Drag Racer/Engine Builder Andy Jensen Sets World Pro Mod Record

Date: 7/16/2009 11:05:04 PM

Drag Racer/Engine Builder Andy Jensen Sets World Pro Mod Record
By Dino Oberto …. “Keeping Track”

             Andy Jensen is well known as one of the area’s leading race and street car engine builders. His Jensen Engine Tech shop located in Nescopeck has turned out countless winning engines for drags, sprints, late models, modifieds and more. He also builds the engines that go into all the stock cars at the Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway.

When it comes to making horsepower, Jensen stands out as a master craftsman in building engines that are strong, reliable and proven.

             He is also an accomplished independent Pro Mod drag racer. His expertise as a builder has enabled him to become a regular winner on both the 1/8 and 1/4 mile strips all over the East Coast and beyond.

             Now his exploits have gone global as he recently set a world record for a turbo-charged small block Pro Mod drag car.

             Wednesday night, July 8 at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ, during the 39th Annual P.C. Richard & Son Summer Motorsports Spectacular presented by Toyota, Jensen sped down the quarter mile strip with his 2500 horsepower 1968 Chevy Camaro in a blistering 5.94-seconds at 238 mph.

             “There’s never been a turbo charged Pro Mod go that fast and also the first small block to ever make a 5-second pass so it was two records in one day that we set,” said 44-year old Jensen.

             “We had the fastest turbo charged car back in May of ’07 and there were some guys who surpassed that. We did set the 1/8th mile record with the car last year and also set the ADRL Pro Nitrous record and that we still hold.”

             The NHRA, IHRA and ADRL all keep track of the records.

             “The conditions have to be right. We knew at Englishtown we had a shot at it because the conditions were not terrific but the best they had been in a while with the car. We made some tire and weight changes and it really responded to that and the car was viciously fast and I feel certain we’re going to reset it again in the next month or so.”

             At the present time Jensen only competes at select races with the Pro Outlaw Door Slammers which features a wide variety of body styles and engine configurations making for some of the quickest and fastest ‘Door Slammers’ in the country. Some choose Nitrous Oxide while others go with a Supercharged or Turbo configuration.

             Jensen raced with the Northeast Pro Mod Outlaws from 2003-07 and won four championships.

             He also runs with the National Guard American Drag Racing League which is the nation’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing.

             Recently the IHRA made and amendment to allow a car like Jensen’s to compete with them.

             “We’re planning to run some IHRA and NHRA events near the end of the year. A lot of the reason we like the outlaw stuff is because you can be creative and outsmart a guy with a fat wallet and you’re not restricted by a bunch of rules. I can outsmart the guys but I can’t out dollar them,” said Jensen.

             Locally, Numidia and Beaver Springs are the two closest drag strips and although Jensen has been supportive of them, his car is a bit too much to race them.

“I like to run Numidia and Beaver Springs. Both have been very good to me. It’s just difficult to get the car down those types of tracks because you need to be on a track that has a lot of adhesion for the entire length of the track,” explained Jensen.

“Most of those tracks have pretty good adhesion for about 150 feet and then there done. My car makes about 2500 horsepower and actually the further it goes down the race track the more power it makes. So it’s just difficult to run the car at those types of tracks.”

             His winning ways have also been an excellent form of marketing for his firm.

             “It’s a good advertising tool for the business. We’re very busy here at the shop and in an economy that seems to be soft everywhere around me, we’re very solid here,” he said.

Jensen credits much of his success to having great crew members by his side at every race. He has been fortunate to find willing hands to work tirelessly on his car to enable those record setting passes. He has had many crew members in the past that he is very grateful for, and a terrific crew currently.

             The Jensen name has been part of the region’s racing headlines for many years. His older brother, Richie, is a multiple Selinsgrove Speedway and Clinton County Raceway late model champion and holds the record for most late model wins at the paved Sundance Vacations Speedway (Evergreen).

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