Kohler, Wagner and Weaver Open Kutztown Season With Goldie Meitzler Memorial

Date: 5/16/2008 12:50:00 PM

News from The Fairgrounds at Kutztown  Speedway
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For Immediate Release/May 15, 2008
Kohler, Wagner and Weaver Open Kutztown  Season With Goldie Meitzler Memorial

KUTZTOWN, PA - A good  start.
Tom Kohler had one literally and figuratively last Wednesday night at  The
Fairgrounds at Kutztown Speedway. Not only did Kohler charge into the lead  at
the outset of the 600cc Micro-Sprint 20-lap feature and drive to victory, the 
Leesport, Pa., driver also got the early-season points lead.
Kohler was one  of three feature winners during the Goldie Meitzler Memorial
Season Opener at  Kutztown. The evening honored the matriarch of the Meitzler
family, who  promote the one-fifth-mile clay oval.
Three caution flags (laps nine, 13 and  15) cleared the track of traffic for
Kohler. He took the checkered with a  half-straightaway lead in the Gary
Spotts-owned No. 5 over pole starter Alex  Bright.
Brent Marks was third, followed by Brock Zearfoss and Brian  Carber.
600cc heat winners were Alex Bright, Kohler and Zearfoss, while Mike  Freed
took the consolation.
The 270cc Micro-Sprint 20-lap victory went to  Eddie Wagner by a narrow
margin over Sean Stolz.
Wagner, who started from the  pole, encountered backmarkers in the final two
circuits of the event, slowing  his place. That allowed fifth-starter Stolz to
make a run to the outside through  turns one and two on the final circuit,
then dart low coming to the  checkered.
Wagner won by less than a car-length.
Scott Fick, 10th-starter  Marty Gorr and Delaware standout Cameron Merriman
were third through fifth,  respectively.
In 270cc qualifying, Wagner, Fick, Brayden Winters and Terry  Schaeffer took
the heats, with Ed Kenderdine and Trevor Kobylarz splitting the  consolations.
Bangor, Pa.'s Bill Weaver led from start-to-finish in the  20-lap Slingshot
by Tobias headliner, thwarting a number of challengers  including Jim
Housworth, who finished second.
Housworth ran in the runner-up  position for the final 11 laps, while Rob
Marino, Simon Egan and Nate Christman  filled out the front five.
Weaver, Egan and Christman earned heat victories.  Addison Meitzler was the
consolation winner.
Racing resumes on Wed., May 21  with the 600cc and 270cc Micro-Sprints in
competition, along with a Briggs &  Stratton Slingshot Tour event. Gates open at
4 p.m., with practice at 6:30 p.m.  and racing at 7 p.m. For more information,
contact Kerry Meitzler by phone at:  (610)-683-8234, via e-mail:
_racektown@aol.com_ (mailto:racektown@aol.com)  or on  the web:
_www.kutztownfairspeedway.com_ (http://www.kutztownfairspeedway.com) .
FAIRGROUNDS FODDER: The pits were jammed with 44  270cc Micro-Sprints, 30
600cc Micro-Sprints and 35 Slingshots for a total of 109  cars. A nice crowd
turned out for the lid-lifter....
Competitors from four  states (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and
Delaware) took part in the  action....
The evening marked the debut of the Kerry Meitzler-led promotional  team and
AMB Transponder scoring at Kutztown. Management thanks racers and fans  for
their cooperation on the first night....
Many members of the Meitzler  family in attendance and participated in the
Victory Lane ceremonies....
URC  Sprint Car standout Randy West strapped into a Slingshot for the evening
but was  a heat-race crash casualty....
Wildest moment of the night: Slingshot racer  Tyler Miller riding the
turn-two wall in an opening-lap, multi-car  tangle....
Representatives of the Relay for Life  organization collected donations in
the midway area to benefit the American  Cancer Society....
600cc Micro-Sprint Feature  Finish: TOM KOHLER, Alex Bright, Brent Marks,
Brock Zearfoss, Brian  Carber, Jason Van Doren, Dusty Heistand, Joe Kay, Shane
Lewis, Tyler DeVault,  Keith McIntyre Jr., Brett Smith, Mike Freed, Ken Miller,
Jerry Schott, Brock  Bilger, Brett Michalski, Ryan Wilson, Kyle Newcomb,
Brenden Bright, Ryan Smith,  Ben Davis, Gary Berkenstock, Doug Snyder.
Did Not Qualify:  Charles Cooley, Drew Richmond, Amanda Quinones, Zach
Shuman, Troy Anderson, John  Wilbert IV.
270cc Micro-Sprint Feature  Finish: EDDIE WAGNER, Sean Stolz, Scott Fick,
Marty Gorr, Cameron  Merriman, Ross Perchak, Brian Marriott, Ed Kenderdine, Darin
Bartholomew, Nick  Skias, Marco Michetti, Brandon Edgar, Bill Murphy, Blaine
Schlosser, John Hagen,  Pete Skias, Trevor Kobylarz, Jay Horvath, Brayden
Winters, Tim Buckwalter, Josh  Pepe, Aaron Rinehimer, Ashley Camillieri, Terry
Did Not  Start: Chad Owens.
Did Not Qualify: Jesse Loftin,  Dave Grube, Tim Quinter, Jonathan Pepe, Tom
Tanner, Matt McAnally, Justin Boyer,  Kevin Snyder, Mark Janisch, David Ravel,
Kurt Bettler, Scott Washburn, Tommy  Kunsman Jr., J.T. Brotosky, Charles Stone
Jr., Jeremy Raifsnider, Andrew  Dietrich, Devin Harron, Mike Esposito.
Slingshot Feature Finish: BILL  WEAVER, Jim Housworth, Rob Marino, Simon
Egan, Nate Christman, Brett Bieber,  Jamie Long, Pete Knappenberger, Jordan Henn,
Paul Lotier Jr., Bill Clark,  Addison Meitzler, Michael Glass, Shannon Smith,
Brad Arnold, Mike Sabo, Anthony  Perrego, Paul Ennes, Bill Van Inwegen, Joe
Nemeth, Steven Hicks, Kurt Bettler,  Travis Bieber, Tyler Miller.
Did Not Qualify: Tiffany  Wambold, Matt Miller, Michael Bixler, Damian Bower,
Ray Nemeth Jr., Mike Moyer,  Dustin Smyth, Rich Sachetta, Natashas Yiengst,
Eric Snyder, Randy West.

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