Date: 5/30/2010 7:36:45 PM

Contact: Dave Roberts

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Canandaigua, NY-Fallen friends and heroes were memorialized this holiday weekend at Canandaigua Speedway during the Corvettes by Turner Land of Legends Friends and Heroes Memorial Night. To add to the excitement at the track drivers were offered an extra bonus. Along with the chance to earn double points, drivers were given a chance to win some extra cash. Drivers took to track in a 4-lap 'Dash for Cash' on Saturday night. Fans were encouraged to participate in the event by donating money to a specific event. 100% of all donations to the dash were given back to the drivers as part of their prize money. In addition to giving thanks to their favorite drivers fans were given the opportunity to memorialize someone special with a PA announcement.

This concept was not only created by track management, but Cory Reed, Joe Skotnicki, and Jeff Hachmann were the first to make personal donations to the overall dash money fund in honor of all the fallen track officials and drivers. "This was just another way we could give back to the sport we love," said DIRTcar Northeast's Cory Reed. This was extra special for Jeff Hachmann who honored his father, a longtime employee and supporter of Upstate NY DIRTcar racing, who was lost just over two years ago.

Andy Fisk won the Stock Car 'Dash for Cash' in memory of Ron Lawson Jr. and Shane Palmer. The 'Big Block Dash for Cash' in memory of long time media supporter of the speedway, Don Post was won by Steve Paine. Track officials ran the 'Sportsman Dash for Cash' in memory of Fred Taney which was won by Rob Bussey.

Track excitement continued throughout the night when the DIRTcar big block Modified took to the track for their 35 lap feature event. Danny Johnson was burning up the track after taking the lead on lap 14. Johnson was looking like a sure winner until the motor blew inside the Mike Payne owned Bicknell built chassis on the final lap, allowing Steve Paine to slip by and pickup his second checkered flag of the season at the "Land of Legends." Second was Rob Bellinger followed by Charlie Donk, Justin Haers and Vince Vitale.

Daryl Hilkert won the first of two DIRTcar Sportsman 25 lap feature events. Justin Henderson was the winner of a rescheduled event from Saturday, May 15. Hilkert took the lead on lap two from Kane Bristol and beat Rob Bussey to the finish line. Third went to Dan Wiesner followed by Paul Guererri and Eric Giguere. In the rescheduled event, Henderson took the lead on lap 19 and settled in for the remainder of the race. Second was Eric Giguere followed by Mark Chiddy, Nick Guererri and Justin Wright.

In the 20 lap DIRTcar Stock car feature, Frank "Bubba" Burnell won for the third straight time in 2010 at Canandaigua Speedway. Second was Nate Peckham followed by Andy Fisk in third. Fourth was Chris Fisher and John Zimmerman was fifth.

The Factory Stock/Pure Stock 15 lap feature found another familiar name in victory lane with Alex Morris winning his third of the season. Second was Mike Minutolo Jr. Third was Ross Lurcock while Don Drave was fourth and Ron Bush was fifth.

LAND OF LEGENDS NOTES: Canandaigua Speedway management would like to thank everyone for their participation in the memorial dashes. Over $1900 was collected in what will be an annual event for years to come…The pre race autograph session saw a lot of activity as DIRTcar stars Eldon Payne Jr. and Mike Welch meeting the race fans at the DIRTcar apparel trailer. The weekly program seems to be gaining momentum…Mary Taney, wife of former DIRTcar official Fred Taney was on hand for the night's activities…The race fans, along with DIRTcar Northeast's Jeff Hachmann sang the national anthem…The trivia session at intermission was a huge success with Eric Chapman of Hannibal and DIRTcar Stock Car racer Mike Welch teaming up for the victory. Chapman won a pair of tickets to the DIRTcar Hall of Fame 100 last Sunday night. Finishing second was Austin Williams and DIRTcar Modified racer Eldon Payne Jr. of Webster…Aunt Sally's Kitchen has been added as vendors with delicious chicken, salt potatoes and pulled pork on the menu. When you're at Canandaigua Speedway, please visit Sally's, and stop by the main concession for chicken tenders and fries.

Next Saturday Family RV Center presents CSEA Union Night. With proper ID all CSEA Union members will get in for FREE. Not only CSEA Union members but any Clifton Springs, Victor, Macedon, or Williamson resident with proper ID will get in for free as well. The 35-lap Modified race will headline Saturday's event along with the running of the DIRTcar Sportsman, BRP Late Models and Pure Stocks. Including on track activity DIRTcar fans will again have a chance to meet their favorite drivers such as Danny Johnson, Steve Gray and Bubba Burnell during Family Autograph Night which will feature all the drivers.

For more information, please call the DIRTcar Northeast office at 315-834-6606 or go online at Don't forget to join the Canandaigua Speedway on Facebook, plus follow DIRTcar Racing on Twitter (@DIRTcarNE).

DIRTcar Modifieds (50 laps, $3000 to win)_ 1. STEVE PAINE 3. Rob Bellinger 3. Charlie Donk 4. Justin Haers 5. Vince Vitale 6. Tim Currier 7. Chad Homan 8. Derrick Podsiadlo 9. Shannon Whaley 10. Henry Maier 11. Danny Johnson 12. Eldon Payne Jr 13. Dave Rauscher 14. Mike O'Brien 15. Paul Habeck 16. Marcus Dinkins 17. Dave Allen 18. Cory Donk

DIRTcar Sportsman (25 laps)_ 1. DARYL HILKERT 2. Rob Bussey 3. Dan Wiesner 4. Paul Guererri 5. Eric Giguere 6. Steve Gray 7. Loren Lincoln 8. Mark Chiddy 9. Randy McCullough 10. Nick Guererri 11. Steve Pesarek 12. Justin Henderson 13. Kane Bristol 14. Brett Martin 15. Greg Cool 16. Jimmy Maier, 17. Gary Donnelly 18. Justin Wright 19. Todd Henderson 20. Kevin Ridley 21. Bryan Faulkner, 22. Chris Mangarelli 23. Don Merriman 24. Ricky Newton 25. Mike DeMallie 26. Tom Keyes 27. Karl Comfort

DIRTcar Sportsman (25 laps rescheduled from May 15)_ 1. JUSTIN HENDERSON 2. Eric Giguere 3. Mark Chiddy 4. Nick Guererri 5. Justin Wright 6. Paul Guererri 7. Steve Gray 8. Dan Wiesner 9. Kane Bristol 10. Steve Pesarek 11. Loren Lincoln 12. Chris Mangarelli 13. Greg Cool 14. Gary Donnelly 15. Brett Martin 16. Randy McCullough 17. Rob Bussey 18. Tom Keyes 19. Daryl Hilkert 20. Ricky Newton 21. Kevin Ridley 22. Ross Vleck 23. Brady Fultz 24. Brian Faulkner

DIRTcar Stock Cars (20 laps)_ 1. FRANK BURNELL 2. Nate Peckham 3. Andy Fisk 4. Chris Fisher 5. John Zimmerman 6. Jason Whipple 7. Pat Hobbs 8. Jack Terrell 9. Butch Zimmerman 10. Mike Welch 11. Bryan DeWitt

DIRTcar Factory Stocks/Pure Stocks (15 laps)_ 1. ALEX MORRIS 2. Mike Minutolo, 3. Ross Lurcock 4. Don Drave 5. Roger Bush 6. Jeremy Pifer 7. Marc Minutolo Jr 8. Dale Bush 9. Chris Gingerich 10. Wade Young 11. Chris Guererri 12. Bryan Lyons 13. George LaVare Jr.

Lawson/Palmer Stock Car Memorial Dash (4 laps, $500 to win)_ 1. ANDY FISK 2. Chris Fisher 3. Nate Peckham 4. John Zimmerman

Taney Memorial Sportsman Memorial Dash (4 laps, $330 to win)_ 1. ROB BUSSEY 2. Steve Gray 3. Greg Cool 4. Ricky Newton 5. Mark Chiddy 6. Gary Donnelly

Mattison/Post Modified Memorial Dash (4 laps, $300 to win)_ 1. STEVE PAINE 2. Danny Johnson 3. Dave Rauscher 4. Rob Bellinger

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