travis Fisher 16. Phil DeFranco


Factory Stocks (20-laps) 1. MIKE MOYER, JR 2. Jeff Ziembicki 3. Jason Gould 4. Wayne Lowe 5. Kendal Faulk 6. Mike O'Byrne


TQ Midgets (25-laps) 1. ROBIN JOHNSTON 2. Frank Fischer 3. Matt Janisch 4. Paul Lotier Jr 5. Zack Martini 6. Lou Cicconi 7. Tim Behmer 8. Dave Williams 9. Ian Cummens 10. Matthew Roselli 11. Alison Cummens 12. Jeff Kot 13. Austin Fehr 14. Kyle Gardner 15. Mark Janisch 16. Chris Deritis


Evergreen Reunion Another Success


Several drivers of Evergreen’s past took part in the 2nd annual Evergreen Raceway Reunion affair, including Jeff Rex, the 1992 Modified track champion and Russ Frantz, who won his first Modified title twenty years ago in 1989.


Chuck Schartzer was on hand as a past Pro Stock and Modified champion, as was Dean Kline, a former track champion in multiple divisions as well.


Kenny Sones, Mike Moyer, Sr. Gordy Buchman and his wife Tiffany were in attendance. Tiffany was Ms. Evergreen in 1992.


Larry Fisher was also in attendance and is the only driver who has competed every season at the track since it’s reopening in 1988.


Barry Kutz has several late model wins at the track and came out to meet and greet fans with his daughter, Jennifer.


Jerry Hildebrand was in attendance and also in competition- he went on to win the Late Model main event Saturday night.


Jim Yamelski, also a former champ was on hand, lending assistance to Travis Fisher and his late model team.


Barry Callavini was on hand as a past Street Stock champion and Clarence Hamersley came out for the affair as did Steve Clark, a former Street Stock and Thriller champion.


Chris Walk won four times at Evergreen and is now atop the starter's stand and Chris Ammon climbed behind the wheel of the Wanick Motorsports entry. Ammon has 11 Evergreen wins.


Many others came out to support the track in which they have competed at during the Evergreen era.


Many of the names have changed over the years, but the past stars of the speedway haven’t been forgotten!

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