Hamlin Speedway Racers Provides The Fireworks With Tremendous Holiday Show On Weis Supermarkets Night

Date: 7/4/2010 9:16:54 PM

Hamlin, PA - Hamlin Speedway Racers Provides The Fireworks With Tremendous Holiday Show On Weis Supermarkets Night
by: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media
Fabulous weather in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania paved the way for a spectacular night of tremendous racing excitement at the Hamlin Speedway on Saturday evening.
With 134 entries that included forty of the top Slingshot drivers in the United States today, Speedway Promoters Denise and Randy Smith greeted a standing room only crowd with a show that will be talked about for some time to come. When the racing action was complete, the noted phrase "the cream rises to the top" quickly surfaces to describe the on track action with the seven divisions that took to the racy 1/5 mile speedbowl. With Weis Supermarkets serving as the headline sponsor for the evening's events, the heated racing action at Hamlin has made the facility one of the top establishments for small car division racing in the country today.
Pennsylvanian Simon Egan and New Yorker Vinny Zazzero brought the 31-car starting field down for the start of the 100-lap Hamlin Hundred. Egan, who had already captured one big event at the speedway earlier in the season, drove off to a five car length advantage with Justin Brewster and Zazzero duking it out for the runnerup role. As the laps clicked off, Brewster was flexing his muscles as he broke away from Zazzero and began attacking Egan. The action at midpack was sensational as none of the drivers were sharing a dime as they worked their way forward. From ninth starting spot defending track champion, "The Factoryville Flyer" Billy Clark began to make his presence known as did "The Dirt Diva" Shannon Smith, Dale Kober, Jimmy Johnston from 21st starting position and "Iron" Mike Butler from 23rd position.
At the midway point of the event the talent was as thick as pea soup and just as good throughout the pack. Egan couldn't shake the presence of Brewster as the opening night winner at the speedway began to stick the nose of his racer under Egan. As the pair negotiated the heavy traffic, Clark was able to sneak by Smith and a couple of laps later was able to drive by Brewster who appeared to be slowing as the laps rolled on. Lap-64 proved to be the critical moment of the event as Clark drove under Egan in traffic and the pair of warriors connected with Clark coming away with the lead and Smith being able to hustle her hot pink machine under Egan on the next go around. One lap later the incredible drive from Brewster came to a halt with motor woes and lap-88 had guaranteed starter Kyle Heiber see his left rear wheel pass him by as he snapped the drive axle on his mount.
While Clark and Smith ran first and second, Dale Kober drove by Egan when he slipped up on the race track but Egan regained the spot a couple of laps later with a splendid pass off of the top of turn two. A late caution as the great ride by Butler came to a halt when he stalled on the race track, allowed Smith one last opportunity to make her way past Clark but it was the shining moment for Clark as he powered away to claim the $2,000.00 prized posted by the Smith Family. Shannon Smith was the runnerup with Simon Egan in third place and Dale Kober fourth in the century grind with Russell Benke completing the top five. Vinny Zazzero, Jimmy Johnston, Richie Van Orden, Ben Whitaker and hard riding Bobby Van Blarcom completed the top ten. Fifteen cars completed the 100-lap distance in the event.
In 270 Micro action, newcomer Brandon Edgar grabbed the lead at the start of the event with Gene Burd in tow. The race came to a halt on lap-3 when hard charging Robbie Watson climbed a wheel in turn one and set sail out of the racing arena. Within a few minutes of the scary incident, Watson emerged from the clump of bushes outside of the raceway and ran the entire length of the backstretch amidst a standing ovation from the capacity crowd who may have witnessed the first sighting of a race car leaving the Hamlin facility the hard way.
When the racing resumed it was Edgar back in front with Burd being as tenacious as possible. The 17th-lap saw Edgar slide a bit out of the groove and Burd pulling even and winning the drag race down the backtretch into turn three. Once in front, Burd led the remaining laps to claim the win over Edgar, who has been such a welcome addition the weekly racing roster. Nunzi Allegrucci was third with the returning Ed Kenderdine in fourth and Connecticut invader CJ Heinig completing the top five.
Tony Iudicello grabbed the lead at the frop of the green flag in the 600 Wingless Micro headliner and was pressured by Brittany Tresch and Kyle Lick in the early laps of the event. Lick brought out the caution a few laps into the event when he got into turn one too hot and looped his racer. On the restart it was Iudicello at the point but Tresch was showing the nose of her race car every chance she got. A restart on lap-17 gave Tresch a shot at glory. Iudicello led lap-18 but Tresch was putting tremendous pressure on him and one lap later took control of the lead as Iudicello had his machine go sour and he pulled in to the pit area. Tresch went on to win the event with Keith McIntyre putting it all together to claim runnerup money. Connecticut's Jonathan Hull was third with Shelby Harper in fourth and "The Conductor" Bobby Butler riding from 19th place to complete the top five. Not to be overlooked, Parker Evans drove his racer from 27th starting position to claim sixth place in an amazing run at the speedway. 
Jacob Dunn and Matthew Gaughan brought the stars of tomorrow at Hamlin down for the start of the Junior Slingshot main attraction. Gaughan grabbed the early lead with Dunn taking up the chase. Five laps into the event, Dunn found the fast line and slipped by Gaughan to take over the lead. Dunn withstood a late charge by Danny Buccafusca to win his first ever event at the speedway. Buccafusca was the runnerup and in doing so broke the track record he held for the one lap mark as he lowered the standard to a new 14.386 seonds for a one lap tour. Taylor Eccles late charge netted him a third place finish in a great drive with Ricky Raisner overcoming an early spin to go hands up on the wheel and drive back to a solid fourth place finish. Newcomer Eddie Strada continues to impress with a top five finish in his third outing and Matthew Gaughan claiming the sixth place prize.
The Super Slingers once again proved to be the Paul Ennes show as he led all laps of the feature and in the process claimed a new track record for the Super Slingers with a clocking of 13.873 seconds for a lap around the Hamlin oval. Dale Kober was second with Roger Collins, Henry Anderson and Jimmy Johnston completing the top five in the quickly paced event.
The rookie 270 Micro encounter was a two story saga with Mick D'Agostino leading the first twelve laps before yielding to New Yorker Jeffrey Anderson. Anderson led the remaining laps to win his second event of the season with D'Agostino in the runnerup slot. Kyle Rutledge drove from 9th spot to finish in third and David Ahner and Missi Seip completed the top five finishing spots.
Brian Glmore led the first laps of the rookie 600 Wingless 20 lapper and gave way to Joe Kata on lap three. The remainder of the event mirrored the same edition of the race they enjoyed one week ago and once again it was Kata claiming the win with Gilmore in the runnerup spot and Ryan Wood claiming third place money. Dylan Menditto made his first appearance of the season and he came with two hot rods for the 270 and 600 racing action and was fourth in this one with Cody Smith completing the top five.
Noted invaders for the event included "The Negotiator" Ricky Yetter, who was coming off an interview on the CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV Show after his big win at the Shellhamers event and a following 358 Modified win at the Big Diamond Raceway. Yetter found the sledding tough as he dropped out on lap-46 and credited with a 23rd place finish. Will Eastman was a guaranteed starter for the event and just took the initial green flag in the qualifying events and quickly slipped back into the pit area. Billowing smoke from his race car had him exit the main event on lap-34. Gary Heiber tried to over-correct his machine on lap-25 of the feature and found himself connecting with the unforgiving Jersey Barriers on the homestretch resulting in an early dismissal. Mike Horton made his second appearance of the season and was the Promoter's option for the event and raced among the leaders until getting turned around late in the race. Kevin and Steven Van Valkenburg made their first appearances at Hamlin in many a moon and Kevin raced to a 12th place finish in the main event. Steve Intravaia was a guest driver in one of the Clark entries and and was 13th in the main event. Current National Slingshot Champion "The Bangor Renegade" Cody Kline continues to have the year from hell as he was sidelined on lap-84 after running with the leaders most of the event. His teammate Billy "The Dream" Weaver made his first Hamlin appearance of the season and didn't make the final transfer into the main event. JR Fulper was also an early retiree in the event.
Frank Jarkiewitz and Jake Muench were newcomers for the 600 Wingless racing. Ashley Sullivan made her first appearance in the Junior Slingshot division. Brendan Finley was also a first time performer in the former Kyle Van Duser slinger out of New York State.
Dual heats were the order of the day for the Slingers and produced some great racing action as each resembled a mini feature event. Winners included, Simon Egan, Ben Whitaker, Justin Brewster and Vinny Zazzero in the first set and John Pantis, Cody Kline, Russell Benke and Roger Collins in the second set. Kevin Van Valkenburg captured the B-Main.
Additional heat winners included Brian Gilmore in the Rookie 600's and Mick D'Agostino in the Rookie 270's. 600 Wingless heat were captured by Bobby Butler, Shelby Harper and Brittany Tresch. Super Slinger heats were won by Tom Arntz and Jimmy Johnston. Matthew Gaughan and Jacob Dunn were Junior Slingshot heat winners. 270 Micro heat winners were Nunzi Allegrucci, Kurt Bettler and Jevon Ahner.
The first promotion with the Weis Supermarkets chain was outstanding. The 165 store chain has two supermarkets operating in Hamlin and employs nearly 17,000 people within the five state area. An additional promotion will be on tap for August 31st.  Twenty tickets were given away for the August 31st Pocono International Speedway event. Through the courtesy of Redemption Racing, Camel Beach tickets were awarded and additionally on the Hamlin grounds, members of the Redemption Racing Team conducted face painting for the youngsters and proved to be very popular for the kids.
It was great to see Mike Horton Sr back at the speedway. Mike has had some significant hospital stays of late and the former head wrenchman with "AJ Slideways" Alan Johnson seemed to enjoy watching his son back in racing form at the Hamlin track.
Regular Slingshots: Bill Clark, Shannon Smith, Simon Egan, Dale Kober, Russell Benke, Vinny Zazzero, Jimmy Johnston, Richie Van Orden, Ben Whitaker, Bobby Van Blarcom, Tom Arntz, Kevin Van Valkenburg, Steve Intravaia, John Pantis, Mike Butler, Kyle Rode, Aaron Henneforth, Mike Horton, Roger Collins, Kyle Heiber, Cody Kline, Justin Brewster, Ricky Yetter, Kyle Rutledge, Henry Anderson, Will Eastman, Gary Heiber, Paul Ennes, Mack Brink, John Bockhorn, Dana Smith 
270 Micros: Gene Burd, Brandon Edgar, Nunzi Allegrucci, Ed Kenderdine, CJ Heinig, Rick Cascario, Matt Mountz, Rob Pajauis, Darin Bartholomew, Gary Berkenstock, Rich O'Neill, Jevon Ahner, Austin Burke, Kevin Pritchard, Dan Souder, Gene Beadle, Larry Hoagland, Jamie Czekai, Kurt Bettler, Trvor Dunn, Mike Esposito, Robbie Watson, Joe Smith, Dylan Menditto
600 Wingless Micros: Brittany Tresch, Keith McIntyre, Jonathan Hull, Shelby Harper, Bobby Butler, Parker Evans, Jake Muench, Stan Tykarski, Mark Gilmore, Brett Michalski, Shannon Smith, Kyle Lick, Brandon Edgar, Matt Mountz, Geordan Farry, Frank Jarkiewitz, Molly Chambers, Alex Curley, Tony Iudicello, Cait Chambers, Rick Calvert, Mark Berkenstock, Ben Quinones, Luke Schostkewitz, Joseph J Smith, Billy Clark
Junior Slingshots: Jacob Dunn, Danny Buccafusca, Taylor Eccles, Ricky Raisner, Eddie Strada, Mathew Gaughan, Dylan Martin, Chris Kurtz, Rosalyn Trautschold, Mackenzie Tresch, Brendan Finley, Jenna Schostkewitz, Ashley Sullivan, Thomas Strupp, Kody Welsh, AJ Tonkin, Zack Weisenfluh
Super Slingshots: Paul Ennes, Dale Kober, Roger Collins, Henry Anderson, Jimmy Johnston, Tommy Vroom, Tom Arntz, Mike Pontrelli, Aaron Henneforth, Bob Clark, Joe Malson, Kevin Oliver, Jerry Hughes
270 Rookie Micros: Jeffrey Anderson, Mick D'Agostino, Kyle Rutledge, David Ahner, Missi Seip, Hayden Miller, Brian White, Makenzie Harper, Glenn Macomber
600 Rookie Wingless Micros: Joe Kata, Brian Gilmore, Ryan Wood, Dylan Menditto, Cody Smith
Hamlin Speedway presents racing every Saturday night from April thru September. All divisions will be back in action on July 10th at the speedway which will be a Slingshot qualifer for Linda's Speedway. Speedway Gates open at 1 PM; Drivers Registration is between 2:00 and 4:30; Drivers Meeting at 4:45; Hot Laps are at 5:00 and the racing begins at 6 PM sharp. Admission Prices are: Adults $8.00; Senior Citizens $4.00 Children under 6 are Free; Pit Pass: $20.00 The "new" General Admission Bonus Pack is available for families: It consists of 4 General Admission Tickets + $20.00 in Food Vouchers for $40.00 (a savings of $12.00)
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