"The Iceman" Scores Reading Hat Trick

Date: 8/6/2009 7:39:10 PM

"The Iceman" Scores Reading Hat Trick
Once the rage of Slingshot racing,Bethlehem,PA's Marc "The Iceman" Daniels,decided to sit back and take it easy for awhile.A ride here and a ride there kept Daniels driving skills honed,but a regular ride was something not in Daniels 2009 plans.
A winner of many races and a former 2 time Reading Nostalgia National Champion,Daniels got a call from one his fiercest competitors,Bangor,PA's Bill "The Dream" Weaver and after a few questions were answered,a new team was formed for Reading.
The 5th running of the Nostalgia National was slated for a 7 PM starting time,but Mother Nature was trying for another checkered flag in this already wet racing season.Dave Cordier,Sr and Mike Grim put an assault on the speedway that left little doubt there wouldn't be racing yet that night.
The Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society volunteers also kicked their efforts into high gear and at 8:15 the track was race ready.
The first bit of business to get the Slingshot by Tobias racers on the track was the Cash Dash which found the "Kid from Kutztown" Jordan Henn heading home with $150,$100 of which was sponsored by HammerDown Dyno Shop based in Hellertown,PA.
With no bearing on the feature lineup,it was now up to the Dick Tobias Memorial Top Qualifier Award winner,Middletown,NY's, Kayla Smykla to bring the field to the green.Once former Reading driver Bruce Young pulled his restored # 37 from the track after serving as the pace car driver,the rest was left to Kayla.
Daniels had the next best seat in the house and made a power move outside Smykla heading into turn 1.His lead was shortlived as a 11 car tangle in turn 2 regrouped the field for another restart.
Daniels tried the same move on the restart and Smykla could not find the power to race with the 4W as Daniels could comfortably slot into the low groove with the lead heading into turn 3.
Laps were now clicking off quickly and smoothly as Daniels was still feeling rear bumper pressure from Kayla in her # 29 with Jim Housworth now within striking distance in the Gibb # 31.
Back in the pack the action was fast and furious as a few cars were becoming fan favorites with RJ Smykla,Cody Kline,Jordan Henn and Kaitie McCardle were finding ways around cars in their quest to the front.
With the $100 Christman Meats Halfway Bonus on the line,Daniels could now add that to his already increasing amount of lap money with Smykla still settled in right behind him.
A first turn accident saw Kaitie McCardle,Paul Ennes and Lucas Schott bring out the yellow with the young Minnesota driver's # 69 heading back to the Schott pit area on the wrecker with severe front end damage.
Storming through the pack was the # 59 of Cody Kline and after restarting 25th from the 1st lap accident he was now in the top 6 with 16 laps to go.
Lap 24 just was completed but a first turn accident would change the complexion of the rest of the race as Smykla,Housworth,Kyle Lick and Billy Clark all would tangle giving second place to Nate Christman,who 3 days prior had won his first late model race at Grandview and third place was now Kline.The restart saw Christman work the lowside of Daniels in turn 3 but a bobble coming off of turn 4 was enough for Kline to sneak by and hope to do the same thing to a high flying Daniels.
The 5 to go was given by starter Galen Kollar and now all eyes were watching the great battle for 4th through 10th as a mad scramble for track position found a few positions change in each lap.
It was apparent that the top 3 had only to stay clean from lapped cars to grab the podium spots.
 Kim Dornblaser,Brett Bieber,Ben Whitaker and Gary Hieber were all within a car length of each other but ran out of laps in hopes of gaining another finishing spot .Kim was a heat winner and regained the needed momentum to come back from an early race slide back a few spots from her 13th starting spot to garner a 4th.Oley,PA's Brett Bieber could have called it a night after front end damage left the 32 with bent tie rods but he soldiered on for a hard earned 5th."The Flipper" as Whitaker is called used the lowside to his advantage picking up many spots in his black 13X as he received the 6th place pay envelope.Gary Hieber had one of those nights,he would pass a car,then get passed and that was how he ended up the 40 laps as he started 6th and lost a spot  to finish 7th.The Bettler Bros. 2B with Kurt Bettler at the helm stayed out of trouble for 8th.Jordan Henn rebounded from a trip to the rear bringing home the Henn-Eisenhard 77H to the pay window 9th.Just grabbing 10th at the finish line with a nice pass on Brad Arnold was RJ Smykla earning the Hard Charger Award.
24 cars out of the 28 starters completed the event with the Hard Luck Award going to "King of the Track" Jimmy Bassett who could not complete 1 lap due to a faulty throttle cable hook up.
The Weaver / Daniels 4W team notched $1000 from the RFRHS purse and also received the $100 Christman Meats 1/2 Way bonus and another additional $115 in lap money.
The Monday night Junior National went non-stop as the 8 to 13 year olds put on quite a show for the nice crowd with Saylorsburg,PA's Brandon Azzalina on cruise control in an effortless win with Chris Kurtz getting second in the John Tresch # 2 and Kenney Johnson making the haul from Bethany,CT getting 3rd.
42 entries for the Regular Class and 12 entries for the Juniors saw a C Main and B Main needed for the Regulars to get the 5th Annual Nostalgia National field assembled.Provisionals were given to Lucas Schott,Bill Weaver,RJ Smykla and Dave McCullough.
1. 4W Marc Daniels  2. 59 Cody Kline  3. 37 Nate Christman  4. 2 Kim Dornblaser  5. 32 Brett Bieber
6. 13X Ben Whitaker  7. 56 Gary Hieber  8. 2B Kurt Bettler  9. 77H Jordan Henn  10. 3 RJ Smykla 11. 27 Brad Arnold  12. 48 Rich Sachetta  13. 07 Matt Dealaman  14. 2G Mike Glass  15. 11 Kaitie McCardle  16. 97 Matt Mertz  17. 29 Kayla Smykla  18. 1 Bil Weaver  19. 00 Bill Clark  20. 31 Jim Housworth  21. $ Dillon Emmons  22. 66 Kyle Hieber  23. 8 Kyle Lick  24. 7X Dave McCullough  25. 69 Lucas Schott  26. 5 Paul Ennes  27. 114 Travis Gruber  28. 70 Jim Bassett
1. 43 Brandon Azzalina  2. 2 Chris Kurtz  3. 46 Kenney Johnson  4. 6 Colin White  5. 17R Matt Reiley 
6. 12S Logan Shollenberger  7. 15V Zack Azzalina  8. 1J AJ Gerhart  9. 67 JR Fulper  10. 17L TJ Lilly 11. 33 Dylan Martin  12. 00 Ryan Raidline
Photos by Mike Feltenberger
Photo 101: Kayla Smykla gets presented the Dick Tobias Memorial Top Qualifier  Award from Rich Tobias
Photo 122: Marc Daniels (3 fingers in air) with the Bill Weaver and Cody Kline crew celebrate his 3rd win at Reading
Photo 100: Bringing the field down to the green is Kayla Smykla (29) and Marc Daniels
Photos by Mike Feltenberger

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