Heat Wave; More On Drivers Numbers

Date: 7/29/2011 11:07:37 PM

Heat Wave; More On Drivers Numbers
July 28, 2011
By Bonnie Nibblett
Delmar, DE…..What a heat wave? The temperatures last week were brutal for all. Just in general, but drivers, fans and workers with temps over 100 are really affected by this weather.  It’s hard on everyone that steps outside. 
Well, just think about the divers?  You’ve got hot racing engines, the tires are hot and the whole ordeal is probably a lot more than people may know goes into being in the cars.  But our drivers handle it with pride and pleasure.  Not only does the air condition affect the driver but imagine having to suit up?  It’s mandatorily required that drivers wear fire resistant suites.  Some are thicker than others and prices range as well.  But not only does the driver wear the suit but it is required to wear flame retardant underwear.  According to the rules at Delmar for the speedway a complete fire resistant driver suit with underwear, hood, gloves and socks is recommended. All drivers must have eye protection, and a helmet with minimum Snell 95 helmet.  A complete list of rules for all classes including the dragway can be found on the tracks web site at www.delawareracing.om under rules or contact the office are 9-4, m-f. 
You might ask what is Snell?  Snell Memorial Foundation was established in 1957 after the tragic death of Pete "William" Snell.  Snell is a not-for-profit organization.  Snell has been dedicated exclusively to head protection using scientific and medical research, standards development, helmet testing, and public education.  They are responsible to see all safety factors for all types of helmets, skating, biking, motorcycle, stock car racing and of coarse NASCAR are approved before the name Snell goes on it.  If a helmet has Snell stamped on it you know that the integrity and assurance to be safe on manufacturers’ product has been met.  There are many different types of helmets according to the use or sport.  The number after Snell name for our purpose is the year.  No helmets before 1995 should be used at our track in Delmar.
There are many other ways drivers can protect themselves in addition to the required clothing and gear depending on the sport or event.  There is the Hans Device; many types of helmets are equipped for the Hans Device.  When Dale Earnhardt was killed at Daytona the issue for safety was very much prevalent especially neck and head safety to prevent the detaching of the skull & spine.  Safety for drivers is a very important factor in racing. A lot goes into the testing of all equipment.  You may not realize just what drivers go through in order to race.
I always say it might be hot and heavy to wear all the safety equipment but it only takes one time to be injured.  There are so many factors for safety considered for drivers other than just the suits and clothes.  They all play parts to keep the driver safe.  Other safety factors are from the tracks, car equipment like roll cages and much, much more.  All tracks vary some what but overall these requirements are relatively related.  This info I have touched on is only a scratch on the surface.
I went through and captured more ways driver got their number on their race car this week and here is what I found. 
Ron Roberts recently visited here and he uses the no. Z14.  Fourteen was the date of his wife’s birthday and she also brought the first car.  The number 14 was already in use and when he added an X to the 14 he had bad luck, so he used the letter Z instead.  His Granddaughter, 2nd generation Stacy Roberts (crate model/late model driver) has carried on the tradition.  Mike Wharton runs the no. 100 in the crate model class. Before Mike started racing he helped Hal Browning who used no. 100, so he started using that no. too..
Brad Trice is a 3rd generation driver to carry on the tradition using the no. 33.  Bill Trice (Brad’s Grandfather) had a 1933 Chevrolet.  When he started racing some years ago he started using the no. 33.  H J Bunting III runs the no. 91 on his personal race car, his Father (Harold) drove for Dutch Warrington and that was the no. of the car, so H J kept that no.  Matt Jester runs the no. 62 big block modified (as for all of these drivers named) for Judy & David Andrews who own Clearview Farms. This is Matt’s 6th year driving for them after 5 years when Ricky Bishop retired.  Ricky asked Matt to continue using the no.   The Andrews own the motor and hauler.  Larry Crouse no. 99 just raced for the first time this season back on July 16.  The no. 99 came from his hero well known Sonny Dornberger that raced so many years ago.
Super Late Model driver Brian Donnelly owner of the no. 100; the first car he ever raced belonged to Elk Mooneyham.  Hal Browning was the driver and he was given a couple weeks off from racing for misconduct and Brian took his place temporarily.  So Brian has used that no. ever since.  Today Hal drives for Brian and Kenny Pettyjohn drives the 100S.  Another veteran driver Lou Johnson claims no. 96 and said if he turned over his no. would still be no. 69.  Also the no. was used by Richard Childress when L C Newton had his car shown. 
AC Delco Modified (crate) driver Herbie Hempel used no. 29 in karts.  When he started racing that no. was in use so he picked 53H after Herbie the Love Bug.  Garrie Bostwick drives the no. 82, which his hero Larry Crouse use to run the no. 82 when he stared racing.
The speedway will host the mighty URC Sprints this Saturday, July 30, (my birthday) gates open 4:30 PM.  On Aug. 6, there will be Twin 20’s for the Late Models, along with the regular classes and the Little Lincolns.  Gates open at 5, warm-ups at 7.  For more details of upcoming events visit the tracks web site at www.delawareracing.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter.
The US 13 Dragway will run regular Summit ET Brackets this Friday.  Gates will open at 3:30 PM and time trials begin at 4:30 PM. Visit the tracks web for upcoming events at www.delawareracing.com or call the tracks hot line at 302-846-3968.  The track office phone is 302-875-1911.
The US 13 Kart Club Track located on the complex as you enter the grounds will be running Friday night. Gate open 5 PM, Practice at 7 PM. The next state race is August 6, 2011. Check out the web at www.dekarting.net.
The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located in Delmar, DE one mile north of the MD – DE state line.
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Bonnie  Nibblett
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