Jentile, Price and Gregor Tame “Mountain Madness” Field at Sundance Vacations Speedway

Date: 6/28/2009 5:40:57 PM

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Jentile, Price and Gregor Tame “Mountain Madness” Field at Sundance Vacations Speedway


St. Johns, PA- Round No. 4 of the ABC Car Crushing Mountain Madness Enduro Series kicked off Sunday at Sundance Vacations Speedway. When it was all said and done, Joe Jentile found victory lane for the sixth straight time in the 6/8-cylinder division. Jeff Gregor completed a last lap pass to claim his fifth straight Trophy Truck win and Bill Price, Jr. went on to take the checkered in the 4-cylinder enduro.


With a surprise to the racers, track officials wet the speedway in turn three for the start of the event and Greg Harris led the field to the drop of the green flag in the 100-lap 6/8-cylinder enduro. TJ Kapish quickly overtook him. Kevin Nowak climbed to third with Ed Brown, Jr. and Shawn Gallucci in tow.


Nowak wasted no time and disposed Gregor and then overtook Kapish for the race lead. He continued out front a quarter of the way through the event with Dominic Ranieri in second, followed by Joe Jentile, Kapish and Tom Szoke.


Ranieri ran down Nowak for the lead, which he took on lap forty-one. However, his lead was short-lived, as Jentile took command. The duo swapped the top spot a number of times before Jentile grabbed the race lead for good on lap fifty-four.


Jentile has been in victory lane during his last five visits to the speedway and this time was no different. He cruised to his sixth-straight win over Ranieri, Nowak, Szoke and Brown.


After starting from the pole, Pete Verwys took the early race lead in the 100-lap four-cylinder event. With one lap complete, Denise Siegel held second with Bill Rice, Brandon Brown and Jim White close behind.


Mark Foreman caught and passed Verwys for the lead on lap fourteen and appeared to have the field covered for his first career win, but his day went sour when he suffered a flat tire duo to contact from Larry Spencer III. The sequence of events gave the lead to Bill Price, Jr.


The worst of four red flags flew when Eric Santee spun off of turn two. With nowhere to go, Jim White slammed into Santee’s mount and both cars suffered significant damage. Both drivers appeared uninjured as they climbed from their race cars.


Despite pressure in the late going, Price went on to take his first win of the season over Verwys. Point leader, John Saccomandi finished in the third spot, followed by CJ Medeiros and Bob Wohlgemuth.


Frank Katona started from the pole position in the 25-lap Trophy Truck enduro and gave up the race lead to Kevin Nowak on the initial start. Nowak appeared to have the field covered, but Jeff Gregor, who won the last four-straight truck events began to close the gap.


In dramatic fashion while coming out of turn four toward the checkered flag, Gregor made an inside pass stick to take his fifth straight win in the division.


Sundance Vacations Speedway is just minutes from Hazleton, Pa, located on St. John’s Road, between Routes 93 and 309. Grandstand admission for all regular events is just $10 for ages 11 and older. Children 10 years of age and younger are admitted for free. For further information, please visit the track site at


6/8 Cylinder (100-laps) 1. JOE JENTILE 2. Dominic Ranieri 3. Kevin Nowak 4. Tom Szoke 5. Ed Brown Jr 6. Bob Wink 7. Keith Frankenfield 8. Bill Schwenck 9. Joe Helberg 10. James Presley 11. Mike Parisi 12. TJ Kapish 13. Richard Paciotti 14. Shawn Gallucci 15. Gregory Harris 16. Mark Frankenfield 17.Robin Schewire 18. Jason Martin 19. Frank Petroski 20. Jimmy White Jr 21. Angelo Spezialetti

4 Cylinder (100-laps) 1. BILL PRICE, JR 2. Peter Verwys 3. John Saccomandi 4. CJ Medeiros 5. Bob Wohlgemuth 6. Tony Rispin 7. Mark Foreman 8. Denise Siegel 9. Bill Rice 10. Ryan Hawkins Jr 11. Edward Michael 12. David Bartuski 13. Cody Dymond 14. Jim White 15. Ryan Hawkins Sr 16. Larry Spencer III 17.Eric Santee 18. Larry Spencer Jr 19. Jimmy White Jr 20. Brandon Brown


Trophy Trucks (25-laps) 1. JEFF GREGOR 2. Kevin Nowak 3. Frank Katona 4. Pat Gregor 5. Ryan Gregor DNS: Greg Harris


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