Paradise National Attracts Strong Field

Date: 10/10/2011 9:37:54 PM

Paradise National Attracts Strong Field
Randy Schwartz and his crew at Paradise Speedway welcomed the Slingshot teams for the Super Dirt Week National and with a 24 car entry,they were ready to give the teams a great track surface and a red carpet treatment for everyone.
The dual heat format was run and sitting on the pole was Caroga Creek hotshoe Cody Clark in the 71C.Only car not taking the green was Josh Gray in the 23J.
The racing was furious in the early going and the spacious turns at the Geneva,NY oval saw some 3 wides with a few of the runners that didn't fare well in qualifying showing their strengths in the A Main.
Clark just disappeared as the early laps were ticking off and up to a lap 11 yellow,it seemed that he was going to lap the field if the green stayed out.Moving into the top running fray were the 00X of Ben Whitaker,the Weaver owned 1R of Kyle Rohner and 56 of Gary Hieber.
Clark brought the field to the restart green and he just started stretching out his lead as Bill Weaver and Cody Kline were having their own private battle for second as the S&S team of Simon Egan and Shannon Smith were running door to door in the top 10.
The top 10 battle that was attracting a lot of attention was between Will Eastman in the Loux 120,JR Fulper in the Jim Fulper prepared 67 and Kyle Hieber in the Langhorne Motorsports 47.These 3 had a few 3 wides heading into turn 3,but they gave each other racing room and the green continued to shine.
A stretch of bad luck struck a few teams in consecutive laps as Justin Garcia,Kyle Rohner,Jim Pollard,Danny Buccafusca and Tyler Pirone  all went pit side under green flag conditions.
Moving through the fieled was Tyler Dippel who had the misfortune of being involved in the only yellow of the event and was clearly one of the fastest cars on the speedway.
Last year's hard luck driver Henry Anderson made a bold 3 wide run heading into turn 1 to challenge Dippel for 10th.The 5 to go was given and there was no one that was going to get by the 71C.Kline and Weaver were running for second and what a show it was as Whitaker joined in for a last lap run for third.
Clark took the checkered by almost a full straightaway and Kline just got under th checkered ahead of Weaver with Whitaker's red 00X  claiming 4th.Gary Hieber got locked into 5th and that was where he stayed.The S&S battle was won by Egan with Smith bringing home the Hamlin Speedway 23 7th.Rounding out the top 10 were Eastman,Fulper and Kyle Hieber.
All finishing cars crossed the scale and teching was done on the top 3 by Rich Tobias.After some issues with the engine of the winner,Tobias had asked for it to be inspected further at Speedway Entertainment,but the request was denied  and the winning car was DQ'd.Since it was due to an engine infraction all points for the 71C team have been taken away for the Empire Region Tour and the National Points.
Cody Kline's 59 had a shock check and the Weaver 4W had random parts teched.They were deemed legal and were place 1st & 2nd with all other cars moved up 1 spot.
Will Eastman was named the 2011 Empire Region Champion by 22 points over the 2010 Junior National Champion,Tyler Dippel.With Clark's engine DQ the 3rd spot in Empire Region points went to Tyler Pirone by just 24 points over CR Hill.
Paradise National Finish:
1.59 Cody Kline  2. 4W Bill Weaver  3. 00X Ben Whitaker  4. 56 Gary Hieber  5. 55 Simon Egan  6. 23 Shannon Smith  7. 120 Will Eastman  8. 67 JR Fulper  9. 47 Kyle Hieber  10. 1 Tyler Dippel  11. 99 Henry Anderson  12. 1J AJ Gerhart  13. 30 Travis Gruber  14. 0 CR Hill  15. 78 Kyle Gruber  16. 54R Robbie Hocker  17. 00 Ryan Raidline  18. 43 Danny Buccafusca  19. 57 Jim Pollard  20. 18 Tyler Pirone  21. 1R Kyle Rohner  22. 84 Justin Garcia  23 (DNS) 23J Josh Gray  DQ Cody Clark

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