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BINGHAMTON, NY…The Sunoco Race of Champions Weekend is this Friday and Saturday at the Oswego Speedway.  On Sunday six-time Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour Champion Matt Hirschman will try to accomplish a feat that has never been done in the RoC 200, win it three consecutive years.  The Sunoco Race of Champions Modified 200 takes place on Sunday along with the 2014 Oswego Speedway Super Modified Championship title race and Super Stock 75 lap event.  Qualifying begins at 12 noon on Sunday with the winner of the RoC 200 earning a minimum of $10,000.


Hirschman, a six-time Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour Champion is currently second in the overall tour standings entering the event.  Chuck Hossfeld a two-time winner of the RoC 200 and two-time RoC Tour Champion stands in his way.  Hossfeld has been on a tear this season and is fresh off a win at Oswego Speedway on Classic Weekend in the Modified 100.


For Hirschman a victory this Sunday would put him in his own status among Modified drivers.  There is always great debate over who are the top Modified drivers of all time.  If Hirschman won on Sunday no one could deny his accomplishment.  Hirschman will have a long overnight tow from the Riverhead Speedway on Long Island as he will be competing in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event on Saturday evening.


The Race of Champions 200 has been won in back to back years six times including Hirschman’s recent back to back wins in 2012 and 2013.  Jim Delaney was the first to do it back in 1958 and 1959 at the Langhorne Speedway 1 mile dirt oval.  Dutch Hoag was the next to accomplish the feat in 1967 and 1968 at the Langhorne Speedway after it was paved.  Maynard Troyer was the next to do it in 1976 and 1977.  What was unique about Troyer’s back to back victories was that they occurred at two different facilities.  In 1976 Troyer recorded the victory at the Trenton Speedway, a 1.5 mile paved oval.  In 1977 the race moved to the Pocono Speedway to the 2.5 mile paved oval and it was Troyer claiming victory again.


Richie Evans won back to back RoC events in 1979 and 1980.  The first came on the Pocono Speedway 2.5 mile track with the second coming on the inner oval at Pocono.  George Kent liked the move to Oswego Speedway by winning the race in 2000 and 2001.  Hirschman has been the first to accomplish the feat since that time.


The race has always had a family theme about it.  The Gerber Family founded the event in 1951, the same year that the Caruso Family built the Oswego Speedway and the Heath Family built the Five Mile Point Speedway.  Today, Five Mile Point Speedway owner and grandson of that track’s founders Andrew Harpell continues to lead the Race of Champions event.


On the track five time race winner Dutch Hoag will again serve as Grand Marshall of the race.  His grandson Alex Hoag will race in the Small Block Super Modified event on Saturday.  Merv Triechler and Roger Triechler were back to back winners in 1970 and 1971.  Geoff Bodine won the event in 1972 and 1978, his brother Brett won the event in 1985. Tony Hirschman is a four time winner of the event.  He is the father of Matt Hirschman.  Rumors have circulated that Tony may try to come back and compete for the most ever RoC 200 wins with Dutch Hoag.  That has not been confirmed.  Jan Leaty a two-time winner of this event will see his son Mike Leaty try and add another father and son team to the record books.  Mike Leaty is the defending Race of Champions Sportsman 100 winner at Oswego Speedway.  He will defend that title on Saturday this weekend.


The Sunoco Race of Champions Weekend takes place this Saturday and Sunday at Oswego Speedway.  On Friday night the Oswego Kartway will have dirt Kart racing on the backstretch of the speedway.  On Saturday the racing will take to the 5/8th mile oval with the Oswego Speedway Small Block Super Modified Track Championship race, NEMA Lites and Midgets, the RoC Sportsman 100 and qualifying for the Super Stocks.


On Sunday the Sunoco Race of Champions Modified 200 will highlight a day of racing that will include the 75 lap Oswego Super Modified 2014 Track Championship race and 75 lap Super Stock feature.


For a complete schedule of events please log on to www.raceofchampionsnet or phone 607-775-5555.  To order your weekend tickets please phone the Oswego Speedway box office at 315-342-0646 or log on to




Event No        Year                 Track                                                   Winner                                                                                                           

      1                    1951                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Hully Bunn

2                   1952                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Jim Delaney

3                   1953                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Ted Swaim

4                   1954                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Frankie Schneider

5                   1955                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Pete Corey

6                   1956                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Dutch Hoag

7                   1957                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Glenn Guthrie

8                   1958                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Jim Delaney

9                   1959                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Jim Delaney

10                 1960                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Dutch Hoag

11                 1961                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Freddy Adam

12                 1962                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Frankie Schneider

13                 1963                   Langhorne 1 mile dirt                             Dutch Hoag

14                 1964                   Langhorne 1 mile  dirt                            Freddy Adam

15                 1965                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Bill Slater

16                 1966                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Will Cagle

17                 1967                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Dutch Hoag

18                 1968                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Dutch Hoag

19                 1969                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Ray Hendrick

20                 1970                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Merv Treichler

21                 1971                   Langhorne 1 mile paved                        Roger Treichler

22                 1972                   Trenton 1.5 mile paved                          Geoff Bodine

23                 1973                   Trenton 1.5 mile paved                          Richie Evans

24                 1974                   Trenton 1.5 mile paved                          Fred DeSarro

25                 1975                   Trenton 1.5 mile paved                          Ray Hendrick

26                 1976                   Trenton 1.5 mile paved                          Maynard Troyer

27                 1977                   Pocono 2.5 mile paved                           Maynard Troyer

28                 1978                   Pocono 2.5 mile paved                           Geoff Bodine

29                 1979                   Pocono 2.5 mile paved                           Richie Evans

30                 1980                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Richie Evans

31                 1981                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           George Kent

32                 1982                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Greg Sacks

33                 1983                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Jimmy Spencer

34                 1984                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Brian Ross

35                 1985                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Brett Bodine

36                 1986                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           George Kent

37                 1987                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           George Brunnhoelzl

38                 1988                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Reggie Ruggiero

39                 1989                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Tony Hirschman

40                 1990                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Mike Stefanik

41                 1991                   Pocono .75 mile paved                           Satch Worley

42                 1992                   Flemington .625 mile paved                 Lenny Boyd

43                 1993                   Flemington .625 mile paved                 Billy Pauch

44                 1994                   Flemington .625 mile paved                 Tony Siscone

45                 1995                   Flemington .625 mile paved                 John Blewett III

46                 1996                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       Jan Leaty

47                 1997                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       Tony Hirschman

48                 1998                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       Sege Fidanza     

49                 1999                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       Chuck Hossfeld

50                 2000                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       George Kent

51                 2001                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       George Kent

52                 2002                   Oswego .626 mile paved                       Tim Mangus

53                 2003                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Sege Fidanza

54                 2004                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Eric Beers                     

55                 2005                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Chuck Hossfeld

56                 2006                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        T.J. Potrzebowski                      

57                 2007                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Jan Leaty

58                 2008                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Tony Hirschman

59                 2009                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Billy Putney

60                 2010                   Oswego .626 mile paved                        Tony Hirschman

61                 2011                   Oswego. 626 mile paved                        Zane Zeiner

62                 2012                   Oswego. 626 mile paved                        Matt Hirschman

63                 2013                   Oswego. 626 mile paved                        Matt Hirschman

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