Schroder Takes $1,000 Payday, Carlson Wins Tour Event, Carlotto Gets First Win, Fachini, Wesley, Falerecki See Checkers, Johnny O Memorial Goes to Ray Hall Jr.

Date: 9/14/2009 2:36:03 AM

Schroder Takes $1,000 Payday, Carlson Wins Tour Event, Carlotto Gets First Win,
Fachini, Wesley, Falerecki See Checkers, Johnny O Memorial Goes to Ray Hall Jr.
Saturday September 13, 2009
By: Rodney Rescott 

West Lebanon, NY: Nearly 20 short weeks ago the 57th Season Opener began another action packed summer of racing excitement at the legendary Valley of Speed. This past Saturday night put a cap on the season with a big exclamation mark with a big $1,000 to win Sportsman Shootout presented by the Albany Times Union, as well as final points in the 5 remaining divisions.
The DIRTCar Pro Stock Tour Race highlighted the action at the high banks with a 30 lap feature event. Chad Jeseo and Don Carlson are out front of the field early. Jeseo jumped out to an early lead with the #2 of Pete Stefanski in tow.
Caution flew on lap as the the leader Jeseo suffers a flat tire. On the restart, the #2 of Stefanski brought another caution out as he suffered a flat as well. That left the #26 of Don Carlson out front with the #188 of Dave Papineau in tow.
Carlson held on for the remaining 20 circuits event with several cautions to win the Pro Stock DIRTCar Series Event. Joey Ladoceur scored a 2nd place finish, followed by Rob Yetman, Pete Stafanski battled back to 4th, and Paul LaRochelle. Robbie Speed was crowned the High Point Championship.

The Albany Times Union put up $1,000 for the Sportsman 30 lap feature event as the #36 of Steve Meilleur and Chad Pierce took the field to the green flag. After several cautions Meilleur was still in control of the field but by the time the 12th lap clicked on the Kokosa Oil Inc lap counter, it was the #98 of Kolby Schroder charging to the lead and pulling away.
The caution flew a few more times, but it was not going to keep Schroder from the win and $1,000. Meilleur had to settle for 2nd, Brian Sandstedt, Neil Stratton, and Kyle Armstrong rounded out the top 5. With a 14th place finish, Frank Harper scored enough points to capture the Sportsman High Point Championship!
The Budget Sportsman also needed to complete their Championship night, as 22 cars took to the speedway for their 20 lap feature event. The #82 of Brian Peterson was out front early, but after a few cautions, the #12C of Peter Carlotto took the lead by lap 13.
Carlotto held the top spot for the remaining circuits to score his first career victory. Peterson had to settle for 2nd followed by Don Miller, Jason Harrington, and Robert Bublak. Harrington’s 4th place finish wrapped up the 2009 Budget Sportsman High Point Championship.
In the Pure Stock division, the winners were Jim Fachini in PS#1, PS#2 saw Lynn Wesley take the win, and in PS#3 John Falerecki too the win. Ed Hatch clinched the 2009 Pure Stock High Point Championship.
In the Johnnie O Memorial Pure Stock feature, Ray Hall Jr made a late race pass on Al Relyea and Chris Streeter to take the win in the 20 lap feature event. Bob Gibson Jr and Todd Goldstein score the wins in the 4 cylinder event at the end of the night.
And with that, the Valley of Speed brought the lights down on another successful racing season. Special thanks to all our fans, the drivers, the teams, the crews, all our fantastic sponsors, the track officials, ambulance crews, safety crews, tow truck drivers and assistants, and the track management!
Also thanks to Brian Bedell for all his tidbits and information from the Bedell Book of Racing Facts, as well as Margaret Bedell for her help with the Press Releases. And thanks to all of you that support our sport!
For complete points finishs in all division, andd information on the annual Swap Meet in November, visit our website at, click on “Speedway”.
Saturday September 12, 2009 - Albany Times Union Newspaper Presents $1,000 to Win Sportsman Results (30 Laps) - 1) Kolby Schroder, 2) Steve Meilleur, 3) Brian Sandstedt, 4) Neil Stratton, 5) Kyle Armstrong, 6) Kyle Hoffman, 7) Jeff Watson, 8) Danny Sanchez, 9) Chad Pierce, 10) Kale Groff, 11) Kim Herrick, 12) Alan Houghtaling, 13) Ryan Charland, 14) Frank Harper, 15) Kevin Petrucci, 16) Brett Haas, 17) Chris Lynch, 18) Joe Carnibucci, 19) Matt Hyde, 20) Brett Bentley, 21) Michael Sabia, 22) Paul Knox, 23) Derek Schibi, DNS) Olden Dwyer

DIRTcar Mr. Dirt Pro Stock Tour Results (30 Laps) - 1) Don Carlson, 2) Joey Ladoceur, 3) Rob Yetman, 4) Pete Stephanski, 5) Paul LaRochelle, 6) Robbie Speed, 7) Chuck Towslee, 8) Jason Casey, 9) Rich Colesanti, 10) Victor Hopkins, 11) Allen Peters, 12) Bruno Cyr, 13) P. J. Peters, 14) Jocelyn Roy, 15) Dave Oakes, 16) Jay Casey, 17) Kevin Arnold, 18) Johnny Rivers, 19) Buddy Hencke, 20) Rock Aubin, 21) Stephan Lebrun, 22) Cord Becker, 23) Brian Keough, 24) Ricky Thompson, 25) Dave Bissonnette, 26) Dave Papineau, 27) Paul Rogers, 28) Chad Jeseo, 29) Jay Corbin, 30) Danny Burl, DNS) John Santolin, DNS) Matt Shadic, DNS) Gary Ashley, DNS) Allen Tarantino, DNS) Nick Hilt, DNS) Dean Charbonneau, DNS) Jon Routhier, DNS) Sean Corr, DNS) Paul Engwer, DNS) Ron Zagata
Budget Sportsman Results (20 Laps) - 1) Peter Carlotto, 2) Brian Peterson, 3) Don Miller, 4) Jason Herrington, 5) Robert Bublak, 6) Scott Duell, 7) Angelo DiCarlo, 8) Rob Knipe, 9) Joe Carnibucci, 10) Kevin Wright, 11) Dan Peckham, 12) Frank Hoard Jr, 13) Seth Roberts, 14) Jeff Haskins, 15) Lisa Schoonmaker, 16) Michelle Catone, 17) Frank Hoard III, 18) Kristin McCoy, 19) Dylan Gibson, 20) Derek McGrew, 21) Anthony Montessi, DQ) Michael Sabia
Pure Stock #1 Results (8 Laps) - 1) Jim Fachini, 2) Dave Fachini, 3) John Miller, 4) Dan Herring, 5) Aaron Goff, 6) Todd Lane, 7) Ian Relyea, 8) Joe Walcott, 9) Todd Pelkey, 10) Joe Chenail, 11) Bob Camilli, 12) Ron Johnson, 13) Joey Morey, 14) Jim Groncki, 15) Sean Mandel, 16) Paul Harding, 17) Brian Houghtaling
Pure Stock #2 Results (8 Laps) - 1) Lynn Wesley, 2) Chad Arsenault, 3) Brian Houghtaling Sr. 4) Doug Olds, 5) Kirk Stanaway, 6) Jason Meltz, 7) Rich Douglass, 8) Harold Tarantino, 9) Jeff Douglass, 10) Brian Vandenburgh, 11) Clem Toffolo, 12) Tim Niles, 13) Wuggie Burdick, 14) Lloyd Tomlin, 15) Tom Goodermote, 16) John Devine, 17) Tom Davies
Pure Stock #3 Results (8 Laps) - 1) John Felarecki, 2) Ed Hatch, 3) Phil Wood, 4) Chris Streeter, 5) Rob Partridge Jr, 6) Bob Palmer, 7) Ray Hall Jr, 8) Jeff Kreutiziger, 9) James Hatch, 10) Ray Hall Sr, 11) Lou Ganczar, 12) Lenny Fields, 13) Al Relyea, 14) Pete Wiegand, 15) Dave Houser
"Johnny O" Memorial Pure Stock Feature Results (20 Laps) - 1) Ray Hall Jr, 2) Al Relyea, 3) Chris Streeter, 4) John Devine, 5) James Hatch, 6) Dave Houser, 7) Chad Arsenault, 8) Rob Partridge Jr, 9) John Felarecki, 10) Lou Ganczar, 11) John Miller, 12) Joe Walcott, 13) Joe Chenail, 14) Dave Fachini, 15) Ed Hatch, 16) Harold Tarantino, 17) Jeff Kreutziger, 18) Doug Olds, 19) Lloyd Tomlin, 20) Tim Niles, 21) Dan Herring, 22) Wuggie Burdick, 23) Bob Camilli
4 Cylinder Single Cam Results (20 Laps) - 1) Bob Gibson Jr, 2) Steve Noel, 3) Don Curley, 4) Mike Verhagen, 5) Karen Verhagen, 6) Dan Olds, 7) Danny, Webber, 8) Chris White, 9) Steve Burbank
4 Cylinder Dual Cam Results (20 Laps) - 1) Todd Goldstein 2) Steven Loomis, 3) Sheldon Swart, 4) Jim Williams, 5) Jeff Meltz, 6) Sean Perez, 7) Ken Schroder, 8) Kenny Aanonsen, 9) Mark Burke

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