Hamlin Speedway Quick Results On Weis Supermarkets Night

Date: 7/4/2010 3:28:22 PM

Hamlin, PA - Hamlin Speedway Quick Results On Weis Supermarkets Night
by: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
Regular Slingshots: Bill Clark, Shannon Smith, Simon Egan, Dale Kober, Russell Benke, Vinny Zazzero, Jinny Johnston, Richie Van Orden, Ben Whitaker, Bobby Van Blarcom, Tom Arntz, Kevin Van Valkenburg, Steve Intravaia, John Pantis, Mike Butler, Kyle Rode, Aaron Henneforth, Mike Horton, Roger Collins, Kyle Heiber, Cody Kline, Justin Brewster, Ricky Yetter, Kyle Rutledge, Henry Anderson, Will Eastman, Gary Heiber, Paul Ennes, Mack Brink, John Bockhorn, Dana Smith 
270 Micros: Gene Burd, Brandon Edgar, Nunzi Allegrucci, Ed Kenderdine, CJ Heinig, Rick Cascario, Matt Mountz, Rob Pajauis, Darin Bartholomew, Gary Berkenstock, Rich O'Neill, Jevon Ahner, Austin Burke, Kevin Pritchard, Dan Souder, Gene Beadle, Larry Hoagland, Jamie Czekai, Kurt Bettler, Trvor Dunn, Mike Esposito, Robbie Watson, Joe Smith, Dylan Menditto
600 Wingless Micros: Brittany Tresch, Keith McIntyre, Jonathan Hull, Shelby Harper, Bobby Butler, Parker Evans, Jake Muench, Stan Tykarski, Mark Gilmore, Brett Michalski, Shannon Smith, Kyle Lick, Brandon Edgar, Matt Mountz, Geordan Farry, Frank Jarkiewitz, Molly Chambers, Alex Curley, Tony Iudicello, Cait Chambers, Rick Calvert, Mark Berkenstock, Ben Quinones, Luke Schostkewitz, Joseph J Smith, Billy Clark
Junior Slingshots: Jacob Dunn, Danny Buccafusca, Taylor Eccles, Ricky Raisner, Eddie Strada, Mathew Gaughan, Dylan Martin, Chris Kurtz, Rosalyn Trautschold, Mackenzie Tresch, Brendan Finley, Jenna Schostkewitz, Ashley Sullivan, Thomas Strupp, Kody Welsh, AJ Tonkin, Zack Weisenfluh
Super Slingshots: Paul Ennes, Dale Kober, Roger Collins, Henry Anderson, Jimmy Johnston, Tommy Vroom, Tom Arntz, Mike Pontrelli, Aaron Henneforth, Bob Clark, Joe Malson, Kevin Oliver, Jerry Hughes
270 Rookie Micros: Jeffrey Anderson, Mick D'Agostino, Kyle Rutledge, David Ahner, Missi Seip, Hayden Miller, Brian White, Makenzie Harper, Glenn Macomber
600 Rookie Wingless Micros: Joe Kata, Brian Gilmore, Ryan Wood, Dylan Menditto, Cody Smith
Hamlin Speedway presents racing every Saturday night from April thru September. All divisions will be back in action on July 10th at the speedway which will be a Slingshot qualifer for Linda's Speedway. Speedway Gates open at 1 PM; Drivers Registration is between 2:00 and 4:30; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Hamlin Speedway, logon to their well documented website at: http://www.hamlinspeedway.com  or call the speedway hotline at: 570 420 5500. For video work or questions regarding the purchase of videos from the exciting on-track action at the Hamlin Speedway, contact videographer Barry Boyd at: http://www.boydracingvideos.com  For the purchase of banquet, action or victory lane track photos, contact track photographer Jimmy Young at: http://www.jyracingphotos.com  
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The Hamlin Speedway Is The  Gateway To The Poconos

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