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In 2010, URC introduced the Hall of Fame to honor and identify key contributors that brought success and prestige to the nation’s oldest traveling sprint car series.  Since the beginning of the URC Hall of Fame, there have been twenty inductees.   The Hall of Fame inductees  may include drivers,  car owners, sponsors, media members, officials, promoters, mechanics,, officers and race fans.


The United Racing Company proudly announces the  2014 URC Hall of Fame inductees.   The list includes Clay Parks of Bars Products Corporation,  URC driver Leroy Felty, prominent car owner Don Kerr, Delaware International Speedway Promoter Charlie Cathell and legendary car owner John Wergland.


Clay Parks

Clay Parks is an executive of the Bars Products Corporation, a trusted and very valued member of the Bars Family, who overseen the company’s 20-year Tour sponsorship with the URC. Clay is more than a face associated with a sponsor; Clay is a true friend of URC. Clay always ensured URC had the tools needed to meet their sponsorship requirements, and always went the extra mile for URC, despite being busy traveling worldwide for Bars Leaks/Rislone. Clay even flew out from Michigan to pay respect to URC’s fallen hero, Kramer Williamson. It is his good nature, professionalism, and friendship that earned Clay Parks a spot in the URC Hall of Fame.


Leroy Felty

No driver was more charismatic in the 1970’s on the United Racing Club trail than Leroy Felty. But his charm was coupled with a fierce driving style that made him one of the top sprint car drivers of his era. Leroy won his first URC title in 1971 over such names as Buck Buckley and Harry Benjamin with 15 wins to his credit that season. He was a bridesmaid to Harry Benjamin in the 1972 URC point chase with 3 wins, but rebounded in 1973 to win his second championship over Carl Bergkvist. Felty won 7 times in 1973 and continued his winning ways into the late 1970’s. URC is honored to induct Leroy Felty into the URC Hall of Fame.


Don Kerr

If ever there was a car owner for the ages, it would certainly have been Don Kerr . Kerr entered the URC scene without much attention until he hired a modified driver with a long list of credentials…enter Glenn Fitzcharles. Kerr’s cars were always immaculately prepared and rarely suffered any mechanical problems. Kerr would dominate in 1987 and many subsequent seasons with 21 incredible wins in the 1987 season alone…yes, 21 wins in a season! Kerr was a quiet man, and a man who would help any of his fellow competitors in the pits and loved racing with URC. In 1988, he garnered 12 wins with Fitzcharles at the helm, and continued his winning ways until his retirement. Kerr won 4 straight URC car owner championships. It is Kerr’s high standards of performance above and beyond the norm that earns him a coveted spot in the URC Hall of Fame.


Charlie Cathell

Throughout our 67 year history, URC has raced for many promoters. Charlie Cathell has hosted more URC events than any other promoter in URC history. Charlie has always provided racers with a great racing surface for decades. Charlie and his family have put their heart and soul into their speedway and take great pride in providing their racers with a first class facility. Charlie has hosted as many as 10 URC events in a single season. Charlie continues to be a supporter and friend of URC. Charlie’s unparalleled support of URC has earned him a place in the URC Hall of Fame.


John Wergland

John Wergland has a very storied history with URC that spanned over 3 decades. John started his racing career at age 15 when he joined the crew of the legendary Pappy Hough team. He became a URC car owner in 1960 and over a 25 year period fielded some of the biggest names in sprint car racing. Amongst his drivers were Mario Andretti, Red Riegel, Al Unser, Bobby Marvin, Johnny Rutherford, and Carl Bergkvist to name a few. John has 19 career URC wins to his credit with many different drivers. The Wergland Chevy was a threat at each and every event they attended. URC is proud to induct John Wergland to the URC Hall of Fame.


Previous URC Hall of Fame Inductees include: 

2013 Midge Miller

2012 George Nesler, Greg Coverdale, Lou Johnson, Fred Kennedy, Albert “Chubby” Ciarrocchi, Joe Fiori Sr

2011 Dave Kelly, Bert  Brooks, Buck Buckley, Louis Kunz, Frank “Scats” Anfuso, Buzz Rose

2010 Glenn Fitzcharles, Bill Bauer,  Earl Halaquist, Harry Johnson, Mike Magill, Bob Mermuys, Kramer Williamson


Visit the URC Hall of Fame on the website at www.urcsprints.com


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