Yetter Better at Shellhammers

Date: 5/31/2010 4:53:03 PM

Yetter Better at Shellhammers
The first annual Spring Spectacular could not have had better weather and track conditions as what the Cordier Family prepared for the Slingshot racers in the 1st annual Spring Spectacular.This also being a MA Silver Region points race had some teams ready to get a great start on the touring side of the event.
The entry list looked like a Slingshot All Star Team as 2009 National Champion Cody Kline was an entrant after still feeling the effects of a broken wrist and current Shellhammers "Top Gun",Brett Bieber also was ready for his call to the speedway.
With an over $5800 total purse on the line it was apparent that the money offered would cause some drivers to be a little aggressive,but the D,C and B Main had very little in the way of yellow fever after a stellar 2 lap qualifying run by Brett Bieber put the 32 into victory lane ceremonies for the Ronnie Tobias Fast Time Award.
The D Main was one spirited event with 2008 Slingshot National Champion Ben Whitaker putting his 13X into a qualifying spot only to lose the handle with 3 laps to go and forced to watch the remaining day's activities from the sidelines.The driver on the move was New Jersey's Matt Dealaman who needed the additional rack time to eventually get settled in.
With 3 cars moving to the C Main ,the challenge to make the Spring Spectacular was getting more and more demanding.Simon Egan was the dominant force in the C Main grabbing the 15 lap romp and getting a monetary return for his efforts.Among the qualifiers from the C to the B was Matt Dealaman ,who again,was getting stronger with each lap on the high banked 1/8th mile.
The 15 lap B Main set the stage for the many fans in attendance as Junior Class racer Clint Miller withstood all challenges and crossed the finish line ahead of a star studded field.The 22 car Spring spectacular field was set and among the starters was Matt Dealaman who already logged many laps on the track coming aboard from his D Main win.
The 6 lap Cash Dash set the front 3 row starters and taking the win and the honor of bringing the field to the green was "The Kid From Kutztown" ,Jordan Henn aboard the Scott Bower 72D.From the running of this event it was quite apparent that the top 6 meant business once the 50 lap green would be displayed.
As in many big events,the adrenaline rush overcomes a driver and the first 8 laps,proved that to a tee.Minor spins,some aggressive driving and many drivers looking for a quick pass found the yellow light on 6 times by lap 8,but after that,it was serious racing to the checkered.
Jordan Henn was setting sail and looked like the $2000 would be his but back in the pack,there were 6 cars that were making the fans aware of their presence.Shannon Smith entered the top 5 after 10 laps and was now a force to be reckoned with.Matt Miller,who was in the 1st yellow of the day,was already back into the top 8 just 12 laps later and Ricky Yetter entered the top 10 and was passing cars at random in the middle stages of the 50 lapper.Matt Dealaman entered the picture from his 20th starting spot.Brad Arnold was putting the 27 on parts of the speedway that didn't see tire rubber all day as he vaulted into the top 8 from his 13th starting spot."The Captain" Cody Kline was on the move after being sent to the rear for an earlier race yellow was progressing through the field nicely in his 59.
With bad luck hitting second starter Rick Conrad and a strong running Alex Schoffstall,some new faces were looking strong only to be sidelined by tire and mechanical issues,those being,Simon Whitnell and Brandon Berger who looked quite at home aboard the blue # 13.
Henn was on  cruise control as positions were being swapped at random with a new face in the picture now as the 997 of "The Flemington Flash" Dillon Emmons started to reel in Henn and as the 1/2 way signal was being flashed Emmons was right aside of Henn heading into turn 1,but not having the speed to make the pass.
Lap 28 played an important part of the race as Emmons used an inside out move to pass Henn for the lead and Ricky Yetter mashed the gas to pass Shannon Smith for 4th as the drama was continuing to build.
Emmons now only had lapped traffic to worry about as his quest for the biggest win in his young career was beginning to show promise.All the while this was going on some more of the talented field headed to the infield as Brandon Berger and Travis Bieber were joined by a second place running Jordan Henn who limped off the speedway with a flat tire giving the second spot to Paul Lotier,Jr who was driving as a team mate to Alex Schoffstall in the Billy Schinkel prepared 77L.
Lap 40 now had the top 5 all within 1.2 seconds of each other and everyone knew the next yellow could be a race changer as Emmons was finding his way through lapped traffic,but Yetter wanted more than third and raced Lotier hard and clean into turn 2 on lap 44 where Lotier could not hold the bottom and Yetter was now second with laps winding down 11 seconds at a time.
A disabled 27 Slingshot of Brad Arnold heading off of turn 4 was the break Yetter needed on lap 45 to provide a 5 lap shootout for the big win.Behind these top 3 was also a heated battle shaping up with Shannon Smith,Matt Miller,Matt Dealaman and JR Fulper who was heading back through the pack after a lap 31 tangle all wanting top 5 money.
Dave Cordier,Jr's green was now waving and as Emmons headed into turn 1 Yetter stuck the nose of the Slinger Warehouse 7 to the lowside but Emmons had the preferred line and withstood the challenge.
Another yellow was needed and this would change the complexion of the race for all remaining running drivers.
Dillon Emmons flashed under the starter's stand,but he could not hold his line heading into turn 1,as this time Yetter did more than get a nose under Emmons,he got the whole car along side of him and they raced clean and hard off of turn 2 together with Yetter finally claiming the top spot heading into turn 3.
Yetter saw the white flag along with the rest of the field and the last lap scramble was on.JR Fulper,Cody Kline,Joe Inglin,Jr and Clint Miller were running under a blanket and any mistake by one of these 4 would change the final running order.
Yetter sees the $2000 waving in front of his eyes and the first Shellhammer Spring Spectacular was completed with an 18th place car winning, Dillon Emmons getting his biggest racing check ever for his great runner-up spot and Paul Lotier,Jr hopping into a strange car to gather the final podium finish.
There were many of stars in this event rounding out the top 10.Shannon Smith ,just off her Kutztown win stayed in contention for 4th.Matt Miller rebounded from an early race spin for 5th aboard the Jim Strouse prepared 16M.Matt Dealaman taking the longest distance by virtue of winning the D Main ends up 6th.JR Fulper also had to find his way through the field after an accident,but finished 7th.Cody Kline used patience to finish 8th as the 59 was also had to restart in the rear after an early race tangle.Joe Inglin,Jr. got the second Bob Emmons team car into the field and came home 9th with Junior driver Clint Miller getting his first Al Star ride a successful one taking the 27X home for a $100 paying 10th.
The remaining cars running at the finish were John Bockhorn in his awesome looking 97 1 lap down in 11th,Henry Anderson,nursing a flattening LR tire to the checkers for 12th and Bradley Crouse,the last qualified car also a lap down for a highly respectable 13th.
Scaling by Jim Strouse and teching by Rich Tobias was done throughout the event,keeping all teams on an even keel during the 3 hour program.
All in all,the action was superb,the competition level was at an all-time high and many teams left Shellhammers already asking about the 2011 scheduling of this event.Everyone received a payout envelope of some kind.The total purse for this event totaled over $5800 with starter Dave Cordier,Jr contributing $20 to the 1/2 way bonus,starter,announcer and all around race fan Bobby Stull contributing $20 to the 1/2 way bonus and Strapped In Racing Magazine sponsoring the Fast Lap Award of $20.Jordan Henn took the 1/2 way money along with the Cash Dash payout.The fast lap of the day was lap 49 by Ricky Yetter,so his payout envelope contained $2020.
1. Ricky Yetter $2020  2. Dillon Emmons $1000  3. Paul Lotier,Jr  4. Shannon Smith  5. Matt Miller  6. Matt Dealaman  7. JR Fulper  8. Cody Kline  9. Joe Inglin,Jr.  10. Clint Miler  11. John Bockhorn  12. Henry Anderson  13. Brad Crouse  14. Brett Bieber  15. Brad Arnold  16. Jordan Henn  17. Travis Bieber  18. Brandon Berger  19. Matt Mertz  20. Alex Schoffstall  21. Simon Whitnell  22. Rick Conrad
DNQ: Donny Hockman , Mike Fogler , Brain Heffner , Dale Kober , Justin Thompson , Ben Whitaker , Jim Housworth,Alex Hoffmaster,Brett Hofmaster

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