Quarter Midget racers prepare to take on Dirt Tour challange

Date: 4/18/2011 11:47:47 PM

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Quarter Midget racers prepare to take on Dirt Tour challange
Millstone, N.J.~ As spring peeks out all over the Northeast, Quarter Midget racers are preparing to take on a new challenge this racing season.  In an area of the country known by Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) as Region Two, some of the best racers from the ages of 5 to 16 will be competing in the Northeast Dirt Tour presented by BFR Motorsports and the Bozowski family.  This four race series is designed to give the kids an opportunity to travel to new tracks and have fun, as well as prove who is the best QMA dirt racer in the Northeast.
"We are very excited that we could put this series together and give these kids a chance to travel around and race at all of these great tracks" stated Gary Bozowski, owner of BFR Motorsports and Co-Promoter of the series "Last year there was no traveling points series in our area and we personally missed competing in it."
Not wanting the kids to miss the chance of doing it again this year, the Bozowski Family was able to put together a four race schedule that will kick off April 30th at Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown M.D. That date will be followed by an appearance at Montgomery County QMRC in Phoenixville P.A. on May 14th, then a stop at the super fast South Jersey QMA in Atco N.J. on June 18th.  The series will wrap up on June 26th at Blackbird QMRC in New Castle Del. on the grounds of Airport Speedway.  Participants will then be honored at a year end banquet celebrating the "Lil" road warriors who competed in the series.
Anyone interested in the series is encouraged to go to www.The-Dirt-Tour.com for more information and any Quarter Midget racer who is a member of QMA is invited to participate with open arms.  Race on asphalt?  Want to give Dirt a try?  There is no better way than this to have a good time.
Interested in tight, competitive, action packed racing?  As a spectator Dirt Tour events offer all this and more.  Free admission, clean facilities and great people all accent the action on the race track.  If you do buy a hot dog or T-shirt do it knowing all proceeds go back to these all volunteer clubs to help them continue to host races for the next generation of drivers for us to cheer for.

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