Cole Duncan Puts On Posse @ the Path Clinic

Date: 7/30/2012 10:24:52 PM

Cole Duncan Puts On Posse @ the Path Clinic
Ohio invader Cole Duncan,a regular on the Ohio sprint circuit,was the 
surprise winner of the Posse at the Path, the first 410 Sprint Car 
race held on the wide, racy quarter mile oval since June of 1995.

Veteran Modified driver Jeff Strunk survived a string of cautions and 
one red flag for Big Al Arrisher to capture the 20 lap race for the SpeedSTR's.

In the 270/600 Micro Challenge, Chandler Leiby scored the win, taking 
advantage of a restart on lap 13 to take the lead away from A.J. Bast as Justin Harrington took the bonus money for grabbing third as the 1st finishing non-class winning runner.

Brett Bieber tallied the win in the Slingshots when he, too, utilized a 
restart to take the lead from Kyle Gruber and held off a quick closing Justin Thompson and Alex Schoffstall.

Duncan had no difficulty learning the fast way around Path Valley 
Speedway. "This is our Ohio type of track, we knew that coming in 
here." Duncan explained that he was limitted in the engine department, 
"but we saw that you were paying $5,000 to win and we heard that it 
was a little bullring, so we were going to come and test these guys."

Fred Rahmer, one of the winningest drivers in Central Pennsylvania 
Sprint Car history, was one of only two racers in the field with a 410 
victory at Path Valley on his resume. He started on the pole by virtue 
of the revenge draw, courtesy of Daryn Pittman.

Rahmer claimed the early lead over Dan Shetler, Daryn Pittman and Cole 
Duncan. Rahmer maintained that lead despite several cautions that 
bunched up the field behind him. Meanwhile, Duncan methodically worked 
his way into second.

When Rahmer reached lapped traffic on lap 11, Duncan quickly closed on 
him. Duncan squeezed his machine between a lapped car and the 
high-flying Rahmer as they raced through turn three on lap 16. Rahmer 
tried to regain the top spot by using the high side, but Duncan had figured out a 
quicker way around the inside of the track.

On lap 23, Danny Dietrich executed a slider on Rahmer in turn two to 
grab second. Dietrich then reeled in Duncan, who was starting to have 
trouble with lapped cars that were fighting for position. Duncan 
managed to pick his way through them without incident, and led 
Dietrich to the checkers by a couple of car lengths.

"I knew that he was there," Duncan said. "I kept trying to get around 
those lapped cars, and they were racing me awfully hard, but this is 

Dietrich, who started eighth on the grid, wished that it was a 35 
lapper instead. He lost some ground on a restart and was closing on 
Duncan at the end of the race. "I kinda used some old school Trailways 
moves, getting up on the berm in three and four." Dietrich then added, 
"it's just a little bullring, and we like them, I hope they have us 
back next year."

Rahmer held on for third. Taking fourth was Daryn Pittman,who was running his 360 sprinter. Rodney 
Westhafer rode home fifth after starting 17th, becoming the highest finishing 358 Sprint.

Dan Shetler turned in a creditable sixth, one notch ahead of the 
evening's fastest qualifier, Logan Schuhart. Bill Stein, Brent Marks, 
and Greg Hodnett completed the top ten.

Schuhart's quick time was 9.842 seconds. Cole Duncan was just .005 
ticks behind. They were locked into the A Main based on their times. 
Neither broke the track record, held by Billy Pauch, at 9.62. Pauch's 
time was set before the advent of weight limits in the Sprint Car class.

Heat winners were Fred Rahmer, Daryn Pittman, and Dan Shetler.

The revenge draw placed Jeff Strunk on the outside of row one for the 
start of the SpeedSTR feature. Strunk jumped out to the early lead 
over pole sitter Maxime Plante. Strunk maintained his advantage 
despite some early race yellow fever. Sixty-four year old Modified legend 
Kenny Brightbill worked his way up to second in the final standings. 
Brandon Rahmer finished third, ahead of Brittany Wixon and Josiane 

Fastest qualifier was Freddie Rahmer. Jeff Strunk won the Mad Scramble 
after switching to the car qualified by Dane Tobias..

Kyle Gruber took the lead at the start of the 20 lap Slingshot A Main, 
with Alex Schoffstall and Justin Thompson fighting for second. A 
caution for wayward clutch drum with 11 laps down allowed Brett Bieber to come to 
life. He took second almost immediately. On the next restart, with 15 
down, he passed Gruber. Gruber would give up second on lap 19, but his 
misfortunes would become severe when he spun in turn four on the last 
lap, surrendering third. Bieber took the win, followed by Thompson and 
Schoffstall.2009 National Champion Cody Kline recovered from two early miscues, taking 
fourth. Joseph Nemeth placed fifth.

The Micro Sprint Challenge started with a three-car 600 breakaway. 
A.J. Bast led Jerry Schott, Jr. and Chandler Leiby until Schott came 
up lame in turn three on lap five with fuel supply problems. That put Justin Harrington's 270 
into the third position, which he would hold until the checkers fell. 
Leiby used the second restart, on lap 13, to overtake Bast. Behind 
Leiby, Bast and Harrington came Wade Kemp and Dane Tobias.

410 Sprints: 1.Cole Duncan, 2.Danny Dietrich, 3.Fred Rahmer, 4.Daryn 
Pittman, 5.Rodney Westhafer, 6.Dan Shetler, 7.Logan Schuhart, 8.Bill 
Stein, 9.Brent Marks, 10.Greg Hodnett, 11.Robbie Kendall, 12.Joey 
Hershey, 13.Ryan Lynn, 14.Mike Wagner, Jr., 15.Colby Wolmer, 16.Logan 
Wagner, 17.Ryan Wilson, 18.John Mackison, Jr., 19.Ben Naugle, 20.Troy 
Fraker, 21.Hunter Mackison, 22.Jacob Allen, 23.Alex Schanz.  DNQ: 
Billy Dietrich, George Streaker, Jr.

Speedstrs: 1.Jeff Strunk, 2.Kenny Brightbill, 3.Brandon Rahmer, 
4.Brittany Wixon, 5.Josianne Plante, 6.Paul Lotier, Jr., 7.Richie 
Hartman, 8.Mitch Lacombe, 9.Maxime Plante, 10.Mikell McGee, 11.Al 
Arrisher, 12.Tori Donaldson, 13.Freddie Rahmer

Slingshots: 1.Brett Bieber, 2.Justin Thompson, 3.Alex Schoffstall, 
4.Cody Kline, 5.Joseph Nemeth, 6.John Bockhorn, 7.Tayllor Schoenly, 
8.Matt Miller, 9.Ryan Raidline, 10.Kyle Gruber, 11.Dave McCullough, 
12.Ray Nemeth

270/600 Micro Challenge: 1.Chandler Leiby, 2.A.J. Bast, 3.Justin 
Harrington, 4.Wade Kemp, 5.Dane Tobias, 6.Gary Keister, 7.Jason 
Klinger, 8.Kyle Brown, 9.Alex Potosky, 10.Jerry Plum, 11.Dan Roush, 
12.Cory Thornton, 13.Jerry Schott, Jr., 14.Adam Warner

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