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Date: 5/29/2013 1:05:56 PM

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 Special offer on Sponsorship Newsletter and Speedway Illustrated

  LANGHORNE, PA May 24, 2013 . . . The auto racing season in much of the country is almost half over. It is time to start making plans for 2014 and searching for sponsorship for next season and the seasons to follow.
 “Those that are really successful securing sponsorship get started well in advance,” said Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News publisher Ernie Saxton. “It makes sense to make plans for next season now and be talking to businesses about sponsorship for 2014 now. Be the first to make those sponsorship calls Businesses make their marketing plans well in advance of the next year.”
 The latest edition of Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News is just off the press and is loaded with information that will help racers, race teams, promoters and more with their sponsorship efforts.
 This edition, issue 3 of 2013, includes:
* The second part of Attorney Michael Spotts’ article titled “Why do I need Social Media as Part of my Marketing Program.”- this is the second part of a three part article
* The Impact of Emotions (in sponsorship) by Marcie Barlow
* Retro Marketing by Scott Pacich
* Communications with Fans & Media Vital to Short Tracking Racing
* Teenage Stock Car Racer Employs Homespun Marketing Strategy by Alan Snel, Las Vegas Review-Journal
 In addition to the great articles by experts in sponsorship, marketing and public relations there is a great deal of news about sponsorship deals that could very well be helpful to others seeking sponsorship.
 Saxton is offering a special deal that includes a one year subscription to Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News and a one year subscription to Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated magazine. That is a value of $79.95 that is being offered for just $29.95.
 In order to take advantage of this outstanding offer telephone Saxton at 215.752.7797. Visa and Mastercard are accepted or send a check payable to ESC, Inc. to 1448 Hollywood Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047.
 For additional information on sponsorship marketing check in at
 Saxton and his firm, Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc. are available to create public relations programs, create sponsorship proposals, represent racers in their sponsorship efforts and more. In addition Saxton is available as a public speaker on motorsports and to present a seminar on motorsports sponsorship ( a great fundraising idea for speedways, organizations and race teams).
 Saxton’s motorsports articles can be found in National Dragster, Area Auto Racing News, Late Model Racer, Norristown, PA Times Herald, Bucks County, PA Courier Times plus, from time to time, other publications. He can also be heard on a variety of radio shows sharing his knowledge of the sport and sponsorship.

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