Date: 8/2/2007 1:25:43 AM

Kutztown, PA -  A sixteen year-old from Collegeville, PA and a savvy veteran recorded victories in two of the 20-lap main events at the Kutztown Fairgrounds on Wednesday, August 1.  It was a young charger who notched his second Slingshot triumph, as the racing season entered its final three weeks at the Berks County oval.
      Alex Bright, the Phenom, scored his first-ever Kutztown win in the 20-lapper for the 600cc Micro-Sprints.  Behind the wheel of the family-owned Presidential Heating and Cooling No. 86, the fourth-starting Bright slid under early leader Mark Sokol to grab the top spot on the third trip around the clay.
      Bright then pulled away, racing into a different zip code, as Ryan Frable, Charles Cooley, Jason VanDoren, and Brett Smith wrestled for the runner-up position.  Frable eventually claimed the spot, with Cooley, in a very impressive run, holding off VanDoren, the point leader, for third.  Shane Lewis weaved a steady path through traffic to wind up in fifth as they crossed the stripe.
      Bright's only concern was lapped traffic.  "A couple of cars just wouldn't move over for me, even though they were given the flag.  But we were good, and the car was the best it's ever been here.  It all worked out."
      The winner's father, Ted, was more nervous than his son.  "I was almost hoping for a yellow to get us out of lapped traffic.  He did a good job with it, but some people just won't move over, even though they were shown the flag.  But, you know, today was my birthday and he (Alex) gave me a great birthday present tonight."
      Heats for the 600's went to Brett Smith and VanDoren.
      In the 270cc finale, Jay Hartman throttled by his cousin, Jesse, for the lead on lap two.  Perchak wa on the move, however, and into the runner-up slot by lap four.  On lap seven, Perchak went to the top, got a good run on the leader down the backstretch, then passed Hartman on the high side. 
      From that point on, Perchak was super smooth and quick, working lapped traffic like the veteran he is.  Jay Hartman wound up in second, with brother Jeff, the point leader, in third.  Pat Bealer and Tim Buckwalter completed the top five when it was all over.
      Nunzi Allegrucci, Perchak, and Jesse Hartman won heat races for the 270's.  Eddie Wagner, who has one win at Kutztown this season, won the consolation.
     Heartache struck Austin Berk for the second consecutive week in the Slingshot main.  Once again Berk led most of the race, but didn't win.  Last week, his battery went dead as the cars waited for a wreck to be cleared on the backstretch.  This week, he set the pace for 19 of the 20 laps, but disaster struck just after Austin took the white flag.  Berk spun in turn two, with Anthony Perrego and T.J. Mayberry hot on his heels.
      Berk's spin put Perrego on the pole, and Anthony made the most of his opportunity.  Perrego danced away from his pursuers over the final laps, taking the checkered with room to spare.
      In a wild scramble behind the leaders, Jordan Henn orchestrated a sneak attack on Mayberry to barely take the runner-up spot.  Kyle Heiber and Nate Christman rounded out the top five.
      Kyle Rohner and T.J. Mayberry won the Slingshot heats.
      Next Wednesay the action returns to the Fairgrounds, with the Slingshot Speedweek series taking center stage.  They will join the 270's and 600's in qualifying heats, consolations, and 20-lap features.
Gates open at 4:00; warm-ups take place at 6:30, and the first heat goes green at 11:30.
600cc MICROS:  1.Alex Bright  2.Ryan Frable  3.Charles Cooley  4.Jason VanDoren  5.Shane Lewis  6.Brett Smith  7.Gary Berkenstock  8.Sammy Hemhauser  9.Brent Marks  10.Ryan Shupp  11.Keith McIntyre  12.Ben Davis  13.Zach Shuman  14.Dan Jackson  15.Tom Kohler  16.Carl Lieber  17.Mark Sokol  18.Kenny Miller  19.Brian Carber  20.Jarrett Seng.
270cc MICROS:  1.Ross Perchak  2.Jay Hartman  3.Jeff Hartman  4.Pat Bealer  5.Tim Buckwalter  6.Jesse Hartman  7.Mike Esposito  8.Rob Pajavis  9.Sean Stolz  10.Jonathan Kumernitsky  11.Keith Wetzel  12.Darin Bartholomew  13.Aaron Rineheimer  14.Scott Dech  15.Nick Skias  16.Terry Schaeffer  17.Johnny Hagen  18.Sammy Lamothe  19.Eddie Wagner  20.Cameron Merriman    21.Joey Kay  22.Nunzi Allegrucci  23.Ryan Smith  24.Marty Reinsmith.
Slingshot Feature:  1.Anthony Perrego  2.Jordan Henn  3.T.J. Mayberry  4.Kle Heiber  5.Nate Christman  6.Tiffany Wambold  7.Kyle Rohner  8.Travis Bieber  9.Rich Sachetta  10.Rob Marino  11.Rob Marino  12.Shannon Smith  13.Tyler Miller  14.Pete Knappenberger  15.Adam Brown   16.Justin Hughes  17.Steve Hicks  18.Austin Berk  19.Mike Petro  20.Erin Lineman  21.Damien Bower  Ryan Smith.

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