Ten Features + 150 Entries + Packed House Equals Winning Formula For Success At Hamlin Speedway

Date: 6/21/2010 10:52:47 PM

Hamlin, PA - Ten Features + 150 Entries + Packed House Equals Winning Formula For Success At Hamlin Speedway
by: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
The warmth of the summer sun in the Pocono Mountains gave way to the heat of 150 ground pounding race cars that converged into the stuffed pit area of the Hamlin Speedway on Saturday evening. After a week off due to inclement weather, the Smith Family was able to get back on track and present another banner night of racing for the packed house of eager racing fans who came out to see their racing heroes perform on the well groomed 1/5 mile speedway. Playing catch-up from some postponed races from back on May 8th, the well-trained speedway staff was able to present the entire regular show of seven feature events plus three make-up events and complete the exciting show by 10:36 PM.
The Super Slingers got the ball rolling right away with their makeup event and Aaron Henneforth in his Salentari Fuels sponsored machine was able to lead the first lap before giving way to the "Oxford Express" Dale Kober. The defending track champion showed the hot hand as he built up a big lead at times and led the remaining 24-laps to claim another win at the speedway. Henry Anderson provided a late charge that fell a bit short as he landed in the runnerup role with Aaron Henneforth, Jimmy Johnston and Paul Ennes completing the top five.
After a series of heat events for all of the divisions, the parade of feature headliners that were to follow all proved to have their own theatrics as some new winners were added to the already big list of Hamlin winners for the 2010 racing season. The always exciting "stars of tomorrow", the Junior Slingshots took to the speedway and Jenna Schostkewitz led the event into the first two turns before yielding to the "Midget" Chris Kurtz as he found a hot line off the bottom of the raceway to pull up even and then grab the lead by the time the field hit turn three. By lap three, "The Code Man" Kody Welsh began to chip away at the Kurtz lead and at times was able to stick the nose of his race car under Kurtz. The second year racer Kurtz held his ground and was able to capture the win over Welsh with Zack Weisenfluh third, Danny Buccafusca fourth and Ricky Raisner rounding out the top five.
Rhett Long took the lead at the start of the Rookie 600 Wingless Micro event and never looked back as led all of the 20 laps of the event to claim his first win of the season at Hamlin. Ryan Wood, Joe Kata, Brian Gilmore and Ed Jones completed the top five running order. The Rookie 270 Micros had first time Hamlin visitor Luke Kroboth grab the lead at the start of the event and seemingly be on his way to an easy victory as he led the first twelve laps of the feature. Getting into lapped traffic, Kroboth slowed his pace and 8th place starting Dan Souder gained ground quickly on Kroboth. Kroboth got into the turn one too hot and began to spin but saved the car but before he could correct fully Souder had gone by and was now the point man as the laps wound down. Souder went on to claim the victory with David Ahner second, Jeffrey Anderson third, Luke Kroboth fourth and Brian White completing the top five.
The "Connecticut Peddler" Todd Bertrand was making a rare Hamlin start but just may stick around a bit longer after driving his K&N Filter/Alex Lemonade sponsored 270 Micro to a convincing win in the 25-lap feature for the winged warriors. Bertrand was flawless in his performance as led every lap on his way to victory. Mike Esposito put plenty of pressure on Bertrand throughout the event but Bertrand was dead on with his setup as he mastered the Hamlin clay cushion. Esposito enjoyed a great run to land in the runnerup spot with the "Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith doing an excellent job in a borrowed ride to finish third. Robbie Watson was fourth from eleventh starting place and Rick Cascario completed the top five.
"Double J" Jimmy Johnston took advantage of a rare row row starting spot to take the lead at the start of the regularly scheduled Super Slinger feature and proceed to break the track record on lap four of the event for the division. Paul Ennes, who was the previous record holder, took up the chase and began to reel in Johnston and in doing so established another new track record in the process. Ennes's bid fell a bit short as it was Johnston claiming the victory with Ennes a close second and Henry Anderson rallying late to claim third place money. Tom Arntz and Richie Van Orden completed the top five, with the event being the first for Van Orden in the Super Slingers as his recent birthday made him eligble for the over 35 group of stars at the speedway.
Keith McIntyre took off at the start of the 600 Wingless feature and appeared to have the muscle early on to romp to victory. With a few restarts that slowed the pace of the event, McIntyre was able to maintain the lead as he held off the advances of Stan "The Man" Tykarski, Mark Gilmore, Geordan Farry and "The Conductor" Bobby Butler. McIntyre began to slow a bit with his lap times and both Butler and Gilmore were getting better by the lap. Gilmore threaded the needle as he used a patented "Ryan Smith type" move in turn one to race up on the cushion and drive off of turn two to pull even with Tykarski. Tykarski held his line but Gilmore switched lanes again to drive into second place. Gilmore caught McIntyre and as he completed the pass the McIntyre hot rod pulled up lame, requiring a tow from the speedway. On the restart, Gilmore had to contend with Butler and the pair raced each other clean and green with Gilmore prevailing with another victory at the speedway. Butler was in for a well earned second place finish and Tykarski was third in another great run. Billy Clark, who keeps getting better and better in his rookie 600 season, was fourth and another rookie Geordan Farry completed the top five in her best drive to date.
Troy Langendorfer took the early lead in the Regular Slingshot headliner. A couple of restarts slowed the pace but Langendorfer held his ground as he fought off the advances of the quick Simon Egan. On lap six, Egan drove off the bottom of turn two and made heavy contact with Langendorfer to gain control of the lead. Before Langendorfer could recover, he lost a couple more spots to Kyle Rutledge and Colin White. Once in front, Egan blistered the Hamlin oval and moved out to a huge advantage over the rest of the field. Paul Ennes, who started tenth, was on the move and quickly disposed of those in front of him to set sail after Egan. Langendrofer saw his great ride end on lap twenty as he coasted to a stop in turn one. On the restart, Egan was hard on the pedal and raced away to a small advantage over Ennes and went on to claim the win with Ennes in second, Shannon Smith in a great drive from eleventh to finish third, Kyle Rutledge in fourth and Vinny Zazzero claiming fifth after starting from 12th position.
The Rookie 600 Micro makeup event proved to be the Joe Kata Show as the youngster grabbed the lead at the opening bell and led all of the laps to claim another victory at the Hamlin oval. Mark Berkenstock made a late race pass to finish in the runnerup spot with Rhett Long in third, Ryan Wood in fourth and Brian Gilmore settling for fifth place money.
The show closer was the 270 Rookie Micro makeup event. "Hurricane Harlee" Schaffer took the lead at the drop of the green flag and raced out to a comfortable advantage by the halfway point of the event. Just after the halfway mark, Schaffer's car coasted to a halt ending her bid for another Hamlin win. Port Crane, New York's "The Warrior" Jeffrey Anderson took over the lead at that point and raced to his second win of the season at Hamlin. John Vreeland was second with Kyle Rutledge, Glenn Macomber and Cheyanne Schaffer completing the top five.
J&J Road, the road leading into the Hamlin track, was bustling with activity as the great number of entries created some traffic congestion before the racing began. The racing began on time and the staff kept moving the program along swiftly as a couple of breaks were taken to add mositure to the track surface and keep the race track racy throughout the evening.
Heat race wins were claimed by Jenna Schostkewitz and Chris Kurtz in the Juniors. Rhett Long prevailed in the 600 Rookie Wingless heat event. The 270 Micros featured three heats with Robbie Watson, Jacob Hendershot and Jamie Czekai claiming wins. Super Slinger heats went to Dale Kober and Paul Ennes. 600 Wingless Micro heats were claimed by Geordan Farry, Brett Michalski and Billy Clark. Rookie 270 Micro heats were won by Kyle Rutledge and Luke Kroboth. Slingshot heats saw Troy Langendorfer, Simon Egan and opening night winner Justin Brewster claiming victories.
New cars continue to arrive at the speedway and one in particular is a legendary name along the Route 6 corridor. Eddie Strada made his debut in racing aboard a former Aaron Henneforth machine and the youngster kept out of trouble as he learns the art of the racing game. The third generation driver scored a top ten finish in his maiden voyage aboard the familiar signature numbered 42 Sharkey's Fuel sponsored race car. The Strada name featured Ed Strada Sr and Jr as they both were multi-time driving champions and big winners up the road at the now defunct Lake Mocatek Speedway and many other venues in the Southern Tier region. Strada's Nephew Kevin Bates has gained notoriety in the Modified ranks in the past few years and is now doing his racing activity at the Five Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, New York where he is among the top five in points.
Dylan Martin made his first appearance in a few weeks and registered a 6th place in the Jr Slingshot event. Hayden Miller was a first time performer in the 270 ranks and got upside down in heat racing action but later returned for the feature events. Dan Souder's first visit netted him a victory in the main event that also seen Jevon, Jared and David Ahner get some track time at Hamlin with David getting the runnerup finish to Souder and Jared getting on his side after contact with the Jersey Barriers. Roger Guest took the Rutledge racer to the track in the Supers and scored a seventh place finish in his first Hamlin racing action. Amanda Quinones was aboard the 00 car usually handled by brother Ben. Charlie Shaver had a fresh paint job on the racer he bought from former competitor John Wesp. Mike Butler made an appearance at Hamlin for the first time in quite awhile and the "Ironman" scored an 11th place finish in the main showing he hasn't lost his touch in the Slingshot division. Bad luck continues to plague the Nathan "Wild Wild" West as it was reported the team suffered a broken crankshaft, the same problem that beset National Slingshot Champion Cody Kline in his last Hamlin appearance. Jerry Mack returned to action after a few weeks off but retired as the feature event was lining up. Plainfield Township resident Tony Iudicello also returned to action and he scored a tenth place finish in the 600 action.
Regular Slingshots: Simon Egan, Paul Ennes, Shannon Smith, Kyle Rutledge, Vinny Zazzero, Colin White, Jimmy Johnston, Ben Whitaker, Billy Clark, Dale Kober, Mike Butler, Kyle Rode, Justin Brewster, Mack Brink, Richie Van Orden, Jess Benke, Jim Babb, Mathew Langbein, John Bockhorn, Matt Massone, John Pantis, Troy Langendorfer, Charlie Shaver, Bobby Van Blarcom, Russell Benke, Dana Smith, (DNS) Nathan West, Matt Rigatti
270 Micros: Todd Bertrand, Mike Esposito, Shannon Smith, Robbie Watson, Rick Cascario, Kurt Bettler, Dan Souder, Nunzi Allegrucci, Rob Pajauis, Matt Mountz, John Vreeland, Trevor Dunn, Kevin Pritchard, Darin Bartholomew, Jevon Ahner, Jacob Hendershot, Jared Ahner, Richie O'Neill, Jacob Severn, Larry Mekic, Gene Burd, Jamie Czekai, (DNS) Harlee Schaffer, Larry Hoagland
600 Wingless Micros: Mark Gilmore, Bobby Butler, Stan Tykarski, Billy Clark, Geordan Farry, Brett Michalski, Gary Berkenstock, Matt Mountz, Parker Evans, Tony Iudicello, Shae D'Agostino, Joseph J Smith, Jessica Moyer, Shelby Harper, Shannon Smith, Amanda Quinones, Molly Chambers, Brittany Tresch, Keith McIntyre, Alex Curley, Luke Schostkewitz, Austin Ely, Cait Chambers, Rick Clavert, (DNS) Jerry Mack
Junior Slingshots: Chris Kurtz, Kody Welsh, Zack Weisenfluh, Danny Buccafusca, Ricky Raisner, Dylan Martin, Roslayn Trautschold, Taylor Eccles, AJ Tonkin, Eddie Strada, Mackenzie Tresch, Thomas Strupp, Jacob Dunn, Jenna Schostkewitz
Super Slingshots: Jimmy Johnston, Paul Ennes, Henry Anderson, Tom Arntz, Richie Van Orden, Bob Clark, Roger Guest, Dale Kober, PJ Dempsey, Dale Reed, Mike Pontrelli, Aaron Henneforth, Mathew Langbein, Leanna Tonkin
270 Rookie Micros: Dan Souder, David Ahner, Jeffrey Anderson, Luke Kroboth, Brian White, Cheyanne Schaffer, Mackenzie Harper, Hayden Miller, Kyle Rutledge, Mick D'Agostino, Glenn Macomber
600 Rookie Wingless Micros: Rhett Long, Ryan Wood, Joe Kata, Brian Gilmore, Ed Jones, Adam Lounsbury, Cody Smith, Mark Berkenstock
270 Rookie Micros: (Make up from 5/8) Jeffrey Anderson, John Vreeland, Kyle Rutledge, Glenn Macomber, Cheyenne Schaffer, Trevor Dunn, Harlee Schaffer
600 Rookie Micros: (Make up from 5/8) Joe Kata, Mark Berkenstock, Rhett Long, Ryan Wood, Brian Gilmore, Ed Jones
Super Slingshots: (Make up from 5/8) Dale Kober, Henry Anderson, Aaron Henneforth, Jimmy Johnston, Paul Ennes, Bob Clark, Dale Reed, Mathew Langbein, Tommy Arntz, Tommy Vroom, Mike Pontrelli, PJ Dempsey
Hamlin Speedway presents racing every Saturday night from April thru September. All divisions will be back in action on June 26th at the speedway. Added to the show will be the 270 Micro and Regular Slingshot feature events from May 8th. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 1 PM; Drivers Registration is between 2:00 and 4:30; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at: http://www.hamlinspeedway.com  or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at: http://www.boydracingvideos.com  For the purchase of banquet, action or victory lane track photos, contact track photographer Jimmy Young at: http://www.jyracingphotos.com  
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