Date: 8/17/2007 10:47:20 PM

Kutztown, PA -  The Micro-Sprints ended their 2007 season with a tripleheader at the Kutztown Fairgrounds on Wednesday, August 15.  Tom Kohler, Leesport, PA notched his second Fairgrounds victory of the campaign in the 25-lapper for the 600cc Micros, while Nick Skias of Wernersville picked up his initial triumph at Kutztown in the 270cc finale.  A special appearance by the 125cc Micro-Sprints concluded with Ralph Parks sitting in victory lane.
      In the 600Scene.com main event for the 600's, Kohler took command early, jumping into the lead from his inside front row starting spot.  Brent Marks settled into the runner-up position, and Jason VanDoren, trying to hold on to the point lead, moved to third.  VanDoren's primary challenger for the championship, Brett Smith, was mired in sixth.
      As Kohler held on to the top slot through a few caution periods, Smith was digging hard, but unable to find a way by Ryan Wilson and Brian Carber, who were directly behind third-place VanDoren. 
      Kohler dashed under the checkered with a healthy advantage over Marks.  VanDoren finished third, clinching his first Kutztown title.  Carber, Wilson, and Brett Smith followed the first three chauffeurs across the line.
      Heat winners included Marks, Carber, and VanDoren.  D.J. Wykes won the consi.
      Nick Skias' season at Kutztown has been a lucky one...but the luck has been all bad.  The son of veteran Micro-Sprint throttle-jockey Pete Skias, Nick has suffered mechanical failures, been collected in others' wrecks, etc.  But last Wednesday, the 20 year-old made the most of his final opportunity of '07, darting into the lead from the pole.  Quite frankly, from that point on, Skias simply put a hurtin' on his competition.  Nick romped to the winner's circle, the first time he's ever triumphed at Kutztown.
      Terry Schaeffer, who ended up winless at the Fairgrounds this season, chased Skias early on.  The Rocket Man, Ross Perchak, squeezed past Schaeffer on lap three, and began his pursuit of the leader.  Perchak held on for the runner-up finish, but could not close on the high-flying Skias.  Schaeffer wound up third, holding off Jeff Hartman, Sean Stolz, Ryan Smith, and Pat Bealer - all of whom finished in that order right behind Mr. RTS. 
      Jeff Hartman's fourth-place effort was enough to earn him the point championship in the 270cc division. Hartman captured the title by 51 points over Perchak, with Schaeffer a distant third in the final standings.
      Heats for the 270's went to Bealer, Schaeffer, Jay Hartman, and Perchak.  Twin consolations went to Ken Andreas and Marty Reinsmith.
      Ralph Parks, in his final full season as a Micro-Sprint driver, dashed from the pole into the early lead during the 20-lapper for the 125cc machines.  Phil Durham moved quickly to pass Eddie Nocera (in a 250cc Four-Stroke) for second, then set his sights on the leader.
      Rich Mellor raced from fifth to third in the opening laps, then stalked Durham for several circuits until the young lion made a mistake.
      Durham slid up the track in turn four, struggling to keep his No. 32 underneath him.  Mellor, Nocera, and a charging Brian Sholley zipped by Durham before he appeared to regain control.  At the end of the homestretch, however, something broke in the front end of Durham's Micro, forcing him to skate up the track once again.  Phil finally stopped the car, parking it in turn one and bringing out the yellow.
      Parks blasted away on the restart, beating Mellor to the stripe by a couple of car-lengths.  Sholley, who started ninth, took the checkered in third, with Nocera and Matt Budd rounding out the top five.
      Sholley won the single heat race for the 125's.
Fairgrounds Fall-Out...
      Great crowd turned out for the season finale.  It was held during the annual Kutztown Fair, and the bleachers were full by the time the first heat took the green. 
      The event was bolstered by a very nice car count, too.  There were 34 of the 600's and the 125's chipped in with 11 cars.  And who says there aren't many 270's around anymore?  The once-dominant class needed four heats and two consolations to whittle its 43-car field down the final 24 who started the feature.
      In spite of the large count and the fact that it was a Fair Night, the show was completed by 9:30.
      The final points in the 600cc class looked like this:  1. Jason VanDoren...1864;  2. Brett Smith...1805;  3. Brian Carber...1767.
      In the 270cc standings, the top three drivers were:  1.Jeff Hartman...1966;  2.Ross Perchak...1915;  3.Terry Schaeffer...1823.
      The first two pilots in the 125cc feature are Airport Speedway regulars.  Parks and Mellor compete at the New Castle, DE facility each Saturday, and so does Durham.  Sholley resides in the top five in points at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.  The Lebanon, PA wheel-twister also has three wins in 125cc competition at Linda's Speedway this year.
600cc Micro-Sprint Feature (25 laps):  1.Tom Kohler  2.Brent Marks  3.Jason VanDoren  4.Brian Carber  5.Ryan Wilson  6.Brett Smith  7.Jarrett Seng  8.David Reinhardt  9.Kyle Newcomb  10.Lex Burritt  11.Sammy Hemhauser  12.Ryan Frable  13.D.J. Wykes  14.Jack Spence  15.Shane Lewis  16.Charles Cooley  17.Joe Lord  18.Brett Michalski  19.Dan Erkoboni  20.Rob Vivona  21.Jeff Halligan  22.Phil Griffith  23.Mike Freed  24.Alex Bright.
270cc Micro-Sprint Feature (25 laps):  1.Nick Skias  2.Ross Perchak  3.Terry Schaeffer  4.Jeff Hartman  5.Sean Stolz  6.Ryan Smith  7.Pat Bealer  8.Jay Hartman  9.Joey Kay  10.Tim Mertz  11.Cameron Merriman  12.Jonathan Kumernitsky  13.Mike Esposito  14.Eddie Wagner  15.Ken Andreas  16.Alex Buben  17.Keith Wetzel  18.Tim Buckwalter  19.Dave Grube  20.Darin Batholomew  21.Eric Bodine  22.Jesse Hartman  23.Marty Reinsmith  24.Trevor Kobylarz.
125cc Micro-Sprint Feature (20 laps):  1.Ralph Parks  2.Rich Mellor  3.Brian Sholley  4.Eddie Nocera  5.Matt Budd  6.Mark Yoder  7.Cody Drace  8.Dave Grube  9.Courtney Johnson  10.Jeremy Duttry  11.Phil Durham.
FINAL POINTS...600cc Micro-Sprints:
1.Jason VanDoren.......................1864
2.Brett Smith...............................1805
3.Brian Carber............................1767
FINAL POINTS...270cc Micro-Sprints:
1.Jeff Hartman.............................1966
2.Ross Perchak...........................1915
3.Terry Schaeffer........................ 1823
Submitted by Barry Angstadt, Interim P.R. & Announcer.

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