Eight Hamlin Speedway Main Events Produce Seven Different Winners, A Packed House, 133 Talented Racers And New Track Records On S&S Speedways Night

Date: 5/16/2010 10:53:32 PM

Hamlin, PA - Eight Hamlin Speedway Main Events Produce Seven Different Winners, A Packed House, 133 Talented Racers And New Track Records On S&S Speedways Night
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania set aside another great day for exciting racing action and the Hamlin Speedway took full advantage of the allotted time and enjoyed another banner night at the premier action track in the region. Buoyed by a field of 133 talented racers and a large crowd on hand, the Smith Family kicked off the eight feature program early and even with the dual heat format for the Mid Altlantic Gold Tour Slingshots, the racing was signed, sealed and delivered by 10:25 PM. When all was said and done, seven different winners graced victory lane with "The Rockaway Rocket" Danny Buccasfusca claiming both victories in the Junior Slingshot action.
The make-up feature from a week ago for the Junior Slingshots kicked off the main events. Honesdale hot shoe Kody Welsh take the lead at the drop of the green flag and led to turn two before yielding to Danny Busscafusca, who found the topside of the raceway to his liking and rocketed off turn two with the lead and proceeded to drive away from the field to capture the win, his second of the season in the hotly contested division for the stars of tomorrow. Tyler Dipple returned to the speedway and drove a great race to finish in the runnerup slot with Rosalyn Trautschold finishing in third place and Ricky Raisner and Chris Kurtz completing the top five. Sixteen Juniors were on hand for the evening's races.
The Mid Atlantic Gold Tour for the Slingshots was the last event on the schedule but the headline attraction for the evening of racing entertainment. An all front row of S&S Speedway cars found Simon Egan grab the lead coming out of turn two on the first lap of the thirty lap encounter. Egan actually made contact with the Jersey Barriers in completing the pass but kept his foot in the throttle as he took control of the point. Dale Kober remained close for a few laps but Egan quickly found a rhythm with his race car and opened up some distance on Kober and in doing so established a new track record for the Regular Slingshots with a time of 13.943 seconds for the lap. While some caution flags slowed the field at times, Egan was the man on a mission as he was able to open up the real estate between he and Kober to a safe distance.
Meanwhile, the racing in the pack was tight, exciting and with a bit of paint-swapping thrown in as the racers fought hard for position with every passing go around. The "Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith was making her first Slingshot start of the season at Hamlin and was fresh off a win at another speedway and found the shortway around the oval and began to reel in Dale Kober. A caution on the 24th lap brought about a six lap shootout among the top drivers. Up to the task, Egan blistered the fifth mile raceway on lap-27 to establish yet another track record as he lowered the standard to 13.896 seconds. Egan drove in for the victory in an outstanding drive with Dale Kober in for the runnerup role. Shannon Smith was third with recent newcomer to the Hamlin field JR Fulper coming in for a great fourth place performance. Hard riding Bobby Van Blarcom completed the top five. Defending track champion Billy Clark was sixth with Richie Van Orden, Kyle Rode, Bradley Crouse and Nathan West completing the top ten running order
Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania racer Tony Iudicello used his front row starting spot to his advantage as he took the lead at the drop of the green flag to establish himself as a contender for the 600 Wingless Micro headliner.  Iudicello was clean and green as he stretched his lead in the early laps of the event. From seventh starting position, Pendel, Pennsylvania gasser Brett Michalski came storming through the field. Michalski used all of the racetrack to click off consistent 12.4 second laps on his way to the point. Iudicello bobbled on lap nine between turns one and two and Michalski seized the opportunity to slide by Iudicello and take over the lead. Racing was tough throughout the field and squeezing out the real estate created some altercations on the speedway for the talented field of racers in action. Michalski had the fast hot rod as he was able to hold off a determined Bobby Butler to capture his first Hamlin win of the season. Butler was the runnerup and on his way past Iudicello was able to post the fast time during the race with a clocking of 12.306 seconds as he tried to run down the high flying Michalski. Iudicello was third in the event and a great run for the low buck team who sat out for a few weeks to be able to go racing last evening. Stan "The Man" Tykarski was fourth in the main and Shannon Smith created another milestone in her driving career as she recorded her first top five finish in the 600 division. Defending track champion Mark Gilmore, Jeff Schall, Jerry Mack, Matt Mountz and rookie Alex Curley completed the top ten running order.
The Rookie 600 event saw Rhett Long get upside down at the start of the event. On the restart it was Geordan Farry powering into the lead and the lady racer led the first four laps of the event before yielding to New York hot shoe Joe Kata as the "Goshen Gladiator" found the line he wanted around the speedway and proceeded to drive away from the field to record the win, his second of the new season at Hamlin. Alex Curley, who has been making the weekly trek to Hamlin from Massachusetts, was second in a solid night night of racing for the New Englander. Geordan Farry was third in her best outing to date and likewise for Ed Jones who was fourth in his Redemption Racing sponsored machine. The "Rocketman" Ryan Wood completed the top five.
The Rookie 270 Micro action found the "Branchville Bullet" Kyle Rutledge grab the lead at the opening bell and drive away from the field to record the win over Mohnton resident Trevor Dunn in one of the Rob Warko Group sponsored mounts. Jeffrey Anderson was third with John Vreeland finishing up in fourth place and Belvidere, New Jersey racer Glenn Macomber completing the top five.
Asbury, New Jersey driving ace Rob Pajauis took advantage of a front row starting spot to grab the lead at the drop of the green flag and hold off the heated advances of fellow Garden Stater Mike Esposito to record a Hamlin Speedway win in his recent return to the speedway. Mike Esposito was in for a solid second place finish and Darin Bartholomew was finally able to overcome the nagging gremlins of his race car to record a fine third place finish. Rick Cascario was fourth and another newcomer in recent weeks Kevin Pritchard completed the top five. Matt Mountz, Rich O'Neill, Jacob Hendershot, Ashley Harper and Kurt Bettler completed the top ten.
In Super Slinger action, Mount Cobb gunslinger Henry Anderson grabbed the lead at the drop of the green and immediately drove away from the field to record a win at the speedway and in doing so broke the track record on three separate occasions during his 25-lap excursion around the Hamlin track. The new standard for the Super Slingers is 14.139 seconds for the lap. Paul Ennes was the runnerup with Tommy Arntz in third, former Modified hot shoe Johnny Strupp fourth and Tommy Vroom Jr getting untracked to record a top five finish.
The nightcap for the Juniors was pretty much the same as the first event as Danny Buccafusca quickly found his way around Kody Welsh on lap five and then drove away to a convincing win over the "Codeman" Kody Welsh.  Tyler Dipple was third with TJ Lilly coming through the pack from 11th starting position to claim fourth place and "Slick" Rick Raisner continuing his excellent racing with  another top five performance. For Buccafusca, it was his third win of the season.
The warm sunshine at Hamlin gave way to some cool weather and found most people scrambling for a windbreaker before the evening was completed. Randy Smith was once again at the controls of staying ahead of the constantly changing track and brought out the moisture machine whenever it was needed to keep the speedway surface tacky throughout the racing activity.
The largest field of Slingshots of the season signed in at Hamlin or at anywhere in the country for that matter as 35 stout competitors tried their hand at making it into the headline feature event. 2009 National Slingshot Champion "The Bangor Renegade" Cody Kline was making his first start of the season since injuring his wrist in a non-racing incident and was credited with a 15th place finish after rebounding from an early skirmish on the speedway. Garden Stater Matt Dealaman scored the best finish for the invaders as he finished in 11th place. Matt Mertz was 16th and Brandon Azzalina 20th for the touring stars indicating just how difficult it is to crack the tough Hamlin starting lineup. Zack Azzalina and Anthony Schlosser-White were among the invaders who failed to make the final transfer into the feature event. New drivers appearing at the speedway included Charlie Shaver in the former John Wesp machine and Troy Langendorfer who finally put in some track time after suffering mechanical woes a week ago.
Tyler Devault made his Hamlin debut and and the Garden Stater recorded a fourteenth place finish in his debut in his sharp looking racer. The brothers Carber, Brian and Mike returned to the speedway and Brian was an early retiree in the evening with motor woes. Mike was involved in a late race altercation and did not finish the event. Cait Chambers made her first 2010 racing start and encountered some problems during the evening.  Cody Smith made his Hamlin debut aboard one of the Redemption racers and Mark Berkenstock was aboard his brother's racer for the evening. Joe Smith was back in action in one of the Rob Warko mounts and was scored in 12th place in the 270's and Amanda Quinones was back in action but was an early retiree in the main event in one of the Chuck Clark racers. Robbie Watson suffered a tip-over in the main event and suffered some damage severe enough to eliminate him from the racing action. Jack Benke tried his hand in the Super Slingers and found the going a bit tough in the over-35 racing division. Chris Stockham, who enjoyed a great Friday evening at another speedway in his 600 Xcel car with a runnerup finish was an early retiree in the 600 Micro main in his National Parts Peddler sponsored mount. Dylan Martin returned to the speedway and finished 8th after being slowed by a couple of skirmishes on the speedway.
Former 2008 National Slingshot Champion and Hamlin Speedway Champion, "The Eynon Aggressor" Ben Whitaker was on hand as a spectator for the evening as was Accord Speedway flagger Randy Filipowski, who is following the progress of close family friend's son Joe Kata, who snared his second win of the season.
Regular Slingshots: (Mid Atlantic Gold Tour) Simon Egan, Dale Kober, Shannon Smith, JR Fulper, Bobby Van Blarcom, Billy Clark, Rich Van Orden, Kyle Rode, Bradley Crouse, Nathan West, Matt Dealaman, Donnie Hockman, Kyle Rutledge, Vinny Zazzero, Cody Kline, Matt Mertz, Paul Ennes, Jim Johnston, Colin White, Brandon Azzalina, Mac Brink, John Bockhorn, Russell Benke, John Pantis, Justin Brewster
270 Micros: Rob Pajauis, Mike Esposito, Darin Bartholomew, Rick Cascario, Kevin Pritchard, Matt Mountz, Rich O'Neill, Jacob Hendershot, Ashley Harper, Kurt Bettler, Jamie Czekai, Joe Smith, Gene Burd, Larry Mekic, Nunzi Allegrucci, Larry Hoagland, Mark Manieri, Gene Beadle, Robbie Watson, Amanda Quinones, Jacob Severn
600 Wingless Micros: Brett Michalski, Bobby Butler, Tony Iudicello, Stan Tykarski, Shannon Smith, Mark Gilmore, Jeff Schall, Jerry Mack, Matt Mountz, Alex Curley, Joseph J Smith, Allan Kellogg, Rob Vivona, Tyler Devault, Keith McIntyre, Austin Ely, Geordan Farry, Brittany Tresch, Billy Clark, Jason Van Doren, Mike Carber, Rick Calvert, Jake Winters, Dave DiMaio, Caitlin Chambers
Junior Slingshots: Danny Buccafusca, Kody Welsh, Tyler Dipple, TJ Lilly, Ricky Raisner, Chris Kurtz, Taylor Eccles, Dylan Martin, Mathew Gaughan, Zack Weisenfluh, Rosalyn Trautschold, AJ Tonkin, Thomas Laga, Thomas Strupp, Mackenzie Tresch, Jacob Dunn
Super Slingshots: Henry Anderson, Paul Ennes, Tom Arntz, John Strupp, Tommy Vroom Jr, Mathew Langbein, Jim Johnston, Mark Henneforth, Dale Kober, Dale Reed, Mike Pontrelli, Aaron Henneforth, Bob Clark, Lea Anna Tonkin, Jack Benke, Jerry Hughes
270 Rookie Micros: Kyle Rutledge, Trevor Dunn, Jeffrey Anderson, John Vreeland, Glenn Macomber, Wyatt Clark
600 Rookie Wingless Micros: Joe Kata, Alex Curley, Geordan Farry, Ed Jones, Ryan Wood, Rhett Long, Danielle Dickinson, Cody Smith, Brian Gilmore, Mark Berkenstock, Ben Quinones
Junior Slingshots: (Make-up from May 8th) Danny Buccafusca, Tyler Dipple, Rosalyn Trautschold, Ricky Raisner, Chris Kurtz, AJ Tonkin, Thomas Laga, Thomas Strupp, Jacob Dunn, Mackenzie Tresch, Matt Gaughan, Kody Welsh
May 22nd will find the Hamlin Speedway dark for spring break. All divisions will be back in action on May 29th for Memorial Day Madness. Increased laps in all feature events and makeup events for the 270 and 600 Micro divisions from the May 8th rainout. The holdover event for the 270 Winged Micros will be paying $750.00 to the winner. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1 PM; Drivers Registration is between 2:00 and 4:30; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
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