Champions Crown For Delaware Motorsports Complex

Date: 1/26/2012 11:16:52 PM

Champions Crown For Delaware Motorsports Complex


By Bonnie Nibblett

January 26, 2012



Delmar, DE…..The Delaware Motorsports Complex just celebrated the track champions for the Delaware International Speedway and the U S 13 Dragway 2011 season this month.  The annual event was held at the Dover Convention Center & Casino in Dover, DE.  The nights event for both tracks consist of a diner buffet, an awards ceremony for top 10 drivers, recognitions to sponsors, followed by a DJ  & music to end the night.  The 2 nights of celebration have a rather large number of guests to accommodate for both tracks.  Nonetheless, owner/promoter Charlie Cathell, with the family, always pulls off a splendidly idea celebration into making it a night and year to remember.


The season ended with an exceptional note to all the racing divisions and drivers.  I’m not sure if everyone realizes how we are so fortunate to have the supreme honor with such a first rate facility.  I still find it hard to see how many people have never been to the complex to watch one type or another form of racing.  Some don’t even know there’s a track for racing stock cars & drag cars.  Speaking of such a great place the 2012 schedules is in the works and the season will be here before we know it.  That NEED FOR SPEED itch can then begin to be fed.  Be sure to make your way to catch a race this new season. 


First up, in the NAPA Big Block Modified, the 2011 Championship title went to Matt Jester, 62 “The Joker”.  Jester came to the ½ mile oval in 2004 in the Modified Lite division after running in karts for a time.  It was 2005; one year after the new class of the AC Delco TSS Modified (crate) class had been introduced at the track.  Jester made the move and finished 10th in points in his first year.  In 2006, it was his first year in the big blocks, in spite of that he too claimed 9th in the points.  Jester drives for Judy & David Andrews that own Clearview Farms.


It was only up from there for Jester.  Last season he had the champion title just about in grasp, losing by only 55 points to the great Kenny Brightbill as he collected his first championship at Delmar’s track.  This year Jester was impressive all year taking 8 wins home.  Jester was on fire all season and had a very well deserved claim to the title.  He was awarded $6250 from the points fund during the banquet.  The remaining top 10 drivers where former champion, H J Bunting III, 85, who finished a mere 36 points behind and taking 5 wins home.  Brad Trice, 33 in only his second year in big blocks was 3rd, and 1 win.  Beau Wilkins, 91 had 2 wins all season, 5th was Robert Dutton, 888 who won on July 30, and danced the “Struttin Dutton” on the roof top of his car in victory lane to prove he was living up to his nick name. 


Sixth was Kenny Brightbill, 55 and 1 win, the tracks 2011 Rookie of the Year Eric Korman, 16S who was pulling a three hour drive every Saturday night to race, ran up front all season; he had no wins but came very close.  It was his first year to run a full schedule at Delmar.  Korman was also the 2011 Rookie of the Year.  Dale Hawkins 83, was eighth, Jo-Jo Watson in the # 30 subbed for Jamie Mills all season and had 1 win.  Rounding out the 10th spot was Michael White 43, and this was his sophomore year in the big blocks.  The big blocks had 9 feature winners for 2011. 


The Super Late Model division crowned a champion that’s familiar with the title.  2010 defending champion, Donald Lingo, Jr., 55, picked up his 4th Championship and claimed 4 wins all year.  Lingo took home $4250 from the points funds; he had a very good lead in the points.  Lingo was consistent all year to fatten up his points lead over contention racer to Richard Jarvis, Jr., 680.  Jarvis was 2nd in points maintaining 4 wins all year.  Jarvis started strong yet he had a motor drop and a few other problems that put him 360 points behind Lingo in points.  Third place was all girl power with Staci Warrington 20, who collected her first win of the year in June.  She has run in the super lates since 2009 and holds her own out on the track. She was also only 23 points behind Jarvis. Fourth went to Andrew Mullins 51, Mullins got his first career win in lates’ back in May.  This was Mullins second year in this class and he’s always a front runner.  Mark Pettyjohn 8Ball, rounded out 5th place plus he squeezed out 2 wins in May & Sept. 


Sixth place champ was Herb Tunis 5M, another front runner.  Kerry King K&B, drove up front a majority of last year, he’s been so close to get a win every year.  Veteran driver David Hill 75 was 8th and collected his only win on June 18; Hill was sharp all season and so close a few times in other features, to gain wins.  Mark Byram 45, finished 9th with David Pettyjohn 80, in 10th.  There was no a rookie in this class this season.  All during the season there were 8 different feature race winners.


2011 AC Delco Modified Champion was John Curtis 17, taking 2 wins during the season.  Curtis ran a very consistent stretch in most features to keep his lead in the points; this was his first championship title.  Curtis finished 2nd in track points last year.  2010 AC Delco Modified Champion was Joseph Tracy 37J.  Tracy pulled off 6 wins and was only 25 points behind Curtis at the end.  Joseph missed one race and that may have made all the difference in the outcome?  Scott Baker 342, couldn’t quite pull off a win, but his consistence in finishes put him in 3rd place.  Westley Smith 98 collected his first win on July 30th.  Smith was another driver with consistent finishes and finally got his first win.


2010 Rookie of the Year in crate modified class, Scott Hitchens 15; it was his 2nd year in this class and earned his first win on Oct. 1 to take 6th place.  Smooth driving Danny Smack 25 ran consistent all year and hopes to get that first win, too, along with the other competitors’ waiting for that win.  The next two guys claimed a win each together with both being rookies running their first year in this class.  Tyler Reed 72 was the 2011 Rookie of the Year in this class.  While Trent Willey was named the 2011 Youngest Driver of the Year between the two crate classes that run.  Brandon Blades 65 rounded out 10th place including a win and it was his best finish in points in the three years he has raced in this class. The division produced 11 different feature wins all year.


The Crate Model Championship was no stranger to winning as Joe Warren 11 had a collection of 7 wins this year and accumulated his 4th track championship.  Second went to Mike Wharton 100 that stacked 4 wins for himself.  Clint Chalabala 24 finished 3rd, John Imler 63 had a superb year running in the top 5 all year.  Dylan Evans the 2010 Rookie of the Year in Crate Model class claimed 1 win and a 5th place finish in the end. 


Chris Hitchens brought home 6th along with 3 wins accumulated.  Consistency always pays off.  Sparky White had a grand year with one victory lane celebration.  Both 8th & 9th champs were a Father, Son duo of John & Robbie Emory.  It was Robbie’s second year in the crate model class and he took home 1 win.  Roy Hassler, Jr. 38JR rounded out the 10th spot and best finish to date in points.  Overall there were 9 different winners all season.


In the Modified Lite class Brandon Dennis 10 was worthy by his 4th consecutive championship while collecting 7 wins total in 2011.  Dennis ran up front and consistent as well.  Landis Musser 5, had 1 win, Curt Miles, Jr. 21JR was only 35 points behind Musser, and the 2010 Rookie of the Year in Modified Lites, Ray Gulliver was able to win his first career win back on May 14.  Kerry King, Jr. took 5th home with steady finishes.  Sixth went to the brother Jason Musser 52, young Jimmy Wills 22W collected 2 wins to earn a 7th place finish, Kirk Miles, Sr. 21, Alan Passwaters 62 collected 1 win with a 9th place finish in points.  Young James Hill rounded out 10th place along with a win 2 wins during the season.  Hill had some engine trouble that may have taken from his points positions in the end.  There were 7 different feature winners in the Mod Lite.


That does it for the top 10 drivers at the speedway for track points.  A complete run down of points can be found on the tracks web  For any information on the track you call the office 9-4, m-f.


The US 13 Dragway Champions were Vernon Russell in Super Pro, Phillip Truitt in Pro, James Farmer Pro Bike, Chelsea Williams Street Eliminator, Tyler Powell in Jr. Dragster 1 and Paul Riddle in Jr. Dragster 2.  The complete list of all the drivers can be found on the tracks web  First test-n-tune runs will begin Feb. 26 2012 


The Delaware Motorsports Complex once again had a successful year.  It won’t be long before I can release any DIRT coming in the 2012 season.  Like us on tracks Facebook page and follow the track on twitter too. 


Lastly, for all your favorite Delaware and Surrounding Tacks Race News be sure to visit my web at Visit the largest message board on the Eastern Shore that can be found at powered by You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter, too. Send in your 2012 sneak peak of your car, kart, dragster or whatever you race to show off your car before the season starts.  See you at the track!

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