Glass Wins Reading Thriller

Date: 8/9/2011 11:27:10 PM

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August 9,2011
                                                Glass Wins Reading Thriller
With the names of Brightbill,Chamberlain,Tobias,Adam and Tasnady,being forever etched into the memory banks of the older Reading Fairgrounds fans,a new name was added to the famed winners list,Michael Glass.
In front of an estimated 2200 race fans,35 of the top Slingshot talents,prepared for a final night of wheeling and dealing,with two B Mains,a Cash Dash and the 7th Annual Nostalgia National Classic awaiting the call to the speedway.
First off for the Slingshots was the 12 lap Cash Dash which would set the tone for the rest of the evening as Kyle Rohner took the Bill Weaver owned number 1 to a convincing win and an added $100 for his efforts.
The 20 lap B Mains set from the dual heat format that was run on Sunday evening saw a few of the younger driving talents,put on a show that simply had the veterans looking on in amazement.B Main One found Matt Dealaman and Joe Nemeth lead the field to the green and there wasn't a spot that would be decided during any of the 20 laps as Dealaman took early command ,but his lead would soon evaporate as Travis Bieber put the Marlin Bieber prepared 114 on the point and in cruise control with Dealaman still challenging.The real battle was now developing for the final 2 qualifying spots as Dillon Emmons,AJ Gerhart and Robbie Hocker swapped positions in every turn.The 5 to go was given and in the blink of an eye,Dealaman looped the 07 in turn 4 setting up a run to the finish that could only be described as nerve racking.Bieber took the win with Paul Ennes closing fast for 2nd as Dillon Emmons hit all his marks to grab 3rd and Robbie Hocker taking the last qualifying spot after starting last.
B Main Two saw an even more exciting finish as Simon Egan and Danny Buccafusca were taking turns leading this event until Egan's 55 headed to the infield after 14 circuits giving Buccafusca the top spot.Buccafusca and Hamlin Speedway hotshoe Charlie Lawrence hooked up for a run to the finish that had one detour.With the 2 to go signal shown Buccafusca drifted a little high in turn four as the 4 of Lawrence seized the opportunity to claim the top spot,but Buccafusca regrouped right in front of Lawrence and with nowhere to go,Lawrence just slightly clipped the left rear of Buccafusca sending the orange 43 towards the outside retaining wall,but the driving ability of the young Buccafusca was in full evidence as he steered clear and proceeded on to claim a qualifying as Lawrence took the checkered with Pete Knappenberger getting second."The Big Dog",Ryan Raidline brought the Rich Raidline wrenched 00 from a last row starting spot to a crowd pleasing 3rd with Buccafusca soldiering on from his late race misfortune to get the last Nostalgia National qualified position.
Provisionals were given to 4 regional and national point contenders that did not qualify through all rounds of heats and B Mains.Getting the added spots were Matt Dealaman,Simon Egan,CR Hill and Matt Mertz.
The fans who had just witnessed two exciting B Mains were now primed for the 7th Annual Nostalgia National and they would not be let down by any means.
The Nicholas Powdercoating 3N with Myerstown,PA's Michael Glass at the helm has been nothing short of sensational since the birth of his daughter Kayla 2 months ago as he would be in charge of bringing the field to the green with long time Slingshot campaigner and current Accord Speedway Crate Sportsman hotshoe Kyle Rohner accompanying him in the front row.
Rohner stayed on the gas into turn 1 and the pair ran side by side for 3 laps before Rohner found the added traction out of turn 4 taking the Bill Weaver owned # 1 to the lead.These 2 drivers were joined by Matt Carman,who was never more than 2 car lengths behind awaiting a mistake by one or both of the talented wheelsmen.
With fans finding exciting racing all throughout the field,the new battle was beginning to surface from 4th through 8th as 3 time Nostalgia National winner Marc Daniels,current Speedweeks leader Bill Weaver,2009 National Champion Cody Kline,2008 National Champion Ben Whitaker and 2010 National Champion Shannon Smith were locked into a spirited battle that was as impressive as the battle up front.
The crossed flags were shown for halfway as Kyle Rohner continued out front with the blanket still covering Glass and Carman.The RPM Parts Halfway Bonus was now Rohner's,but a restart 3 laps later changed the whole race outlook.The 3N of Glass used a move heading out of turn 2 that could only be described as risky,but it put Glass in front and the field was now chasing him.
The packed grandstand now had more racing attracting their attention as the 211 of Branden Clauss,Kurt Bettler in the Scott Miller 66,provisional starter Matt Dealaman and the RPM Slinger Parts 02 of Pete Knappenberger all wanted to be included in the top 10 and were racing all out as the laps were being put into the books.
Paul Ennes, in the Clark Garage 21,got together with Matt Miller's 16M and the 21 did a slow roll heading into turn 1 bringing out the red.Ennes stayed strapped in and the track crew carefully righted the red racer and the durability of the Slingshots was shown as Ennes drove off to rejoin the rear of the field and still be competitive.
The green was now bringing the field to final it's 10 laps and Rohner mirrored the Glass move a few laps earlier to retake the lead,but a relentless Glass was not going to settle for 2nd and got back out front on lap 32 with a patient Matt Carman,watching the action in front of him long enough.
Carman,got by Rohner with 3 laps to go and the show had one more chapter before it's finale as the last caution of the evening set up a green,white,checker finish that some race fans said was the best 3 laps of racing they have seen in many years.
All of the remaining 18 spots were not decided yet and the fans were now on their feet awaiting the 2 lap shootout.Glass' lead was down to feet and not car lengths as Carman worked under the 3N heading into turn 1 and was up to Glass' left rear tire,but Glass had the power off of turn 2 and was just hoping for the race to finish out.The checker was waving and Michael Glass gave daughter Kayla another win on her young resume' as he took the 7th Annual Nostalgia National in one of the best races in the history of the Slingshot by Tobias Racing Series.Carman held on for second with Rohner nursing a bent tie rod on the Bill Weaver owned # 1 for third.Weaver just crossed the line ahead of Marc Daniels in the S&S House Car 5S who rounded out the top 5.
The National Champion Trio of Cody Kline,Ben Whitaker and Shannon Smith were 6th through 8th and a determined Branden Clauss got the Erb & Henry sponsored 211 in for 9th.The 10th place payout envelope went to B Main winner Charlie Lawrence.
18 of the starting 28 cars finished the race with the Warren Ruffner Hard Charger Award going to Matt Dealaman who improved his race standings by 13 places.The Warren Ruffner Last Car Finishing Award went to CR Hill in his yellow 0.
Many special awards were handed out at races end as Branden Clauss received the Strapped In Racing Magazine 9th Anniversary Award for his 9th place run.Kyle Rohner got the Racers Roundtable / RPM New and Used Slinger Parts Halfway Bonus.Shellhammers Speedway's 36th Anniversary Awards were spread out with Michael Glass getting the Lap 36 Leader money,Kyle Rohner got the 3rd place finisher bonus,Cody Kline for his 6th place run.Random finishing draws by Shellhammers Track Management went to Matt Delaman,Paul Ennes and Travis Bieber with Clint Miller getting 1st alternate money and Ed Shaub getting the Shellhammers Speedway Regular Award as highest finishing track regular not to qualify.
Many of the fans congratulated Glass on his win and many of them expressed their approval of a race well run with spirited,hard clean racing.
Dave Cordier,Sr,Mike Grim and Dave Cordier,Jr. deserve credit for bringing a speedway that laid dormant for a full year to life with only 6 days of available working time.Also over 3 inches of rain completely flooded turns 1 and 2,but the track crew soldiered on and gave the Juniors a track to race on Sunday evening and worked tirelessly Monday to get the Nostalgia National in with threatening weather on the horizon.
1. 3N    Michael Glass               Myerstown,PA
2.  7      Matt Carman                Flemington,NJ
3. 1      Kyle Rohner                  Bushkill Falls,PA
4. 4W   Bill Weaver                  Bangor,PA
5. 5S    Marc Daniels                Bethlehem,PA
6. 59    Cody Kline                    Bangor,PA
7. 13X  Ben Whitaker               Eynon,PA
8. 23    Shannon Smith            Kunkletown,PA
9. 211  Branden Clauss            Boyertown,PA
10.4     Charlie Lawrence         Katonah,NY
11.66   Kurt Bettler                   Hellertown,PA
12.07   Matt Dealaman             Warren,NJ
13.21   Paul Ennes                   Carbondale,PA
14.02   Pete Knappenberger    Macungie,PA
15.00   Ryan Raidline               Pen Argyl,PA
16.97   Matt Mertz                     Slatington,PA
17.43   Danny Buccafusca        Rockaway,NJ
18.0    CR Hill                           West Palm Beach,FL
19.67  JR Fulper                       Milford,NJ
20.16M Matt Miller                    Reading,PA
21.32   Brett Bieber                   Oley,PA
22.56   Gary Hieber                  Langhorne,PA
23.73   Tayllor Schoenly          Emmaus,PA
24.24   Joe Bodenschatz          Washington,NJ
25.114 Travis Bieber                Reading,PA
26.54   Robbie Hocker              Warwick,NY
27.55   Simon Egan                  Stroudsburg,PA
28.7B  Dillon Emmons              Frenchtown,NJ
27X     Clint Miller                   Flemington,NJ
66M    Steve Heckman            Gilbert,PA
1J       AJ Gerhart                   Myerstown,PA
725     Mark Sensenig             Leesport,PA
3W     Ed Shaub                      Temple,PA
10      Joe Nemeth                  New Tripoli,PA
S12    Simon Whitnell            Blandon,PA

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