Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club Only 7 Time Champion Belongs To Bill Brittingham

Date: 1/20/2012 9:06:44 PM

Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club Only 7 Time Champion Belongs To Bill Brittingham



Jan. 15, 2012

Story & photos

By Bonnie Nibblett


Viola, DE…..The Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club celebrated the sixteenth year of the Little Lincoln Club and crowned the 2011 Champion & all the other drivers as well. The club began in 1995 to preserve the history of Little Lincoln race cars that ran at the Lincoln Speedway in Lincoln, DE. The club has made every effort to maintain and keep the cars as close as possible to the history of the original cars. There have been many modifications to try to keep the cars true as possible, nonetheless. Tires, specs, and all the others guts of the stock cars had to updated with safety standards considered, as well as to form an even level playing field for all to race.


Last night also marked a very well deserved crowning of one of their own. Bill Brittingham, of Felton, DE, made quite an accomplishment this season to claim his 7th Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club Championship. Brittingham took the championships in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. I know of a couple NASCAR royalty icons that have earned entitlement to 7 NASCAR Championship crowns, too. Being the master Richard Petty and the late great Dale Earnhardt. Although these championships may compare in pale to Britt, it is still quite an accomplishment. (I’m just saying?) In fact, Alice, Bill’s Mother, sported her racing ties wearing her 50th Anniversary & Inductee to the Motorsports Hall of Fame Petty jacket representing their mighty powerful influence on her in motorsports.


Brittingham was the last name called up to receive his trophy, as he came up to accept the award and the Championship title, he was given a standing ovation by the members and their families. Brittingham just responds with a big smile and his humble personality as he goes toward the trophy being presented by Mark Cashdan (Directors’). Though he has collected other championships, it always appears to be his first.


Though, Brittingham only claimed 2 wins in 2011, they both were the right ones to win. His first win of the year came at the 39thAnnual Camp Barnes Benefit Races, held back on July 12, along with this being his 4th consecutive Camp Barnes win. That’s one of the special events that has bonus money for laps led, winning the feature and the rights to brag as the winner. There’re usually 3-4 special races a season that all drivers and teams try to win for a more sizeable purse. The Elk Mooneyham Memorial and the year end 2 day Delaware Dirt Track Championship races come to mind off hand.


The other win came on the next to last race, Oct. 8. Before that race, there was only 4 points between the top 2 in points. Mel Joseph, Jr. and Brittingham battled close in points all year. Joseph won 4 races but finished out of the top 5, three separate times; he scored a 10th place finish on Oct. 8 widening the lead for Britt and Joseph did not race the last event. Britt also finished in the top 5 in all of the 9 remaining features this season; consistency always pays off for any driver.


Brittingham is the all around a very good & well liked driver by all. He’s not a big show boat, and appreciates how well he does and does not take it for granted. He always thanks the crew, and his sponsors. It doesn’t matter where he starts. Once he gets going he’ll go to the high side n hammer down in the turns, he’ll get a good run and drives right by. He makes it look easy, though its not, but if the cars hooked up then, look out, there he goes. There’s a few that hang right with him. Jamie Wagner and Joseph both give him a run for his money each year. Wagner had 1 win and 6 top 5’s this year. The second place champ this year, Steven Baker is starting to look like one to keep your eye on in the future ending the year so strong. Baker won the last event of the year, Oct. 21, he had 6 top’5, & 2 top 10’s.


Brittingham accepts his award and said “We had thought about slowing down or sit out a few races this year and or maybe next year, but I don’t know now?” “I owe it all to my crew, Tom’s the engine man, Stevie‘s the crew chief, there’s Dale, Kevin, Ronnie, Stumpy, Peaches, Jeremy, Katie, Ric and Taco the cars mascot. I just couldn’t do this without their help.” Brittingham drives the # 4, 1957 Chevy.

Brittingham awards Stevie (Ellingsworth) an identical trophy of his own each championship win. CMJ Graphics also honored the champ with an encased mirrored fame souvenir to mark the 7th title.

Britt continued, “I would like to thank my sponsors Hendricks & Son Custom Applications, Perfect Finish Powdercoating – Harrington, DE; Sunnyfield Contactors – Dover, DE; Russell’s Charter Fishing – Bowers Beach, DE; Adam Hobbs & Son Trucking, Carl Deputy & Sons Builders, Pizzadili Winery & Catering, The Mobile Attic, Mid State Fuel Services, Killen Brothers Custom Farming of Felton, DE and CMJ Graphics.

The remaining Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club champs were Britt, Baker, Donald Robinson, Jr., Jamie Wagner, Mark Cashdan, Ryan Walsen & Dylan Betts both tied in 6th place, Jeff Adkins & Virgil Bradford share # 55 ride to claim 7th place, as in David & Tim Archer share # 7 stock car, Joseph took 10th, Brian Nailor, John Stevenson, Mike Warshaure, Emory West, and Buddy Bozman rounds out the 15th place.

It was a good turn out all year and everyone’s looking forward to start the 2012 season. Look for the 2012 schedule to be out soon where the club generally runs once month at the Delaware International Speedway, in Delmar, DE regularly during the season.

Information on the club can be found on the original Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car web at or another web the club launched this year Like them on Facebook, too.

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