Hamlin Speedway Quick Results 9/17/19

Date: 9/8/2019 11:46:15 PM

Hamlin Speedway Quick Results
Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

JPA Masonry Wingless 600 Sprints: Jacob Eby, Colin White, Mick D'Agostino, Alex Bright, Tyler LIndsay, Brandon Bright, Joey Amantea, Joel Smith, Noah Zielinski, Richie Maguire, Duane White, Mack Brink, Michael Nolf, Dennis Chamberlain, Kyle Ferrucci, Zack Weisenfluh, , Chris Hummer

All Star Slingshots: (National Event - 50 laps) Dylan Hoch, Jared Silfee, Cody Kline, Kyle Herve, Scott Neary, Shelby McLaughlin, Tanner VanDoren, Mike McLaughlin, Alan Kober, Brian Smith, Joey Kalafut, Dave Carraghan, Wes Hearn, Justin Newhard, Ashley Kober, James Benz, John Gilroy, Paul Ennes, Morgan Labuda, James Mohr, Brent Schantz, Mark Mohr, Mason Pittenger, Andrew Turpin,Nolan Palaima, CJ Fritz, Wally Bell, Angela Parlanti, Tyler Hoch, Dale Kober, Amber Baccaligni, Zachary Steffey  

Amantea Real Estate Junior Slingshots: (Junior Super National) Kasey Hufcut, Tyler Ulsh, Aidan Elliot, RJ Sherman, Charlene Benz, Aidan Donaldson, Chase Zimmer, Cole Perez, Isabella VanOrden, Dillon Beadle, Jenna Amantea, Jacoby Thompson, Doug Smith, Matthew Backus

Super Slingers: John Gilroy, Jim Conroy, Paul Ennes, Mark Exeter, Jeremy Hoffman, Wes Hearn, Dale Kober, Wally Bell

Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modifieds:  Anthony Chrobak, Tanner VanDoren, Adam Buchel, Michael Samony, Amanda Buchel, Cody Motto, Joel Price, Evan Civick, Mark Tischler, Lawson Szerencitz, Mark Mohr, James Costlow, Jeff Hineline, Mark Evans

JPA Masonry Rookies- Jacob Eby, Tony Parlanti, Michael Nolf, Cody Powell, Richie Maguire, Brandon Nicholas, Rich Maguire, Jason Garcia, Dennis Chamberlain, Carmen Leggio, Jacob Nemeth, Chris Hummer, Bobby Smith

All Star Slingshots: (Rained Out Event) Dylan Hoch, Jared Silfee, Scott Neary, Cody Kline, Kyle Herve, Shelby McLaughlin, Dave Carraghan, Tanner VanDoren, Dale Kober, Paul Ennes, Wes Hearn, Brian Smith, TYler Hoch, Joey Kalafut, CJ Fritz, Ashley Kober, Wally Bell, Andrew Turpin, James Benz, (NS) Bett Bieber, Bryan Preville

Amantea Real Estate Junior Slingshots: (Rained Out Event) Kasey Hufcut, Tyler Ulsh, RJ Sherman, Isabella VanOrden, Charlene Benz, Doug Smith, Aidan Elliot, Chase Zimmer, Dillon Beadle, Brock Pinkerous, Jenna Amantea, Cole Preez, Adian Donaldson, Jacoby Thompson, James Hendricks, Kylie Hendricks, Paulie Hartwig,

Make sure to always check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp.  Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Amantea Real Estate,, Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry, Chad Wheeler Excavating, RLE Towing and Recovery, RockAuto.com, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

Hamlin Speedway is seeking additional marketing sponsors to join the speedway team for the 2019 racing season. For more information, contact Steve Pados at: 484-784-7756 or through email at: steveswp@ptd.net or Denise Smith at S&S Speedways at: 570-420-5500 or at: http://www.hamlinspeed.com/ or on facebook at:
https://www.facebook.com/HamlinSpeed/ or
https://www.facebook.com/SSSpeedways/ and http://ssspeedways.com/

For photos of the great racing action at Hamlin Speedway, contact Tim
Krysiuk at: https://strictlydirtphotography.smugmug.com or

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The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of The Poconos

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