Kline In Command at TrailWay

Date: 5/28/2009 9:46:01 PM

Kline In Command at TrailWay
"The Captain",Cody Kline piloted the Bill Weaver owned # 59 to a hard fought win in the Slingshot by Tobias 10th Anniversary 20 lap feature Sunday evening at TrailWay Speedway.
For Cody.the win was worth over $720,but it was not as easy as it seemed even though he had the best seat in the house at the start.Mounting challenge after challenge was the HarJan Mechanical # 32 of Oley,PA's Brett Bieber as Saturday's prelim winner Minnesota's Lucas Schott,"Sassy" Shannon Smith in the S&S Speedways hot pink 23,Kyle Hieber and Niagra Falls,NY teenager Robbie Schimschack were wheeling and dealing right behind him on the spacious oval.
The remaining runners in the top 10 were locked in their own little battle until misfortune struck Honey Brook,PA's Kaitie McCardle as she came off of turn 4 and was involved in a 3 car skirmish which left the yellow Laps for Literacy # 11 with front end damage.During this time Emily VanInwegen,Mike Glass and Gary Hieber all were getting in the mix.
Mounting a charge to the top 10 were now the 2008 National Champion,Ben Whitaker and Brad Arnold in the # 27.Brad had a long way to go after a solo spin found him backing up to the rear of the field on lap 9.
Several minor yellows before the 5 to go kept regrouping the field and each restart saw Kline being pressured by Bieber.The bottom was the quick way around and passing was at a minimum during the early stages of the race,but a few drivers chanced the outside groove,one of which was Whitaker who used some fancy driving to get past VanInwegen and a smooth running Chuck Whary.
The S&S Speedways sponsored event still had a few more flashes of brilliance left as Bieber saw an opening heading into turn 3 which he took full advantage of and was actually ahead of Kline only to see the yellow instead of the 2 to go.
The last run to the checker found Gary Hieber and Whitaker wanting the same bit of real estate with the 56 of Hieber getting the bite off of turn 4 in his run to the 7th spot.
With the checkers waving,it was Cody Kline getting the win with Brett Bieber trying a high side move that fell just short as he ran a smooth race for 2nd with Kyle Hieber only 1 car length behind for the final podium spot of 3rd.
Fourth through 10th were looking at a blanket finish with Shannon Smith and Lucas Schott rounding out the top 5 as Robbie Schimschack,Gary Hieber,Ben Whitaker,Emily VanInwegen and coming back from an earlier spin for 10th,Brad Arnold.
A trip past the scales found the top 3 legal and also a fuel check of the winner gave the Slingshot by Tobias 10th Anniversary Race presented by S&S Speedways to "The Captain" Cody Kline.
Sportsmanship was displayed by the top 2 drivers as crew members,family members and the drivers all congratulated each other with Kline shaking Bieber's hand and thanking him for running him hard and most importantly ...clean.
1.Cody Kline # 59  2.Brett Bieber # 32  3.Kyle Hieber # 66  4.Shannon Smith # 23  5.Lucas Schott # 69  6.Gary Hieber # 56  7.Ben Whitaker # 13X  8.Emily VanInwegen # 19  9.Brad Arnold # 27  10.Chuck Whary # 21W  11.Kim Dornblaser # 3N  12.Eric Snyder # 13  13.Mike Glass # 2  14.Travis Gruber # 30  15.Billy Clark # 00  16.Mike Pontrelli # 55S  17.Ryan Snyder # 14  18.Natasha Yiengst  19.Cody Gardner # 81  20.Molly Chambers # 51B  21.Matt Mertz # 97  22.Kaitie McCardle # 11  23.Paul Lotier,Jr # 7  24.Paul Ennes # 5  25.Robbie Schimschack (post race DQ) # 81X  26. Bill Weaver # 1 (DNS)
Next 2 National events will see the Gulf Coast Region racers heading to Penton Speedway in Lafayette,AL on July 18th and the Nostalgia Nationals at Reading Fairgrounds on August 3-4 with the Juniors getting their first night in the spotlight with the Junior National at Snydersville, May 29th.

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