Veterans And Young Guns Grace Victory Circle In Exciting Hamlin Speedway Racing Action

Date: 4/25/2010 5:22:38 PM

Hamlin, PA - Veterans And Young Guns Grace Victory Circle In Exciting Hamlin Speedway Racing Action
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
The second week of the 2010 racing season at the Hamlin Speedway produced another spectacular night of racing action for the nice sized crowd on hand as a mix of veterans and young guns shared the spotlight in victory circle in the exciting seven division show at the smooth as glass action track nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Promoters Denise and Randy Smith kept the show moving along swiftly and were able to complete the show despite the fact the final attraction of the evening, the regular Slingshot main event scheduled for 25-laps, was shortened to 15-laps and ruled official when Mother Nature arrived on the scene 10 laps before completion and doused out the hot night of competition for the 125 racing stars signed in to do battle for the evenings activities.
Kicking off the exciting racing action was a series of heat events for the seven headline divisions and Mathew Gaughan and Danny Buccasfusca quickly asserted themselves in a show of what was to happen a bit later as they captured the heat wins for the talented jam-packed Junior Slingshot division. Donny Hockman and Tommy Vroom Jr followed by capturing heat wins for the Super Slingers. The 270 Micros countered with last week's feature event winner Matt Mountz and Rick Cascario securing wins. Jacob Hendershot raced to a win in the 270 Rookie Micros heat action. Two gifted young talents,14 year old Danielle Dickinson and 13 year old Joey Kata recorded wins in the Rookie 600 Wingless Micros.
Three heats were required for the regular 600 Wingless Micros with Stan Tykarski, Keith McIntyre and Billy Clark all recording wins. Three heats were run for the Regular Slingshot division and Bradley Crouse, Dale Kober and defending track champion Billy Clark all came away victorious as the field became set in place for the feature event.
Mathew Gaughan and Danny Buccafusca brought the 16-car field down for the start of the Junior Slingshot 20-lap feature event. Both cars entered turn one together but Buccafusca found some bite on the topside of the well-groomed raceway and took control of the event coming out of turn-2. Buccafusca was in conrol until the first caution of the event on lap-6 when Jenna Schostkewitz threw a wheel in turn-3 and required wrecker service. When the race resumed, Buccafusca took off and built up a big advantage between he and the second place man Gaughan. Last week's feature event winner Ricky Raisner found his way into third place and enjoyed a tight battle with Chris Kurtz for the position. Buccafusca wasn't to be denied on this evening as the "Rockaway Rocket" scored his first career win at Hamlin in the division. Buccafusca was the only competitor in the event to be able to break the 15 second per lap barrier and won over "The Communicator" Mathew Gaughan, "Slick" Rick Raisner, "The Midget" Chris Kurtz and "The Code-Man" Kody Welsh.
Super Slinger action found the "Harmony Hurricane" Roger Collins peddling his buggy out front on the first lap as he proceeded to wire the 17-car starting field in a great win for the popular campaigner. Tom Arntz drove from 4th starting position to finish in the runnerup slot and Donny Hockman, Henry Anderson and defending track champion Dale Kober completed the top five.
The 600 Rookie Wingless Micros took to the track for their feature attraction and the exciting new division had "The Goshen Gladiator" Joey Kata rocket from his outside front row starting postion to take the lead in turn one and turn consistent 12.5 second laps on his way to victory over Norwalk, Massachusetts young gun Alex Curley. The victory for Kata came in only his second start in his new divison as the former National Jr Slingshot Champion has adapted well to the very driveable machines. Curley, who did some 270 Micro racing last season at Hamlin, also has looked sharp early in the season as he was turning 12.7 second laps. "The Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith was third in the event and has looked better nad better in the open wheel divisions race cars.  "The Sparkman" Mark Berkenstock was fourth in the event and last week's feature event winner the "New Wild Child" Brian Gilmore completed the top five.
The Rookie 270 Micro event had first time at the speedway driver Harlee Schaeffer take the lead at the start of the event and hold off a determined Jacob Hendershot to record a win at the speedway. Hendershot, last week's feature winner, overcame a spin early in the event to rip back through the pack to challenge Schaeffer each turn of the event until the checkered flag fell. Duane White, up from the kart ranks, has adpated to the new division quickly and was third with former Quarter Midget champion Glenn Macomber finishing fourth and traveling man Mick D'Agostino completing the top five.
The 270 Micro event brought 19-cars to the starting line with Larry Mekic jumping into the lead that was halted after one lap when Tommy Kunsman Jr got upside down on the backstretch. Kunsman was unhurt in the incident. When the race resumed, "Lightning Larry" was up to task as he drove away from the field. By the mid-point of the event, defending track champion Nunzi Allegrucci began to reel in Mekic with 12 second lap times but before the race could turn into the battle royal the fans had hoped for, Mekic had his mount suddenly come to a halt on lap-16. When the event restarted, Allegrucci raced away to the win with Wapwallopen's Gene Burd in for the runnerup slot and birthday boy "Rattlesnake" Rich O'Neill giving himself an early present with a third place finish. Mike Esposito and Robbie Watson completed the top five.
Brittany Tresch took advantage of a front row starting spot to record her first win of the season in the hotly contested 600 Wingless Micro feature that was halted after one lap when "The Conductor" Bobby Butler climbed over a wheel at high speed and was launched into an end over end flip. Butler was unhurt in the spectacular incident. When the race resumed, it was Tresch in command with Tony Iudicello and Luke Schostkewtiz taking up the chase. Tresch was on a rail as she turned in consistent 12.35 second laps to hold the field at bay. At the midway point, Iudicello saw his hopes dashed when his steering locked up and lost many spots and at the same time Jason Van Doren was on the move to put the heat on Tresch. Tresch was more than up to the task at hand as she recorded the win with Van Doren in second and Schostkewtiz, Keith McIntyre and Gary Berkenstock completing the top five.
Defending track champion, "The Factoryville Flyer" Billy Clark took the lead at the drop of the green to go on and record his first win of the season at Hamlin. Clark had control of the entire event until Mother Nature stepped in at the end of the 15th lap and halt the race proceedings. Two Kyles, Rode and Rutledge, battled behind Clark the entire distance of the event with Rutledge ekeing out a second place run over the "Hot Rod". Dale Kober came from a 9th place start to finish 4th and Russell Benke turned in a solid performance to complete the top five running order.
Despite the fact Mother Nature rained on the Hamlin parade, the racing action was completed by 10 PM. The racing was solid in all seven divisions with a mix of veteran and young gun drivers all sharing a turn at the fame and glory in the Hamlin Speedway Victory Circle. Speedway management encourages all racing fans to come out and take a look at the new format Hamlin Speedway racing and view for themselves why it is the "Premier Racing Facility In the Poconos".
Another 125 competitors came to town to try their hand at Hamlin. New drivers on hand included Thomas Laga, Joe Malson Jr and Jenna Schostkewitz in the Juniors, Kevin Oliver, Johnny Strupp and Joe Malson Sr in the Supers. Former Modified star Johnny Strupp made his first start in the division and found the sledding a bit tough as he finished in the 14th position after borrowing the Joe Bodenschatz ride for the evening. Harlee Schaeffer made his first visit a productive one in securing the win and Austin Bishop was 7th and Barry Dillman 9th in their first outings at the speedway. Taylor Urban got upside down in her first Hamlin action. Tommy Kunsman Sr and Jr made their first starts along with Kevin Pritchard, Jevon Ahner and Jacob Severn in the 270's and Tony Iudicello and Doug Spatacus were first timers in the 600's. New Slingshot drivers included Simon Egan who ran 14th and Jessica Armstrong who ran 22nd in their first appearances at the speedway.
Once again the speedway was in excellent shape offering multi-grooves for the drivers to seek out the quick way around the race course.
Long-time ARDC car owner Jerry Steward was seen taking in the action at Hamlin and thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to the speedway in 2010. Accord Speedway flagger Randy Filipowski also made the trek to the speedway and felt the racing action was superb. Corky Stockham, from the Parts Peddler news journal, was on hand at the speedway and offered some T-Shirts for give-aways in trivia questions asked to the crowd. The 50/50 paid $110.00 to Deana Wood.
Joey Kata will be a TV guest of the popular CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Internet show on Monday evening from 6 to 8 PM on Channels 103 and 137 and live feed on the internet at: to talk about his win in the 600's and at his future in racing. 600 feature winner Brittany Tresch was a recent guest on the show, her appearance coming just a couple of weeks ago on the program as the Pados Brothers constantly bring the past, present and the future of racing together in their unique look at the world of motorsports.
Regular Slingshots: Billy Clark, Kyle Rutledge, Kyle Rode, Dale Kober, Russell Benke, Bradley Crouse, Bobby Van Blarcom, Vinny Zazzero, Colin White ,Mack Brink, Richie Van Orden, Paul Ennes, Cory Haab, Simon Egan, John Pantis, Nathan West, Dana Smith, Jeff Cosgrove, Jim Johnston, Jess Benke, John Bockhorn, Jessica Armstrong, Matt Massone, Justin Brewster, Molly Chambers
270 Micros: Nunzi Allegrucci, Gene Burd, Rich O'Neill, Mike Esposito, Robbie Watson, Kurt Bettler, Rick Cascario, Tommy Kunsman Sr, Kevin Pritchard, Larry Hoagland, Jamie Czekai, Larry Mekic, Gene Beadle, Matt Mountz, Jevon Ahner, Jacob Severn, Darin Bartholomew, CJ Heinig, Tommy Kunsman Jr
600 Wingless Micros: Brittany Tresch, Jason Van Doren, Luke Schostkewitz, Keith McIntyre, Gary Berkenstock, Allan Kellogg, Dave Dimaio, Chris Stockham, Matt Mountz, Shane Ely, Kyle Lick, Parker Evans, Mark Gilmore, Jeff Schall, Shannon Smith, Ed Jones, Jimmy Glenn, Tony Iudicello, Austin Ely, Joseph J Smith, Rick Calvert, Jerry Mack, Stan Tykarski, Billy Clark, Doug Spatacus, Bobby Butler
Junior Slingshots: Danny Buccafusca, Mathew Gaughan, Ricky Raisner, Chris Kurtz, Kody Welsh, Tyler Dippel, Rosalyn Trautschold, TJ Lilly, Zack Weisenfluh, Thomas Strupp, Thomas Laga, Jacob Dunn, Mackenzie Tresch, Joe Malson Jr, AJ Tonkin, Jenna Schostkewitz
Super Slingshots: Roger Collins, Tommy Arntz, Donny Hockman, Henry Anderson, Dale Kober, Paul Ennes, Jim Johnston, Mike Pontrelli, Jerry Hughes, Aaron Henneforth, Tommy Vroom Jr, Dale Reed, Bob Clark, Johnny Strupp, Kevin Oliver, Lea Anna Tonkin, Joe Malson Sr
270 Rookie Micros: Harlee Schaeffer, Jacob Hendershot, Duane White, Glenn Macomber, Mick D'Agostino, Trevor Dunn, Austin Bishop, Jeffrey Anderson, Barry Dillman
600 Rookie Wingless Micros: Joey Kata, Alex Curley, Shannon Smith, Mark Berkenstock, Brian Gilmore, Ryan Wood, Ben Quinones, Rhett Long, Danielle Dickinson, Ed Jones, Geordan Farry
Racing every Saturday evening. May 1st will find all divisions in action on Hamlin Speedway Night that will feature a Special Night for the 600 Wingless Micros paying $750.00 to the winner based on a 24 car starting field. A Qualifier for the Regular Slingshots at the NJMP Race Event is also on the schedule. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1PM with Driver Registration between 2 and 4:30; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: The package consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at:  or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at:  For the purchase of banquet, action or victory lane track photos, contact track photographer Jimmy Young at:  
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