Date: 6/29/2015 3:05:17 PM

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Kirkwood, NY – (June 29, 2015) – For the past 22-years Andrew Harpell has fostered the Sunoco Race of Champions Modified Tour and the Race of Champions event at Oswego (NY) Speedway each season. It has been his passion for those years. Harpell, now wants to focus on his life-long family interest, Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY which has left a challenging balancing act between the weekly facility and the Race of Champions Modified Tours which includes an asphalt and dirt modified tour.


Harpell decided to seek an interested party with the same passion for carrying on the bright future of the Series, who has knowledge of the region and the programs.


“We have worked extremely hard over the past 20 years to make the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour and 200 a viable option for all of the race teams.  I’m proud of the success we have had and the strong state that the series is currently in,” stated Harpell. “In 2004 I purchased Five Mile Point Speedway a track built by my grandparents in 1951, the following year we started the RoC Dirt Series.”  “With those additions, the amount of energy that we as a group have put forth the last eleven years has been strenuous to say the least.  As someone that grew up in racing and at the tracks weekly, it wasn’t easy to find an individual that shares the passion and understands the rich history of the RoC.  Joe certainly fits that description as someone that respects the history and has strong goals for the continued success and growth of the program.”


Joe Skotnicki, who has been involved in the sport for nearly 25-years in a professional capacity will be the new owner of the Series beginning with the 2016 season. Skotnicki approached Harpell and the two negotiated a program that will keep Harpell involved, but let him move the program forward as he sees fit.


“Andrew Harpell has done a great deal for the sport of modified racing and never truly received the recognition he deserves,” offered Skotnicki. “This is not an easy decision on either part, there is much more involved than anyone truly recognizes, but Andrew and I were able to negotiate through the important items and bring this together. Our intent is that we continue the success that Andrew has established and build upon it for the future.”


Skotnicki and Harpell have worked with each other in difference capacities through their careers and this program provides a natural fit for a change of this magnitude.


“We are both excited to move forward,” stated Harpell. “This will provide me time to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do and it gives the series new energy that I want it to have.”  “I’m confident in what Joe and I have put together moving forward and will certainly be willing to assist in anyway moving forward."  “I have always said that the Race of Champions is bigger than myself and I will always believe that, I’m proud just to have had the opportunity to continue the rich tradition.”  “I’m equally proud to have Joe taking over the program.”

For more information contact the Race of Champions offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to www.raceofchampions.net or www.rocdirt.com. 

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